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  1. famous bob

    Mopar guy from Texas checking in...

    not so my friend
  2. famous bob

    first time poster,console question.

    yes , there was thread on it a short while back. I have turbo action cheater shifter in mine , scooted back about 4-5'' to where the ash tray was ---
  3. famous bob

    Well, I’m back with another 68’ barracuda

    dam , ur lucky , or the Lord was watching over you ! What caused the trans to lock up , auto or manual ?? Only 727 I ever heard about locking up , was on a plug check , on the the dragstrip , guy threw it in reverse instead of nuetral ---------
  4. famous bob

    1974 Plymouth Duster Project

    I didnt use the painless set up , (E Z) , but had to take the orig. individual connectors out of the chevy connector on the new kit and install them in the orig. mopar connector. , w/ a very thin small screwdriver , and match them to ur steering column plug , getting the right order is the...
  5. famous bob

    Drifting back in........old guy from MO

    nice scamp ,went to school with a guy named billy moffet -----was a nice guy !
  6. famous bob

    Hey y’all from Ga

    yeah, but it depends on jhow u mean it -
  7. famous bob

    Hello from Denver!

    clean , who did it ?
  8. famous bob

    New Okie

    Welcome , this place is a good source of info , but it`s very entertaining too !
  9. famous bob

    73' Duster 408 Stroker

    Good move , never a porsche fan
  10. famous bob

    First time newbie

    I`d research that master cyl. piston size ,quoted above before buying one !
  11. famous bob

    Hello from Northfield MN, from a Minnesota Mopar girl!

    Yeah , keeps me/us goin !! LOL
  12. famous bob

    Hello from Northfield MN, from a Minnesota Mopar girl!

    How about a pic of Jennifer ? I posted a pic of my self a while back , scared some of the younger guys , they said I looked like SOMEONE THAT USED TO HAUNT THEM .
  13. famous bob

    hello from Texas

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ welcome tex, ------BOOMER SOONER !
  14. famous bob

    Bob 'Turk' Tarozzi

    Great , did u work w/ Hoover and the boys ? Following !
  15. famous bob

    72 duster 440 swap

    Getter all one color .
  16. famous bob

    Im New and NEED HELP!

    Another Unbelievable !
  17. famous bob


    LOL att the above 3 posts !
  18. famous bob

    Pics for you guys

    Trailer aint bad either !!
  19. famous bob

    Garth Hough

    Dart is kick a$$ . I have 440/505 stroker in a 68 barracuda fastback, which from pics seem to have the smallest engine bay after the early ones. I run a victor intake on victor type raised port heads , the throttle body us up in the 6 pack scoop , ur scoop is bigger than mine , ur problem will...
  20. famous bob

    Hello! 81 Dodge D150 with a 273 V8

    Dig the truck, would like to have one too ! >80`s pick ups were the first good looking dodges made . Later when they started changing the grill it went down hill. I parked a brand new 3/4 ton chevy plumbing truck beside a new dodge , inside on a job one time , we got to looking and comparing...
  21. famous bob

    Thank you for Having Me!

    Did u build it or buy it ? Looks much like a cart that used to race and win a hell of a lot at Tulsa . I would like to see pics of ur home built front end set up -------------
  22. famous bob

    long time fabo nut

    Had to lol at this one > ^^^^^^^^^^^
  23. famous bob

    long time fabo nut

    Thot its about time i show my face ---yeah I`m getting a little old and stiff-------
  24. famous bob

    Newbie from Ohio

    Welcome ---- the wife has some family up there . 68-69 CHARGERS ARE KICK A$$ , SO ARE THE 67-8-9 FASTBACKS .
  25. famous bob


    We be like ------cant spell our first name backwards !
  26. famous bob

    back in an A body

    BUT , are u kin to Tom !??!
  27. famous bob

    New to the forum

    Hemi = jealousy !-----------me !
  28. famous bob

    back in an A body

    SHOW OFF !
  29. famous bob

    New to Mopar

    I`d like to see the old one u traded for it , too .