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  1. abodyjoe

    Mopar Newbie

    welcome from s,jersey
  2. abodyjoe

    Hello from Jackson NJ

    I remember going there many times.
  3. abodyjoe

    Hello from Jackson NJ

    Welcome from Berlin NJ. I actually work in Trenton so not too far from ya.
  4. abodyjoe

    glad to be here

    sounds like you need more backspace on the wheels. pics would help a ton
  5. abodyjoe

    1970 dart

    lookd like FK5 paint on that car.. its an awesome color all cleaned up. don't see many customs but it really doesn't increase value because its just a trim package. could be a cool car though so grab it as cheap as you can and run with it..
  6. abodyjoe

    New to Mopars...

    Not like mopar stuff. :)
  7. abodyjoe

    New to Mopars...

    Get ready for sticker shock if you are used to gm parts pricing
  8. abodyjoe

    Newbie 70 Dart

    welcome from S.Jersey. love the traction bars...
  9. abodyjoe

    Youngin Can't Decide

    not horrible but still not worth 10K. and the salvage title.
  10. abodyjoe

    Youngin Can't Decide

    i like this one more. in the end it will always worth more then the 75 in the same shape. i'm not seeing a car worth 9k though.. 6-7k max in my opinion and that may be pushing it after i looked at it in person. salvage title kills value for me too.. looks nice but i'd have to pass...
  11. abodyjoe

    New car day!

    always liked that color
  12. abodyjoe

    Just bought an all original 1969 Dodge Dart swinger 340

    Clean it up some, make it safe and drive the **** out of it.
  13. abodyjoe

    Formula for life

    needs those cragars back on it..:)
  14. abodyjoe

    1972 Dart LS swap

    Lots of people are building cars these days for drivability and mpg. Don’t like the ls swap then don’t open the thread. It’s a good proven swap and cost effective as far as modern engines go.
  15. abodyjoe

    We have this car in our barn . . .

    that cleaned up nice.. love the color
  16. abodyjoe

    We have this car in our barn . . .

    Back in the day there was a blue one around here with a 440 in it.
  17. abodyjoe

    27,000 original miles

    for me i'd go in thinking keep it original.. then i'd drive it for a bit and be bored out of my mind with how much of a pig it is and have to put a v8 in the thing.. exactly what happened with our original paint 70 dart... :)
  18. abodyjoe

    My 340's got the Blues...err Turquoise that is...

    So from what I remember from all the different threads in various forums and on this subject in 68 the 340 was red. In 69 red and turquoise. Could have been a plant thing or mid year thing. Who knows. In 70 they went orange and then blue in what was it 72?
  19. abodyjoe

    We have this car in our barn . . .

    So what's the asking price?
  20. abodyjoe

    Yet anudda' newbie

    i like that color.
  21. abodyjoe

    Good morning from Philly

    welcome.. where in philly are ya?
  22. abodyjoe

    Finally found first car,64 Valiant

    Good looking car. I love the 64 valiant. Good looking color on it too. Wheels look right at home in it also.
  23. abodyjoe

    Newbe with a cracked block.

    biggest problem doing a v8 swap is getting the v8 push button trans.. after that its cake... motor mounts you can buy new if ya can't find used ones.. exhaust manifolds pop up all the time for early abodies v8 center links pop up on a regular basis too.. if you are pulling the engine then...
  24. abodyjoe

    Just got myself a 68 Barracuda Fastback!

    5.7 hemi would be cool with the efi and all.. plenty of power all stock too.. decent mpg probably too.
  25. abodyjoe

    440 stuffed in a 65 cuda

    i did it all but the headers... dropping the motor and trans in is cake.. pretty much bolt in deal really. they make motor mounts now and to get the trans in you just need to clearance the firewall to floor seam some... i had about $1200 in to the headers though. and that was the mid 90's..
  26. abodyjoe

    440 stuffed in a 65 cuda

    heres my 64 valiant with a 440 in it,,:) headers are the biggest thing. no one makes them and custom made can get expensive..
  27. abodyjoe

    New from New Jersey

    where in jersey? i'm in the berlin area.. here are our two mopars.. don't do many shows or cruises but drive and use them on a regular basis..
  28. abodyjoe

    New guy

    Yea my mounts were custom made. Used cbody brackets and some box steal. Was lucky with how it sit and the custom headers I could run all my stock heater stuff and the 73-up master cyl.
  29. abodyjoe

    New guy

    mine sat just high enough for the oil pump and filter to clear the k-frame without notching the k-frame.. if i build another i'd probably notch the k-frame some and sit the engine a little more level.
  30. abodyjoe

    New guy

    very cool.. what headers are they?? yea i had a black 64 valiant...