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  1. abodyjoe

    [FOR SALE] 1972 duster shell

    going by the zip code its in greenwich,nj. looks like 1 1/2 hours from the Morrisville area
  2. abodyjoe

    [FOR SALE] Parting 1966 barracuda

    he got back to me
  3. abodyjoe

    [FOR SALE] Parting 1966 barracuda

    i sent a pm asking about some parts and never heard back.
  4. abodyjoe

    [FOR SALE] Parting 1966 barracuda

    pm sent
  5. abodyjoe

    [FOR SALE] 71 Swinger V8 Part out

    google is your friend.. 92201 zip code - Google Search
  6. abodyjoe

    [SOLD] 70' Dart part out

    I’m only interested in the hitch.
  7. abodyjoe

    [SOLD] 70' Dart part out

    how much for the trailer hitch shipped to 08009? some pics of how its installed too.. :)
  8. abodyjoe

    [SOLD] 71 swinger parts car

    Price and location?
  9. abodyjoe

    [FOR SALE] 69 dart with straight axel .

    whats the VIN on that thing?
  10. abodyjoe

    [FOR SALE] 64 Valiant 2 dr

    how rusty is it?
  11. abodyjoe

    [SOLD] 1971 Dart Swinger Part Out

    @Tedmon1971 your inbox is full so i can't start a conversation with ya.
  12. abodyjoe

    [FOR SALE] 1963 valiant convertible convertible

    ummm. whats the asking price?
  13. abodyjoe

    [SOLD] 1973 340 Dart Sport

    i'm thinking $1175.00 :)
  14. abodyjoe

    all or part plum purple 71 dart

    purple, white top and int. that would be one good looking car.
  15. abodyjoe

    Checking if it would be worth buying.

    thats way too much for a parts car to me. hell its to much for a beak nosed 4 door if ya ask me.
  16. abodyjoe

    Checking if it would be worth buying.

    depends on what it is selling for..
  17. abodyjoe

    70 dart

    maybe i should steal the pictures and say they are restoration
  18. abodyjoe

    70 dart

    . damn except for the vinyl top it looks like it was built like jamies dart..
  19. abodyjoe

    [SOLD] 64 Dart GT very straight parts car

    Shame someone took that car all apart like that. Looks like a clean car.
  20. abodyjoe

    69 Valiant 2 Dr on Feebay,not mine

    boy the seller was a lot of help.
  21. abodyjoe

    1972 Dodge Dart on Craigslist - $600

    thats got a 70-71 front fender on it.. man is it wasn't clear cross country i'd buy that baby in a heartbeat. could use that fender and hood.
  22. abodyjoe

    74 Scamp 318/904 power disc brakes

    thats a good price.. guys are always looking for that set up..
  23. abodyjoe

    Another hidden gem...

    i agree
  24. abodyjoe

    66 barracuda

    Photobucket also resizes pictures for ya. If you can sign up and post in a forum you can figure out Photobucket. It's that easy.
  25. abodyjoe

    74 Dart Swinger 36k original miles

    man that was a rough 36,000
  26. abodyjoe

    Parting out 70 dart 4 door and 72 dart 2 door

    you want $2k for the 70 54k mile dart? and these guys that are bitching about you cutting it up think thats too much?
  27. abodyjoe

    Parting out 70 dart 4 door and 72 dart 2 door

    exactly. thats why its being parted. all the guys that hound these sellers not to pats something never want to come up with the money to save them.
  28. abodyjoe

    87 5th Ave parting out

    small block car? still have the trans in it?
  29. abodyjoe

    1972 Dodge Dart parts car

    man i would love to have that front clip.
  30. abodyjoe

    72 dart complete partout. mint grille

    oh man that entire front clip would be perfect for my boys 76 dart sport..