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  1. famous bob

    [WANTED] trade

    trade new in the box extreme type 14'' air filter lid , for extreme type 11'' of great condition -
  2. famous bob

    [WANTED] intake

    looking for an original torquer intake maniflod for a r/b mopar, must be in excellent -uncut condition, no stripped holes or porting, standard port----------------bob
  3. famous bob

    [WANTED] 68 fenders

    A body man down the road needs the left and right rear quarter panels for a 68 notchback barracuda. Any one have a decent pair ?
  4. famous bob


    I need "one" lower seat foam for a 68 A or B body, must be new or in e4xcellant shape .------------bob
  5. famous bob


    2 67-8-9 barracuda bumper stabilizer brackets. musdt be cherry unmolested . thanks , bob
  6. famous bob

    [WANTED] pass side headlight bucket

    wanted : pass side headlight bucket ( the galvanized piece) that will fit a 68 barracuda. lost mine in the tear down for paint I guess . :oops:-------thanks, bob
  7. famous bob

    [WANTED] 68 barracuda window trim

    upper rear exterior stainless steel window trim- center piece goes across the top of a 68 barracuda fastback -------bob
  8. famous bob

    [WANTED] wanted Barracuda fender

    67 or 68 barracuda right front fender, no rust, no wrecks !--decent price----bob
  9. famous bob

    [WANTED] air cleaner lid

    would like to trade for a mopar air cleaner lid . the balck one w/ mopar logo on it. if you`ve got one you don`t need , give me a holler, lid only , trade or buy---------thanks,bob
  10. famous bob

    [WANTED] wanted

    I need one round side marker "nut". for a 68 barracuda-charger flat round side marker light. can`t force myself to pay $60 for 4 new ones, just neede one!--thanks, bob
  11. famous bob

    [WANTED] fresh air box

    need a fresh air box-vent for a 68 A body barracuda, to replace heater. can probably make the drivers side work. will have an aftermarket hotrod heater, so no problems there. let me know what you have and price.------thanks bob
  12. famous bob

    [WANTED] brackets

    need the 'front" and "rear" a body console brackets---------thanks, bob
  13. famous bob

    [WANTED] spring clips

    hey guys, I need the spring clips that hold the interior "wheelhouse cover trim" on. ( long s.s. curved pieces in fastback) they have a 3/8" x 5/8'' head with the spring wires coming out of the middle of them which are 5/8" long also, instead of on the end like door panel spring clips...
  14. famous bob

    [WANTED] wheel house cover trim clips

    need a set of clips for the stainless trim that covers the screws that hold the wheel house covers on------------bob:banghead:
  15. famous bob

    trim clips

    anyone have, or know where to get the spring clips that hold the inner wheelhouse trim on? ( long curved stainless pieces) I have one, haven`t counted how many is needed, so I guess I need a full set. buy or possibly trade for...
  16. famous bob

    e brake

    need the complete emergency brake system (minus the handle-i have it) out of 67-8-9 a body especially all the little parts under neath the dash and cables have a few things to trade if interested---------------bob:help:
  17. famous bob

    not sure where to put this

    wanted: 68 barracuda fiberglass hood, better than driver quality, 1st choice would be w/ a 6 pack scoop- 2nd-hemi scoop, 3rd- low heighth snorkle that sets level and straight, 4th-flat. have some stuff to trade, or buy out rite for the right price on the right hood.----------bob
  18. famous bob


    anyone have an extra lower trunk moulding clip for a 68 barracuda? need one outer for right side, maybe 2 inners --------P M me:-----------------thanks,bob
  19. famous bob

    cherry 68 cuda gauges

    4 in 1 gas-oil-water-amp gauges in about as good condition as you could hope for, out of a 68 barracuda "S" car, have center vacuum gauge,all look almost new! also- ash tray,glove box door, all pretty cherry! complete tail lights also, normal pitted sjape w/ cracks for 43 yr. old car, right...