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  1. famous bob

    synthetic oil

    what brand of synthetic oil are u guys running in ur r/b strokers ?
  2. famous bob

    fish was on the hook

    Went to get me some fried chicken this evening, hadn`t ate all day , after I weed eated and mowed the lawn . Got the chikin/went back out to the car and ,----relay click, jumped the wires on the relay, turned over 2-3 times and quit, did that twice , and then nothing , just a faint relay click...
  3. famous bob

    heating up a little more

    I just put one heat range hotter plugs in my 505 , have only driven it once , due to having two bone spurs cut of my right foot . But it ran a hair hotter even in 70 degree weather , Which doesn`t surprise me , but I have done about everything a guy can think of to get it to run cool enough in...
  4. famous bob

    hemi boys------

    For those few hemi guys out there , who are you getting ur special order 426 pistons from now and cost ???????????? Not interested in heavy trw`s . thanks , bob
  5. famous bob

    505 stroker starters

    Lost my starter recently , have read a lot about guys using stock dakota starters and such , do they really hold up cranking a supposedly 700 plus h.p. engine ? Leaning towards a 4 h.p. double ball bearing 3:73 gear reduction , mini starter w/ the elec. lugs on the rear side of the soelinoid ...
  6. famous bob

    no start

    accidently grounded the hot battery post , now the engine will spin , but the fuel pump, hand held, and ecu wont come on . Checked every fuse I can find , sent the hand held and ecu in , their on their way back , FAST says ';'no problems with them'' .?????????????any ideas ?? FAST 2.0 SYSTEM
  7. famous bob

    440/505 rpm limits

    What are u guys twisting ur 500'' strokers to ? I got all over mine today, it was on the 6200 rev limiter before I could shift it , think I`m going to raise it to 7000 . Its race balanced ''by hughs'' , with a 600 lift solid street roller . ---------------------------------->???
  8. famous bob

    mesurements , or blueprints

    Any one got any measurements or plans to rework an A body k frame to clear a real oil pan (9 qt. milodon) , like the S/S AHR guys are running ?
  9. famous bob

    pulley ratio

    changing water pump pullet to 6 5/16'' , crank pulley is 6 7/8'' , ratio is 1.09 to 1 , OR, 1000 rpm on w.pump , to 819 on crank , what do you guys think , too much , just right , not enough ? All opinions welcome --------------bob
  10. famous bob

    too lean ?

    Had some really nice weather yesterday, got the fish out and played w/ it for a while . I leaned the fast 2.0 f.inj. down a hair more at cruise and now its popping out the mufflers quite a bit when descelerating, but doesn`t rattle and runs great , DID I GO TOO LEAN ?? Also discovered my...
  11. famous bob

    this horse has been beat to death , but------

    I have had a rear mainseal leak since day one , I have finally found out why, after 3-4 times trying to fix it . The main seal cap is not made right, or the bolt holes in the block are offset from perfect, or the crank is setting in the block crooked . Don't think it the crank cause all pistons...
  12. famous bob

    It was a very good day

    for small town girls------wait , that was along time ago----------- Added about 76 pounds to the rear of my 68 fastback, as far back as possible in the trunk. Made the rear (caltrac system) ride a little better , and the coil over /tubular front end too. Dang gas gauge even went to full and...
  13. famous bob


    Finished putting the 505 back together , let it warm up and drove it around a bit, got the front oil leak stopped !
  14. famous bob

    see thru

    still trying to post pics
  15. famous bob

    richer , or leaner ?

