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  1. famous bob

    trans gurus

    hey you trans guys out there , I just changed the speedometer drive gear seal , about a full qt of fluid drained out , (maybe a hair more) . Do I need to replace that amount , or was my trans over full ? I suspect it just to be trapped fliud back there . I have an after market trans dipstick and...
  2. famous bob

    727 valve body

    After I get the new air pan done, I`m going to get into making my 727 shift a little softer into drive. I want it to stay fully automatic , but shift like a drag car when manually shifting , and not try to knock the u joints out when it shifts to drive automatically. Some suggested a few...
  3. famous bob

    power lock, trac lok, spool etc.

    I think I might need to do something to my dana 60 rear end. I was checking the fit on some diff. rims, when reinstalling the 295 drag radials, and noticed I could turn the drivers side wheel back wards w/o the other wheel turning, the car was in park, jacked up off the floor. That doesn`t sound...
  4. famous bob

    hard shift

    ok, 505" wedge, 727 full auto, 3:73 dana rear. working the bugs out of a 7 yr build ( I`m old). I adjusted the lokar kick down, and it`s shifting the way I want . w/ exception of a terribly hard upshift automatically to drive-from 2nd gear. with a 3500 loose convertor, it seems a little mushy...
  5. famous bob

    trans leak

    anyone know if there is an easy way to stop a speedometer sender from leaking on a 727 ? don`t want to try and find a new one , as I have 3:73 geares w/ 29.5 " tall tires on my fish. or if they still even make these, and which one would that combo take?-- thanks, bob
  6. famous bob

    727 governor

    any one know, what governor parts will make a 727 up shift at wot-5800 rpm ? or are there such animals ? would have to shift normally on the street. ??????:
  7. famous bob

    what shifter ?

    my build is a 68 barracuda fastback,505"-727-dana60-detroit locker-3:73 gear, street car. having had a stock plymouth floor shifter in a hemi car, a B-M ratchet shifter in a 10 sec. vega, a mega shifter in a 11 sec. GMC, and didn`t like any of them, I `m leaning toward a turbo action cheeta, or...
  8. famous bob

    torque convertor

    anyone running a mechanical diode torque convertor on the street in a 727 behind 650 ft.lbs. and 650 h/p. ?? anyone running one in anything on the street ?--------------thanks, bob