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  1. abodyjoe

    73 Duster build named Fred

    pretty good deal in my opinion. and if you decided to go 904 you could always sell that 727 for decent money.
  2. abodyjoe

    Original 1973 duster untouched!

    i'd rip that boring *** slant out so fast your head would spin and swap a nice modern hemi or small block in that *****. be a much more fun car.
  3. abodyjoe

    1970 Duster AlterKtion, 4 Link, LS/T56/Turbo and Minitub

    was just gonna look for those pictures and ssk if you have tried that yet.
  4. abodyjoe

    My 1970 Duster 340 FM3 project

    ahhhh black one is boring. finish the pink one
  5. abodyjoe

    1968 Dodge Dart GT Sleeping Beauty?

    better turn and burn before the traffic starts.. though it sucks in that area all the
  6. abodyjoe


    i like a stance more like this for those cars..
  7. abodyjoe


    get the driveline in that thing then worry about height . those cars look better low in my opinion..
  8. abodyjoe


    that sits way too high for me.. plus high defeats the purpose of the RMS suspension.
  9. abodyjoe


    any updates over the last year??
  10. abodyjoe

    1982 Maico 490 Resto

    they play fine for me..
  11. abodyjoe

    My 1970 Duster 340 FM3 project

    @challengergary are you the decal guy?
  12. abodyjoe

    My 1970 Duster 340 FM3 project

    my buddy dales original pink duster..
  13. abodyjoe

    To build or not to build (meaning sell)

    I'd be selling the barracuda plus a couple others to concentrate on only one or two projects. But hey thats me. 60 isn't very old but isn't so young either. Hate to see ya not get any of them done.
  14. abodyjoe

    K member

    not that i know of. all the ones i've seen use the stock upper arm mounts. maybe someone will chime in with one.
  15. abodyjoe

    Project Plain Jane

    sorry t o hear about your wife
  16. abodyjoe

    build thread for jamies dart..:)

    just a couple pics of it all cleaned up..
  17. abodyjoe

    Paint color

    most darker colors would probably look good with that color int.
  18. abodyjoe

    build thread for jamies dart..:)

    latest update was @crackedback headlight relay and wire around kits.. man what a difference.. can tell in the garage that thr lights are much brighter. can't wait to get the car out after dark now.. used to drive everywhere with the high beams on.. shouldn't have to now..
  19. abodyjoe

    build thread for jamies dart..:)

    finally found someone local that could actual align the car for me.. hasn't been right for a long time.. now its nice and straight down the road. so nice to drive now too... i raised the front ride height up about 3/4". front was way too low before.... these asshole at shops think they know...
  20. abodyjoe

    Tail end of the do over... 72 Demon
  21. abodyjoe

    72 Dart Swinger 3.6L Pentastar +T5

    did you have to send your box out or do they have them on the shelf?? any more details on it? i might like to go that direction on our dart. have a link?
  22. abodyjoe

    build thread for jamies dart..:)

    3-29-20 put the proper speedo gear in and the speedo is dead on with my gps. got a test drive in and all is good. smooth and no hums. i looked on the calculator site and at 3000 rpm it looks like i'll lose about 7 mph with the swap.. 71 instead of 78 mph at 3000 rpm.. not a big deal.
  23. abodyjoe

    build thread for jamies dart..:)

    march 28,2020 well after having this center section and axles laying in the basement ready to go for about 2 years now i figured i may as well put them in.. truth be told if this virus didn't have everything closed and us basically on lock down i probably would have found something else to...
  24. abodyjoe

    My new ride, almost

    jamie loves those cars and woudl love to have that. me not so great looking car, enjoy.
  25. abodyjoe

    Un-mothballing the Six Nine Cuda BB that I built almost 35 yrs ago

    sone crazy brake lines going on
  26. abodyjoe

    Supercuda's on the way back...after18 years!

    What do they use for head Pope's? Have to be custom made?
  27. abodyjoe

    Got me a 1978 Dodge Street Van to pimp out!

    i so want one of those..
  28. abodyjoe

    Mystery part identification help

    what those guys said