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  1. famous bob

    spring relocate and mini tub

    any of u 67-8-9 barracuda owners ever try to use the stock interior sail panel that cover the rear fender wells on a mini tub? Can it be done ?
  2. famous bob


    anyone have a good idea, or knowledge of what it costs to have a headliner put in a stock volare station wagon ??
  3. famous bob

    power windows

    has anyone installed power windows in a 68 barracuda fastback? if so, which system did you use? cost ? thanks bob
  4. famous bob

    steering wheel wrap

    anyone know where I can get a new leather steering wheel wrap, like the originals on the dart and barracuda ? needs to fit tight and not squirm around on a manual steering car.
  5. famous bob


    anybody know where to get the front seat foam bunns for a 68 fish, w/o paying $250-$350 for them ? mine are shot. I had my seats recoverd w/ my design seat covers a few yrs back, and the bunns are deteriorating something terrible now . thanks , bob-------could get by w/ the bottoms only!
  6. famous bob

    remote mirror

    getting ready to install a remote drivers side mirror on my 68 fastback. looks to be a hair bigger than the stock mirror. thinkin 68ish charger. anyone got a remote in a 67-8-9 fish ? need the location of the control knob that goes in the door-"measurements" have read about this before, but...