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  1. abdywgn

    1963 Dart 170 2 Door Post Resto

    take care of that shoulder now before it gets worse. maybe just physical therapy and you'll be as good as new. you are doing an outstanding job on the car!
  2. abdywgn

    ECU leaked its juice.

    Wecome to the site! Others will have better ideas on how to clean but my first thought might be hot water to loosen the glob and maybe use a plastic putty knife to scoop it off. I thought of SimpleGreen or the such but I believe that might damage the paint.
  3. abdywgn

    1972 Dodge Colt

    stop from flattening fingers of pressure plate?
  4. abdywgn

    MoPars Left For Dead

    leaf it alone
  5. abdywgn

    Tubing update for guys that tube and port their heads

    do you have to get a license for poison dart blow guns?
  6. abdywgn

    logsplitter EV conversion

    found one with a 1.3 hp motor, they say it can only be run up to 23 seconds at a time. others showed 2 and 3 hp motors, both rated at 15 amps. A hd extension cord would be needed and bigger the better if you are running any distance. try the motor you have if not to costly for the parts. maybe...
  7. abdywgn

    Random pictures thread

    we used to stay at Fred and Macie Zwiefel's cottages on Ten Mile Lake when I was young.
  8. abdywgn

    [FOR SALE] 65 Poly 318 for $318 still the same but probably dustier, does not come with cart. Happy 3/18!
  9. abdywgn

    My entire class failed

    Jepoardy had high school students on and showed a picture of John Wayne. nobody knew who he was.
  10. abdywgn

    63-66 pitman arms same as 67-72???

    62-66 uses K-7020, 67 -70 uses K-7074 pitman arm. 62-66 idler arm is K-414. these are Moog numbers.
  11. abdywgn

    63-66 pitman arms same as 67-72???

    no, 67 and newer are different just looked but according to Rockauto they are not. let me see if I can find the old Moog catalog.
  12. abdywgn

    Tubing update for guys that tube and port their heads
  13. abdywgn

    what is this car?

    a family at church had one. I thought it was "neat" but far too engrossed in owning a 68 Camaro at the time.
  14. abdywgn

    what is this car?

    yes the Kadette. there was a two door at an estate sale but the owner was supposedly taking it with him when he moved. that or the two door wagon would be cool. Remeber the Manta?
  15. abdywgn

    [Found!] 11 Issues of Chrysler Action

    11 for $50 plus shipping? I'll take 'em for that if still availiable. Bob
  16. abdywgn

    A Few Funnies...

    is a chicken that lays eggs a mother clucker?
  17. abdywgn

    More Cats

    looking for mice or squirrels under the hood?
  18. abdywgn

    what is this car?

    the Opel must be a fun little street car! is the black car a Cortina?
  19. abdywgn

    More Cats

    the tears started to well up reading this. then I continued on in the thread. the one about giving a cat a pill...tears are running down my cheeks.
  20. abdywgn

    Do you know anything about this 383 Duster?

    good luck with your search and have fun with the car.
  21. abdywgn

    what is this car?

  22. abdywgn

    what is this car?

    not the gull wing but the blue car in the back ground. I'm guessing it would fly with a very mild small block in it.