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  1. famous bob

    msd 6

    will a msd 6 work at all if its bad, after up to operating temps , car is very undependable , cutting out, dieing ,but will restart -------------???
  2. famous bob

    starter relay

    who makes the best most reliable starter relay for 1968 automatic trans. A body ? All opinions appreciated --72blunblu,old man mopar,yellow rose , Andy ----all others ???
  3. famous bob

    68 barracuda turn signal canceller

    I bought one about 7 yrs ago on ebay for $18.75 I think it was. Mine has gone out now, and I gave the new one away a few yrs. back cause I thot I didn`t need it when I rewired the car. (dumbass mistake!) Now they are priced $56-$300 on ebay. That`s completely nuts. Any body have an idea of where...
  4. famous bob

    dumb question

    I have a question for you automotive electricians. I have a ford relay on the pass. side firewall about where the heater motor was. I`m getting worried now that I`ve about got the fish finished, about not having a neutral starter switch. The reason I used the ford relay was, (1) the welding...