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  1. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] wheels

    Have two 15x8 weld prostars w/ 3'' backspace, 4 1/2'' b.c. -- perfect two 15x8 prostars w/ 4'' b/space ,4/12'' b.c. , ''on car now'' . --perfect two15x10'' prostars 3'' b/space drilled out side of rim for screws,and for drag tubes ,41/2'' b.c. two 15x10 centerline tellstars ,5'' b/space , (5 on...
  2. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] prostars

    15 x 8" weld prostars, 3" rear backspace, no rash, no screw holes, bone stock, had one set of tires put on an demounted, close to perfect , washer marks only------- $250 plus shipping from 74021 . Phone pics upon request
  3. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] drag radials

    295 60 15 m-t drag radials , well over 1/2 there, no flats or repairs, no curb rash. Cant post pics on here , but can send phone pics , will need ur # tho. Shipping would be from 74021 , "Collinsville", just north of Tulsa. $200 plus shipping...
  4. famous bob

    [SOLD] drag radials

    I just had my drag radials de mounted , and are for sale from 74021 . two 295 65 15 m/t d.r. , quite a bit over 1/2 there, groove depth around .150 to .160 -------- two 275 65 15 m/t d.r. , groove depth around .180/.190 , one run at the strip, and only about 200ish street miles . No rash, no...
  5. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] drag radials

    295 65 15 m/t drag radials , no flats, no road rash , well over half there . I put 1 run on them and about 600? miles , no problems----- $230 apiece new , ---$260 for the pair , mounted on 15x8 prostars , with 4" backspacing , also $230 new , wheels available too for $310 for the pair ------...
  6. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] drag radials

    275 65 15 m/t drag radials Have one good burn out and about 100-150 street miles on them , look new, no flats or repairs, no curb rash, only mounted once, still on prostars, holding air--keeping the prostars----------$220 apiece new----------- $310 for the pair , plus shipping from 74021 ...
  7. famous bob


    Two 15x8'' weld prostars , 3" backspacing , w/ 275 65 15 m/t drag radials. Have one burnout and one pass down the 1/4 mile. About 200ish Street miles, not mistreated, kept inside . As new condition. Tires are $210 at jegs , thake $175 apiece------------ Rims are $230 at jegs , take $175 APIECE...
  8. famous bob

    [SOLD] 12" slicks

    2 new (1/2 burn out) 12x26 m-h slicks, too wide for my car----$100 apiece plus shipping
  9. famous bob

    [SOLD] coil over shock springs

    {Edited by staff: Please do not post these again until you figure out a asking price for them}
  10. famous bob

    [SOLD] slicks

    12" x 26" m-h slicks for 15" rims. work well on 10" wide wheels. no runs on them but have been on a car-"sold car" $100 apiece plus shipping. thanks , bob
  11. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] m-h slicks

    1/2 burn out, 12x 26" m-h slicks. sold truck the were on. almost literally new. $150 plus shipping and paypal fee. can send phone pics-need #. shipping from 74021----------bob
  12. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] center caps

    4 new, weld center caps. never been run. shipping from 74021, make offer.
  13. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] wheels

    two, 14x5, black powdercoated steel wheels. 4 1/2" bolt pattern. think they are ford wheels. pay for powder coating,($50) and shipping from 74021.-----thanks, bob
  14. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] wheels

    2 almost new, used one time, drilled for wheel screws, 15 x 10" centerline tellstars, street legal drag wheels. these are very lite and strong. they are also very expensive from jegs or summit. fit 88-2002 chevy-gmc p/u. bolt on no clearance problems. paid $258 apiece plus shipping , take $150...
  15. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] alum rims

    15 x 6 chrysler alum road wheels, almost new shape, almost as lite as a weld dragstar. wanted to have these widened but the guy was nuts on the price. would make exscellant factory style rims for the front of a driver-wish I had used them instead of dragstars now---------$90 plus shipping from...
  16. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] rims

    14 x 5 powdercoated, black ford rims. phone pics avail. $50 plus shipping from 74021-paypal
  17. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] Dragstars

  18. famous bob

    wheels wheels and more wheels

    also have 2 brand new weld prostars, just bought from summit, 15x8 w/ 4" in and 4" out, am going to take the new drag radials off of them ( wrong offset for me) put 2 lug nuts on to try them didn`t even let the car down. paid $195 apiece for them plus shipping, ---- $175 apiece plus shipping...
  19. famous bob

    wheels for sale

    I have for sale" 2-15x6 alum chrys road wheels 3" in 3" out,--$75.00 apiece Plus The Ride 2 - 15x10 5on5 chevy p/u centerline tellstars 5" r.spaceing drilled for slicks, almost new $175 each, Plus The Ride (taking a beating on these) 2 -14x5 powdercoated black steel 4.5 bolt patt. 40 each...
  20. famous bob

    wheels for sale

    2- 15 x 10 telstars, 5 on 5 bolt pattern, 5" in-5" out, as new condition w/ rim screw holes. 2- 14 x 6 ceterlines, old style w/ rivets, been glass beaded, look new. 2- 15 x 6 alum. dodge diplomat wheels, kick-*** sleeper look, lite weight make decent offer , can send pics to cell phone...
  21. famous bob

    alum wheels

    two 15 x 6" alum. chrysler-dodge road wheels, almost cherry shape,weigh the same as my 15x5 weld prostars. located in the tulsa,ok area pretty neat looking wheels, would be good for a sleeper look; $80 apiece plus the ride, from 74021. shipping is about $20 bucks (I think,don`t quote me on it)...
  22. famous bob

    centerline tellstars

    not mopar , but, I have 2 centerline tellstars, 5x5 chevy p/u pattern 15x10, will check backspacing , think it`s 4 1/2, will bolt right on 88-92 p/u. these are super lite weight and street strong! they have no road rash. very little use ( maybe 16 runs on a 11 sec. gmc w/ about 100 street miles...
  23. famous bob


    14" small bolt pattern satin centerlines, just glass beaded-look great. going to large bolt pattern, was going to have these redrilled for large pattern, but can`t get tires that I need in 14" -- make decent offer-plus the ride. shipping from collinsville,ok 74021 p m w/ phone # for...