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  1. famous bob

    How many foot pounds needed to turn mag 5.9?

    I used a bump starter for a while but it was awful hard on the ring gear -------
  2. famous bob

    How many foot pounds needed to turn mag 5.9?

    No rod caps mixed up or anything like that . used a standard long craftsman ratchet/1 1/4'' socket to roll it . First time I `ve rolled it w/ the plugs out , its a ***** rolling it w/ them in setting the lash--------->??
  3. famous bob

    How many foot pounds needed to turn mag 5.9?

    Warning! off base and a diff. engine . I have my car up in the air , waiting on my new tti headers . Its been torn apart for about 5 weeks. Anyway yesterday , I went out to clean up from the garage flooding rain we had , (water went around the sides of the garage and out the back door) , no...
  4. famous bob

    Cost of Edelbrock

    RRR , I doubt u`d get a truthful answer on that !
  5. famous bob


    Same here , a lot of experimentation , and back to a short clutch mech fan , 28x19 crossflow , w/ 2 rows of 1 1/4" tubes .
  6. famous bob

    Temp gauge magnum block

    Mine did .
  7. famous bob

    Magnum Force Transformer Suspension

    Mine is not the transformer kit, it is the first design offered by m/f for dragracing. Would I do it again , even for $1900 used , w/ supposedly 8 runs, and very tite and new , probly not !! I changed the front spring weight from 500 pound springs to 350 pound springs, it rides a little...
  8. famous bob

    Magnum Force Transformer Suspension

    Probly cause he gets them for free , advertisement for M/F. I only gave $1900 for mine shipped, if I remember right. Outside of not getting it to work,lift) enough, no problems so far w/ the mods I`ve done to it. May get a wild hair and rebuild the stock front end one of these...
  9. famous bob

    Magnum Force Transformer Suspension

    I`ve posted before about the M/F tubular front end I have; I got a deal on it I couldn`t pass up. It is the dragrace set up, rack/pinion, coil over/the whole bit. I built some funky strutrods to help support the lower a arms, and use a motor plate, ''no engine weight setting on the front end...
  10. famous bob

    Fuel system advice

    fast, jegs, summit , all have that type regulator, it came w/ my fast 2.0 kit.
  11. famous bob

    Couple questions about eq heads?

    Ask for Dave, the other guy acts like he doesn`t have time for you !
  12. famous bob

    How Big can a 5.2 get?

    thot that`s what I said ! my bad .
  13. famous bob

    How Big can a 5.2 get?

    .030 , is .005 over an 1/8" -----------------------1/4" is .0250
  14. famous bob


    longer bolts and two sets of gaskets ??
  15. famous bob

    Getting my first real-time, EFI Dyno tune today for $500

    I am far from an expert, and never had the $ for dyno time. But the torque figures don`t seem right for that small of an engine .
  16. famous bob

    About to build fuel system.

    If u haven't put fuel in the new tank, pull it and weld some fittings or a sump in it . I used 2 drilled out 1/2" octagonal pipe caps, and welded them to the back ,lower corners of the tank on both sides. Then just took a big pointed center punch and drove it thru them till it stopped , creating...
  17. famous bob

    Mounted the factory fuel pump

    use to get carbon tetrachloride and it would completely neutralize the gas fumes. But now thanks to the epa, u can`t buy it anymore, but there is a more friendly replacement, I think.
  18. famous bob

    body stiffening

    **** --------------------------best and strongest way !
  19. famous bob

    body stiffening

    intrusion and welding to floorpans is the stiffest way.
  20. famous bob

    Carb vs. EFI cam

    THIS IS TRUE, experiencing it right now myself!
  21. famous bob

    Carb vs. EFI cam

    So how are they acting when having a "wrong" cam w/ self learning f.i. ?
  22. famous bob

    10 lbs of oil pressure on engine break in..........

    are you saying a block to oil pump gasket ? wouldn`t it leak where it could be seen ?
  23. famous bob

    Pushrods on a regrind cam???

    I`m wondering where their were shiny spots, "like it was rubbing".
  24. famous bob

    1/4 mile time with factory fuel injected 5.9

    heads , heads, and more heads.
  25. famous bob

    Cant cool my 5.9 magnum. Radiator size or add one thing else?

    I had a very hot 406 sbc, that ran a little hot. a mech. friend told me to take the 160 thermostat out and try a 180, guess what, it worked on the chevy. why ? I don`t know, other than keeping the coolant in the rad. longer.????
  26. famous bob


    also, what engines will fit and work w/ the 4.7 transmission ? anyone know ?
  27. famous bob

    360 /380 hp crate engine noisy valve train

    I`ve seen, and had hyd. roller cams that were louder than solid roller cams. the last being compcams in a hot 406 sbc. back then I talked to a chevy racer and mech. that has held an NHRA record 18 times over the yrs., and he said a lot of them do that. if everything is right in the valve...
  28. famous bob

    402 ci magnum into a dart. oil pan sits low

    a lot of people on here missing the point !