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  1. famous bob

    Transmission Cooler

    I used to run the biggest cheap cooler I could find on the hemi (race only), never had a hear related problem. Now run it thru the rad, first then into the cheapest cooler I could find and back to the tranny , no problems at all...505'' 68 barrcuda , 3500 hughs convertor.
  2. famous bob

    Boss hog outlaw wild boar torque converter.

  3. famous bob

    Trans cooler lines to Rad

    we have a hyd. hose place here in tulsa , that can put together anything , they do most of the specialty industrial hose stuff for anything. always useed 3/8'' on my stuff----
  4. famous bob

    Trans cooler lines to Rad

    I use hi pressure hyd. hose , and insulate it where its close to any heat .
  5. famous bob

    5/16 torque converter bolts

    I questioned that when I bought my hughs convertor , them and summitt said they`d take all you can give them . Have had no problems on my 505 ! they are ARP tho.
  6. famous bob

    I love Hylomar!!

    agree on the yamabond
  7. famous bob

    I love Hylomar!!

    I used it once on a chevy 406, and wasnt impressed with it at all-----??
  8. famous bob

    I love Hylomar!!

    LOL ^^^^^^^^
  9. famous bob

    New Overdrive

    need more on this -------
  10. famous bob

    Burnt shifter cable today

    ^^^agree, same way on mine , but I insulated it anyway upon initial install, 10 yrs so far.
  11. famous bob

    hughes torque converters? ts

    not mine , 3500 loose , behind a 505 tho-----
  12. famous bob

    Allstar Performance can... *UPDATE*

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^this is the way I feel about robmac performance out of diller nebraska , stupid *** cornhusker , dont trust him !
  13. famous bob

    Allstar Performance can... *UPDATE*

    sounds familiar , most everything we mopar boys buy needs massaging !
  14. famous bob

    Dana 60

    aint gonna happen !
  15. famous bob

    Easy (?) OD Auto Install

    Put taller tires on it , 3 :55 aint that terrible .
  16. famous bob

    Trans cooler questions

    Actually quite a bit , routing, double clamped , and insulated where close to any heat , ''special hose'' on 5 diff cars , 67 hemi belvedere , 72/406 vega, 92 gmc/406 pick up , and 505'' barracuda are 4 of them . Common sense prevails , just like on fuel line , shifter cable routing .
  17. famous bob

    Trans cooler questions

    no need for hi dollar coolers , I `ve run regular aftermarket coolers with and without going thru the rad , and never had a heat related problem. I run my ''hose '' that I bought from american hose supply, and barbed fittings thru the rad. , and then thru the cooler and back to the trans , it...
  18. famous bob

    Need help identifying industrial 727

    Musta been small aircraft, I was an aircraft tow vehicle operator in the A.F. , they were ukes w/ tires about 6 ft tall and very heavy , 4 wheel steering , and pretty darn big.
  19. famous bob

    Dipstick for deep pan 727

    All good , but no help if u dont have room for a stock dipstick tube , and have to use an aftermarket flexable set up . = guessing game so far .
  20. famous bob


    I say run it !!
  21. famous bob


    I have a 24-35 in my 68 fastback , behind a 440/505 , seems a little loose for the street --------------3000 may be a good choice . Have had no trouble with it , other than the starter sticking and breaking a tooth off on the ring gear when it snapped loose, which hasn`t been a problrm at all .
  22. famous bob


    good old type f - ran it in every torqueflite i`ve ever owned , 426 hemi superstock , to 505 streetcar---------------
  23. famous bob

    Moser 60

    Question : did u notice a performance gain with the alum. driveshaft when u switched ??----------just curious if it was noticeable , and how much.--.001-.003 ?
  24. famous bob

    727 output shaft leaking

    I have had 4 diff driveshafts built , 2 chevies , a hemi , and this currant 440/505 wedge barracuda . By two diff. driveline shops/specialists , both said to measure the center to center distance w/ the car setting in the static position . They then took an inch off the measurement for the...
  25. famous bob

    727 output shaft leaking

    boy, there`s some bullshit and wrong thinking in this thread !
  26. famous bob

    Need info on degree angle of block for trans mod.

    also depends on what u use to control the wrap up , snubber , or cal tracs , makes a diff.
  27. famous bob

    TCI 727 Torqueflite race trans (pn. 890-112000)

    might work even better at 10,000 !
  28. famous bob

    Gear vendor, under overdrive for 727, Anyone have one

    HYYM , math wasnt my strong point ---
  29. famous bob

    Trans fluid. 727

    YEAH, THAT WOULD WORK FOR SURE ----LOL What did I miss ?