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  1. famous bob

    [WANTED] wheel

    would like to find an old , (good shape) , American racing OUTLAW 1 , 15X8 1/2'' CAST ALUM. WHEEL ------------------BOB
  2. famous bob

    [WANTED] Big block valve cover

    WANTED : "one " big block finned cast aluminum valve cover , in good shape w/ no broken ears or holes , tall to clear roller rocker arms. Going to try an experiment on it , don't want to pay much !------bob
  3. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] chevy p/u drag wheels

    15 x 10 centerline tellstars, excellent shape , low use, had them on a hot 406 -92 gmc p/u, w/ 12" slicks, sold the slicks, these will bolt perfectly on a 88-98 gm p/u. cost $258 apiece at the time, take $250 for both.
  4. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] centerline tellstars

    centerline tellstars , 5 on 5 bolt pattern 15 x10, center offset, in excellent shape $200, were $258 apiece new.
  5. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] tellstars

    10 x 15 centerline tellstars for chevy or gmc , 5 on 5 bolt pattern. as new condition. these were hi dollar wheels when they were being made. race weight, and strong enough for a p/u. paid $256 apiece for them, take $150 apiece or??-------bob
  6. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] paddle tires

    20 x 11 x 10 v-paddles for for wheeler, used one time-cherry! $ 75 plus shipping from 74021 . phone pics on request, shipping from 74021.