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  1. famous bob

    could not log onYesterday

    yesterday when I tried to get on fabo ,I got a restricted, red, contains virus type sign , also on bbodies only. Anyone else get them , seems OK this morning. I did not take any action over it at all. --?????????????
  2. famous bob

    since I went gold-------

    Every time I get on fabo , I have to re log in now , keeps asking me to accept cookies too , everytime . WHY ?
  3. famous bob

    notice the diff ?it hardly ever does the same thing twice in a row.

    anyone notice the diff. on this site everytime you get on it ? it hardly ever does the same thing twice in a row . mine has so many sponser advertising-loading slow as hell, that the site won`t work until their loaded. some times they won`t load !
  4. famous bob

    hitting on a post

    why , when clicking on a post, does it automatically go to the bottom of the comments, or last post ? "irritating."
  5. famous bob


    so, how do we delete pm`s when no longer needed ?
  6. famous bob


    how do we delete messages now ?