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  1. famous bob

    [SOLD] 65 440 block and caps

    doesnt look to have any core shift , or vert little !!
  2. famous bob

    [SOLD] Re-pop A990 type seat brackets with seats

    1st in line , what do they weigh apiece ? quote: shipping to 74021 collinsville , ok ------thanks, bob
  3. famous bob

    [SOLD] Chris Alston 32" Double Adjustable Ladder Bars

    so, are these the correct length for an A body ?
  4. famous bob

    [SOLD] NOS Isky 1604-383-440 Ductile Iron Rocker Arms w/NOS TRW Shafts

    pm me ur phone number , I have ur mossberg ---------bob
  5. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] Clean out the garage misc parts

    do they work , aqnd how much $$ ?
  6. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] 15x8.5 early American torque thrust rims

    what is the backspacing on them ?? couldnt make out the lettering on them -----
  7. famous bob

    [SOLD] Built 360 magnum engine

    magnesiun rods _??
  8. famous bob

    [SOLD] MSD Shift Light 8952

    Is that a stand alone shift light ??
  9. famous bob

    [SOLD] Small Block Edelbrock Street Tunnel Ram with carbs

    looks like a crossram to me ------
  10. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] 2'' TTI headers

    SOLD -----------
  11. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] 2'' TTI headers

    still for sale ---------------
  12. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] tti headers , back on the market

    just north of Tulsa , Collinsville area . I could drive a little to help , maybe . I do need to get these out of the way , all boxed up in the tti box----thanks , bob
  13. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] 2'' TTI headers

    sending, let me know if u get them , phone is screwing up=att !
  14. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] 2'' TTI headers

    still on the market--
  15. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] tti headers , back on the market

    kim is right, $400 plus shipping , I paid $100 shipping for the new ones , if over $100 I`ll pay the diff. , if under , actuall shipping charges.-----conteninetal U.S. only-------
  16. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] tti headers , back on the market

    Would need a phone number , in transition , quitting att , all is in limbo --thanks, bob
  17. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] tti headers , back on the market

    knew this was coming , earlier post had a pic , the rest can send to a cell phone ---------bob
  18. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] tti headers , back on the market

    used , but dont leak , 440-200 tti hi heat black painted , less than half price of the new ones , plus shipping , see earlier post for pics
  19. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] 2'' TTI headers

    yes , but will need ur cell phone number am having trouble posting pics on here =quiting att in 2 weeks ! think their sold to the bottom post ----bob
  20. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] 2'' TTI headers

    guess the deal fell thru , headers back for sale , buyer sent a really screwy credit union check (?) My bank wouldnt take it , texted back and forth w/ him a bunch , guy said something diff. every text , other than trying to tell me it was good =no cigar ! Any way 2'' tti 440-200 , freshly 2000...
  21. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] 2'' headers

    The orig. owner had them on a dart, and had no. 1-3-7 tubes flattened , I cut no.1-3 out and drove an 1 7/8 trailer ball thru then , while hot , and welded them back together , no 7 , I heated and straightened best I could , hasnt been a problem for about 1800 miles , just need to lower my...
  22. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] 2'' headers

    Just got my new TTI thermal barrier coated headers , I have the regular 2'' tti`s for sale, they are #440-200 , and would not hesitate to put them back on my car , except for the hi engine bay heat = really healthy 505'' wedge in a 68 fastback . They clear everything , but looks to me like they...
  23. famous bob

    [SOLD] 8.8 rearend 4.10 gear/posi for moved in springs on abody

    offset spring hangars or moved to frame ?
  24. famous bob

    [SOLD] Aluminum Radiator

    Size and tube/core thickness would be nice .
  25. famous bob

    [SOLD] New Aeromotive Stealth Fuel Tank-$475-Sold

    not all a bodies are the same , but I GOTTA SAY , i DIDNT READ THE LABEL - MY BAD .
  26. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] FI intake.

    Hey Kim , u still interested in this ? = trade ? Been thinking of switching my throttle body to port inj , but not sure about cost of changing stuff controlling it yet . Flows way better than a stock one , way more equalized runners too.
  27. famous bob

    [SOLD] Indy SR heads

    I got the hots for a 426 hemi , or an alum. 440 block , block would be cheaper !
  28. famous bob

    [SOLD] Indy SR heads

    What are u going to do w/ the alum. block ,is it hurt ??