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  1. famous bob

    I'm not gray anymore!

    for the car or a woman anyway !!
  2. famous bob

    I'm not gray anymore!

    looks like lipstick red , me like !
  3. famous bob


    Dam , I`d take it !! good job !
  4. famous bob


    Neither one of my kids (grown and own their own homes) have room for my barracuda, and wouldn`t know how to maintain it anyway. Guess it will be sold by the wife, or one of them, and the $ plit w/ my older daughter. They are all well rounded and not selfish, not worried about it at all.
  5. famous bob


    Dam nice looking car, I love it !
  6. famous bob

    Ashtrays and Belt Moulding

    Hank. I think I may have the rear ash trays out of my 68 fastback, u can have them if u want to pay the shipping and .03% paypal fee. Will look for them to make sure--------------bob
  7. famous bob

    front bucket seats on '68 Barracuda

    mine had the 4 plates on it, was orig bucket seat form S car.
  8. famous bob

    front bucket seats on '68 Barracuda

    I did use plastic washers and rubber cushions I had laying around, and a couple of studs are quite short , but worked .
  9. famous bob

    front bucket seats on '68 Barracuda

    Mine leaned some too. I have a driveshaft loop welded to the frame connectors, that the back seat bolts go thru. I might have pulled the floor a little doing that, so I shimmed w plastic washers and rubber bumpers a little . I like the stock re/foamed seats, they are pretty comfortable if ur...
  10. famous bob

    front fender well clearance

    --------great looking fish ! I always notice the trunk trim not lining up w/ the tail lights. Have u tried loosening the nuts that hold them on and adjusting the trim a little? Almost impossible to get perfect, and I`ve only seen one that was. Mine isn`t perfect either, but I tried.
  11. famous bob

    Power window kits for 1967 Dart Convertible?

    anyone ever put the ebay -B bo anybody ever put the B body power window kit from ebay, in a 67-8-9 barracuda fast back ? I`d like to have the pass. side, just because I can`t reach it buckled up .
  12. famous bob

    First Mopar Project '68 B'cuda

    greatest yr. for the barracuda. tho I`m biased toward the fastbacks. know what you mean about the 10x as long, going on 61/2 yrs. on mine. lot of knowledge on here.
  13. famous bob


    nice lokin rig! appears to be well thot out. I would like to see a close up of the new dist., I`ve got a complete fast 2.0 set up in my 68 fastback. like yours, a street car w/ an occasional trip to dragstrip. (IF I EVER GET IT FINISHED) .0600 lift street roller , w/ ported -raised port heads...
  14. famous bob

    The good wife needs help

    does this mean he has a bad wife too? lol bob