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  1. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] tti headers , back on the market

    used , but dont leak , 440-200 tti hi heat black painted , less than half price of the new ones , plus shipping , see earlier post for pics
  2. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] 2'' TTI headers

    guess the deal fell thru , headers back for sale , buyer sent a really screwy credit union check (?) My bank wouldnt take it , texted back and forth w/ him a bunch , guy said something diff. every text , other than trying to tell me it was good =no cigar ! Any way 2'' tti 440-200 , freshly 2000...
  3. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] 2'' headers

    Just got my new TTI thermal barrier coated headers , I have the regular 2'' tti`s for sale, they are #440-200 , and would not hesitate to put them back on my car , except for the hi engine bay heat = really healthy 505'' wedge in a 68 fastback . They clear everything , but looks to me like they...
  4. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] oil pan

    alum. oil pan , originally off a real early funny car , I`ve been running it on my 505'' wedge for about 8-9 yrs. I had to rework the front of it to fit my aftermarket k frame , I did save the biggest piece i cut out , it could be put back with some additional peiceing and a heli arcing. Was...
  5. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] weiand for sale or trade

    weiand team G , polished-------flowed , runners adjusted , re flowed . Only 24 cfm spread on the runners , much, much closer than stock , average 320ish will fit a standard port head, I ran it on my 505 , worked as good as the victor 'seat of the pants". Should have stuck w/ it...
  6. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] b block tunnel ram

    To whomever was hunting a tunnel ram for a 383/400 , there is one for sale over at ---------jfyi
  7. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] mopar perf.

    big block mopar perf. black wrinkle valve covers. Pretty darn good shape, drivers side has had back of lower fin milled down to help clear the master cyl. whem removing, no broken holes or anything, finish is still pretty good too. $80 plus shipping from 74021. Cant post pics on here but have...
  8. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] solid roller

    I am pulling out a compcams/292 extreme, solid roller, great street n strip cam, a little hairy in a 505' stroker, more hairy in a 440. Has approximatly 5-600 miles on it, nothing wrong, have to go to a bigger spread on lobe separation for my fuel inj. system, need more vacuum. This engine runs...
  9. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] new fan clutch

    I have for sale a new (about 45min-1 hr time on a hayden 2765 fan clutch w/ a 17" alum. 7 blade factory fan . I tried this on my 505 and decided to go back to the 10,000 rpm belt driven flexfan. The heighth of the clutch is ''2 5/8 !" , I have the studs needed to install lit w/ grade 8 nuts,(...
  10. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] polished torquer 2

    I just pulled the polished torquer 2 off my 440/505'' Wedge. It has been completely debuggard, and gasket matched to the hughs standard port intake gaskets. I cant post pics on here but can send phone pics if interested. would be a great intake for a warmed over 440. I had it flowed when...
  11. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] 17" alum. blade clutch fan

    Fan and clutch seem to be in great shape, altho I haven't run it. Not enough room for a clutch in my car. I bought it off a guy/think his handle was doc on here. He said it was a hemi fan that had been shelved since new, I THINK HE SFULL OF S--- THO ! I have $75 in it. Might help on shipping w/...
  12. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] dual elec fans

    brand new dual 14' ceramic bearing elec fans , stagger mounted on a reworked single 16" fan/alum. fan shroud. The shroud doesn't look real bad, but not show car stuff. The fans are 25 amp 1400cfm apiece, and blow quite a bit of air when on the radiator. The problem is , I have too much h.p. for...
  13. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] filter cover

    have a new, red, 14" flow thru air filter cover, unused. won`t clear my 6 pack scoop on my set up. $15 plus shipping from Collinsville,ok 74021 -paypal=.03%
  14. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] extreme lid

    extreme air filter top or lid . red procomp knock off. won`t clear my 6 pack scoop. $25 PLUS PAYPAL FEE, AND SHIPPING FROM 74021 --thanks, bob
  15. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] big block windage trays

