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  1. abodyjoe

    Looking for 360 engine mounts

    i knew what you were saying. not sure where it could have been understood.
  2. abodyjoe

    Carb. Mechanical or vacuum secondaries?

    thats a sweet dart. love the green and white.
  3. abodyjoe

    Carb. Mechanical or vacuum secondaries?

    in the past i've run extra trans coolers but this car it is only using the radiator trans cooler. i'd have to look at the reciepts but i think the converter was around 700 bucks.. yea its a lot of money but the right converter can make or break your combo. here is the build thread...
  4. abodyjoe

    Carb. Mechanical or vacuum secondaries?

    double pumper baby. runs great with an automatic... as far as a converter goes call one of the good converter companies and see what they recommend. I'm running a 9.5" converter from dynamic that flashes to about 3800 rpm with a mild 360 and 3:23 gears. also running a 650 DP from proform
  5. abodyjoe

    Motor Mounts

    '67-72 A-Body V8 K-member to 273/318 or 340/360
  6. abodyjoe

    Magnum Force Transformer Suspension

    i don't know how that clown is still in business...
  7. abodyjoe

    Magnum Force Transformer Suspension

    the real fix is to trash that garbage and put a good system in it. just wait till you go to drive it and its all over the place because of the poor geometry,
  8. abodyjoe

    Which Oil filter are you using with headers?

    napa gold 51068
  9. abodyjoe

    Ol' Blue's magnum swap

    instead if that bushing can't you just change the pump in the trans and all then use a 69-up converter? it would open ya up to a lot more options converter wise and i believe cheaper too... :)
  10. abodyjoe

    MPG Motor Magnum vs. Hemi

    if you are set on a more modern engine then i'd say the 5.7 hemi would probably return better mpg and power.
  11. abodyjoe

    Magnum Force Transformer Suspension

    Hell that thing doesn't even look cool.
  12. abodyjoe

    Magnum Force Transformer Suspension

    I wouldn't. Haven't seen or enough real world on the street feedback yet. heard good customer service but thats about it..
  13. abodyjoe

    Magnum Force Transformer Suspension

    don't know anyone who has used that awful looking kit. i do know their regular tube front end has been getting bad reviews about fitment, poor geometry and breaking for many many years now.. i would never buy anything suspension related from them.
  14. abodyjoe

    92-95 magnum harnesses

    so i have a 94 5.2 out of a van... would i have to supply you with a harness to modify or do you have them to sell? what all need to be done to hook it up? i assume its power,key power ground and fuel pump.. what else?
  15. abodyjoe

    Magnum motors

  16. abodyjoe

    What have I got myself in to? Denver here we come!!

    cool.. i have a 94 van out here with 318 magnum in it. it has crossed my mind on more then one occasion to install the driveline into my dart.