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  1. famous bob

    heim joints

    any one got any ideas on which heim joints are the beat for tie rod ends on an aftermarket front suspension ?? --w/o paying something stupid for them ?? need to replace a couple ------------thanks , bob
  2. famous bob

    rack and pinion steering

    Has anyone come up with a rack and pinion steering kit that works on a k frame yet ? I`m wanting to go back to a my modded factory k frame that I changed to clear the milodon 9 qt pan . I dont want to run the torsion bars because of header clearance , I have the 2' tti`s on it now , and they...
  3. famous bob

    new front end parts

    to you guys that are well versed in rebuilding an A body front end , what brand of parts should a guy look for to rebuild a 1968 form S front end ? I havent paid much attention to the past posts , all opinions from the experts appreciated . -------------------------------------------thanks ...
  4. famous bob

    master cyl.

    I have full disc brakes on my 68 fastback, I used an 86 dodge diplomat alum. master cyl, and the original tee for the front and back (both manual ) I had an occasion to have to really get on them hard a while back because of showing off, and it took more leg to stop then I wanted . What are...
  5. famous bob

    caltrcs on the dtreet

    You guys running caltrac systems on the street , how do u have them set ? I reset mine yesterday , trying for a little better ride , w/ no clanging. No one to set in the drivers seat while I adjusted them . I set the pass. side I flat preload , and about .050 clearance on the drivers side w/ no...
  6. famous bob


    stansblu72---yellow rose -- I`m trying to loosen my front end up. Wondering about pinning the upper control arm eccentric washers , so I could back the nuts off a hair to loosen things up. What say you ?? opinions!
  7. famous bob

    street n strip

    Getting ready to replace the front coil overs on my 68 fastback with an aftermarket front end. It has gas charged on it now, would it actually need gas charged coil overs? Wondering which would be better for a mostly street / drag type car---------All opinions welcome !
  8. famous bob

    tie rod angle

    You guys that are front end experts; I have a magnum force tubular race front end in my 68 440/505 fastback. I have built a pair of strut rods for it to help surpport the lower control arm bolts (supposedly the weak point of the design). The tierod angle runs down hill fairly hard to the outside...
  9. famous bob

    upper steering column , 4 speed 68 barracuda

    I don`t think all of the parts were ever put in my steering column that`s supposed to be there. (was a basket case) Can anyone tell me what the 2 square headed bolts in the upper signal light housing are supposed to do / mine just have nuts on the other side of the housing, holding nothing. I...
  10. famous bob

    68 barracuda

    Can anyone give me the stock front end height of a 68 fastback ? I have to change the nuts on my coil over shocks, and need to raise it a little more. At the center top of the front fender welll. k frame measurements will be worthless w/ my aftermarket front end.---------thanks, bob
  11. famous bob

    have any of you guys ever ?

    has any one ever trimmed a leaf spring for a little extra tire clearance ? I think it probably can be done if a guy will keep it from getting hot. maybe a cut off wheel w/ a little water running over it ? only need a 1/4 inch in the sidewall area . opinions ??
  12. famous bob

    need a little

    bet that got ya ! I had to drop my magnum force front end about .180 for oil pan clearance, via the hemi shim deal between it and the frame rails. I had previously hit the (drilled) holes for the steering shaft pins(bolts), dead on. now w/ dropping the aftermarket k frame the .180 , I have...
  13. famous bob

    002 spring

    my 002 s.s.spring main leaf is slightly bent. the car sets about 1" down on the pass side. was wondering if anyone else has had this problem. don`t really want buy more springs. the 2nd leaf on the 002, isnt as long as the second leaf on the 003. am thinking about replacing the 002 second leaf...