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  1. famous bob

    Radiator Size ????

    THIS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  2. famous bob

    1987 Dodge D150 pickup 5.2l 318 cid

    87 was avery good year...totaled one with 11,990 miles on it in calif...
  3. famous bob

    Crank scrapers or plate...?

    my answer got put on the wrong post >?????
  4. famous bob

    Come on Edelbrock. Get your act together.

    I never ran into holes like that , and have even wrapped the 7/16'' bolts with alum. tape to make them tighter , not that I have done any but my own ...
  5. famous bob

    Best Intake for a 408

    agree with this ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I had a victor on a 406 sbc , and had no trouble with it anywhere , ran hi elevens in a 92 gmc pick up , and got 16 mpg ,"if I kept my foot out of it" on the hi way , drove it to work and back occasionally 27 mi. each way , and checked it multiple times ...
  6. famous bob

    340 stroker 422

    Why not try 93 "real" gas , 3 something a gallon around here ...
  7. famous bob


    You are forgetting Bob ran nitrous on all those cars , quite successfully at hiding it , his son admitted it years later !! You remember on those cars he kept his intake covered up , supposedly hiding his secret design on his intake manifold , was really hiding the nitrous ...
  8. famous bob

    Valve covers for trickflow heads

    I have stock mopar perf. covers on victor knock off heads , no problem ...
  9. famous bob

    Rocker sweep pattern

    couldnt be much better !
  10. famous bob

    Oil Pan Plug Issue

    my daughter drove my 88 silverado for a while in college, she had the oil changed at quick lube and they stripped it , I ended up tapping the hole with a 3/8'' pipe tap , and used a 3/8 pipe plug in in , no more problems...
  11. famous bob

    Indy heads single water crossover /single plane manifold.

    hey tex, I went thru the same thing, bigger engine , more h.p. in Okla. heat (more humidity) and close to the same temps. Had to overdrive pump pulley, advance timeing on a street car helps, air flow at hi way speeds wasnt a problem , close to 100 /in town was a diff. story. I experimented w/...
  12. famous bob


    do it , I know of a 426 hemi thats had 5 and 7 sleeved for around 50 yrs !
  13. famous bob

    What is the "perfect" street/strip package......for the average Moparian

    and too low geared for much hi way , especially at joe blows gas prices !~
  14. famous bob

    Super bummed. New motor. Bad bearings?

    I always thot everything on a hemi was fun, back in the day , except the tie rod tube pan removal --------
  15. famous bob

    Super bummed. New motor. Bad bearings?

    think I woulda checked the bearing before pulling , maybe not needed -----?
  16. famous bob

    Bottom End Shocker Build

    I saw a guy shimming bearings on an old chevy that had babbit built rods , a long long time ago, was doing it because of rattle and oil consumption , and it worked !
  17. famous bob

    Non stick on gaskets?

    ur kinda backwards on ur thinking, vaseline is used to help the intake slide into its supposed position , which it does just a hair , when u tighten it down. if u got it w/o it , dont worry about it .
  18. famous bob

    Non stick on gaskets?

    I use to vaseline the intake side of hemi gaskets , for what its worth , Tom Hoover suggested it ---
  19. famous bob

    360 Prep

    I dont understand why everybody building an engine wouldn`t do this !--thumbs up.
  20. famous bob

    Fire in the hole, smoke in the pipe

    Have u found that sharper runner dividers are a help , or opposite like moist porters say ? Was looking ur intake over a little , just curious , I know u have way more porting experiance than I do--------I sharpened mine , but tried to leave them rounded as much as possible / being thinner ...
  21. famous bob

    Stuck in traffic 340 got up to 220

  22. famous bob

    Stuck in traffic 340 got up to 220

    ur avatar pic is better rob !
  23. famous bob

    Engine swap dilemma need help

  24. famous bob

    Question on my oil pressure readings-happy father's day

    at hot idle , u aint got a problem !
  25. famous bob

    New pistons / re-balance?

    Between trw old style pistons and new aftermarket , there is a whole bunch of diiff. in weight . If so , I`d rebalance , if really close , I`d go with them on a street car.
  26. famous bob

    340 Rear Main Seal Install with Superformance Seal?

    used to do the scraping thing on pipeline engine bearings , always hated it ! Hated grinding the poppet valves for the compressors too ! nothing between the caps and case, those pipeline engines set in place and run for 40 or more yrs . some times . they can change oil and coolant in them w/o a...
  27. famous bob

    340 Rear Main Seal Install with Superformance Seal?

    hughs engines pretty much say the dame thing ^^^^^^^^^^^
  28. famous bob

    Question on my oil pressure readings-happy father's day

    I have my 9 qt milodon pan off , helps w/ header installation , an debating which synthetic oil to put back in it --------??
  29. famous bob

    New starter won’t fit due to headers

    I just went thru all this , no luck w/ rebuilt starters 'too much engine bay heat. Now thermal barrier coated and a new powermaster starter from summit for a 14-1 engine . Have to rework the h pipe cause it doesnt line up exactly right w/ the new tti headers , I aint sure its even worth its...
  30. famous bob

    New starter won’t fit due to headers

    about 10ish yrs ago =robmac performance