    #1 - summit racing windage tray w/ built in crush proof gasket, bolted up, less than 30 minutes run time on it. doesn`t work well w/ my girdle. excellant new shape paid $40 something, $25 plus shipping-paypal . #2 - stroker windage tray built for a bigblock or hemi, really kick *** race piece...
  16. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] chrome 16" elec fan

    new chrome 16" elec fan, mounted -pulled off-replaced w/ 15" fan. too big for front of rad install. $25 plus shipping from 74021--------bob
  17. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] victor

    new edelbrock 440 victor intake, plenum slightly debuggarred, not gasket matched or ported. doesn`t appear to need gasket matched to standard ports- $225 plus shipping from 74021- paypal
  18. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] edelbrock

    edelbrock victor 440, new, slightly debuggared plenum, stock unaltered runners and ports, not gasket matched and doesn`t appear to need it. was set on the engine for mock up only. $225 plus shipping from 74021.
  19. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] springs and things

    for sale, 002-003 s.s rear springs w/ new poly bushings, rear spring shock plates, new long imperial shocks (for the ss. springs), u bolts will fit dana 60 or 8 3/4. bought these springs from Jim Hale, he had them on a 67 barracuda nhra stocker for a while. I had them on my barracuda, and got a...
  20. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] r/b victor

    440 victor standard port, plenum slightly debuggared, no porting or gasket matching done. lines up very well w/ a standard 440 intake gasket. too tall for my set up, $225 plus shipping from 74021.----can send phone pics----bob
  21. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] stock parts

    stock great shape, 67 Chrysler valve covers, stock perfect balancer, some auto shift linkage parts, stock avs carb., starter(assume it works). 1 3/4" swing out door bar kit-new in box. And, unrelated to this forum- parting out an 07- kfx700-w/ clear title. :oops: make offers
  22. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] r/b dist. - coil

    brand new r/b dist. and matching coil. msd knock-off, skip white, think it had a lifetime guarantee on it. I went w/ fast 2.0 f.i. w/ dist. instead.----$75 plus the ride for both from 74021.
  23. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] p/u

    stationary milodon oil pump pick up, w/ fittings, new, went w/ a swinger. lol ---bob
  24. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] doorbar kit

    new unused 1 3/4" door bar kit. cost 49.99 from jegs, take $35 plus shipping from 74021, phone pics on request, thanks, bob
  25. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] new

    new r/b dist., w/ new matching red e coil. dist has a lifetime guarantee from skip white racing, or did anyway. "went w/ full fuel injection that uses it`s own dist." got about a $100 in them, take $75 plus shipping from 74021 . phone pics on request. maybe work w/ you on price , depending on...
  26. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] intake manifolds

    have a 2954 victor for a r/b, plenum debuggarred, otherwise bone stock, $200 plus shipping from 74021. phone pics on request. not enough hood clearance on my rig- also have a weiand single plane for a r/b , huge factory plenum, would be great for a big cubic inch engine, only about 5/8" taller...
  27. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] r/b intake

    have a weind team g, huge plenum from the factory. should be an excellant intake for a big engine. it`s only a 1/2" taller than my torquer 2. it would probably be the best for my set up, but mine is a street car, need some cash, $110 plus shipping from 74021. this intake flows more than a...
  28. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] r/b intake

    have decided, I`m going to run my torquer 2 on my 505' barracuda, due to scoop clearance problems, and don`t want to change scoops or hoods. have a new. excellant shape 2954 victor. has the plenum de-buggard, no porting, not gasket matched. was going to run it, but won`t clear my set up w/ a...
  29. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] alternator mount

    alternator mount for motor plate , new, all there, mancini racing. $ 40 plus shipping from 74021
  30. famous bob

    [FOR SALE] viscous drive fan

    17" viscous drive fan, 3 1/4" heighth, alum blades, great shape, $75 plus shipping from 74021 phone pics avail. ---paypal