    For those of u guys that have gone from a medium rise intake , such as the torquer or perf. rpm , to a victor , how did it affect ur jetting ? Mine seems to be a lot richer w/ the victor now . I would have thot it would lean it !! ANYONE !!
  16. famous bob

    torque convertor

    I have a broken tooth on my convertor, and have talked to Lenny and hughs about it. Lenny wants to build a new one for me , but said what I had sounded about right. Hughs said $300 plus shipping both ways , to replace the ring gear. A new one like I have is around $580ish. What would I do w/...
  17. famous bob

    emailed three convertor manufacturers

    I have a missing tooth on my hughs convertor. It will only get worse till it takes the starter with it. I emailed hughs, ultimate, and dynamic, explaning my situation. Lenny at ultimate responded ^^^^^^^^^^ the same day (yesterday...
  18. famous bob

    Dammit Ray

    I finally got my hood to throttle body seal built. Was a WIERD *****, THROTTLE BODY IS UP IN THE 6 PACK SCOOP. Raised port heads , w/ a victor intake , but got it done w/ a 14x3 filter. Put 5 gal of gas in, was going to drive to nearest town and top off the tank, I figured it was really low...
  19. famous bob

    plenum size

    Any of u guys care to comment on the plenum size for a 505'' stroker w/ throttle body fuel inj. ?? I `m switching to a 2954 victor , after I clean it up and port match it . It sure has a small plenum compared to a team G I did. The 505 really liked the team G , I PULLED...
  20. famous bob

    oil pressure

    any body got any idea how to drop upper and cold start oil pressure , "with out" , dropping the hot idle pressure ???????????????????????????????????????????????????? Not loose bearing clearances, single line system, 7 qt alum. pan , full time restricted oil to the top end , hi volume pump...
  21. famous bob

    water pump pulley

    Andy F. , YELLOW ROSE , DO U KNOW OF A "SINGLE" BELT WATER PUMP PULLEY THAT IS SMALLER THAN THE APPROXIMATE 7'' big block pulley ?? I`d like to speed my water pump up a hair w/o changing the stock alt. and crank pulleys. thanks in advance--------------bob (can`t seem to keep my fingers off the...
  22. famous bob

    cam for 505" stret stroker.

    Hey u guys that are highly experienced big block gurus, did I leave something on the table by picking a compcams 292 extreme solid roller , w/ 1/6 rockers, over a specifically "mopar" type cam ? The specs on the roller are a little hotter than the old cams from yesteryear, (cant remember the...
  23. famous bob

    hayden 2769 clutch bolts

    I machined my water pump off to allow for the motor plate and an extra set of pump gaskets. (I run a set on both sides of the plate) , I got a 3/4''5/16" bolt in by starting it first and sliding the clutch down on it. Even that was a small pain. I then had to machine a couple of bolts shorter...
  24. famous bob

    milodon hi volume oil pump

    Any of u guys ever use one of the mylodon hi volume oil pumps / how did it work out ? Also supposed to be 33% liter.
  25. famous bob

    interesting r/b intake results

    I have been playing w/ a polished team G intake off and on all winter when I was bored. Had a chance to flow test it , and the polished torquer 2, that I have been running on my 440/505. We made a couple of adustments to both after testing , then tested again The team g finally came around to 19...
  26. famous bob

    DAMMIT RAY ! (old indian saying)

    It was about 80 degrees yesterday, got the 505" fish out for a little drive, seemed to be running better than ever,(close to being broke in). I had just put a 1 step hotter set of plugsin it. Got back after a short trip, shut it off to unlock the garage, When I started it , it backfired thru...
  27. famous bob

    A body weight ?

    What does you guys A body resto mod big blocks weigh ? I weighed mine at the mopar meet a few weeks ago, and it weighed 3278 w/ half tank of lawnmower gas.
  28. famous bob


    What are you guys w/ 500" wedge engines running for timing on them ? I have 21 initial, 34 total, all in at 3200 (91 lawnmower gas), w/ max vacuum set at 42. Any body ?
  29. famous bob

    r/b intake

    Did Holley ever make a strip dominator for a big block Chrysler engine ?
  30. famous bob

    hood vents

    Any of u guys ever put hood vents in a fiberglass hood ? I have a tremendous amount of underhood heat. Even w/ the headers , and comlete exhaust wrapped. Just running on the edge of overheating-almost. thinkin a nice looking pair on each side of the 6 pack scoop would help tremendously, but...