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  1. Bigdummy

    Friends Transformation

    It took a while but here a progress pic
  2. Bigdummy

    Summit discount codes

    I don't need a discount code.I know people
  3. Bigdummy

    Stuff I do while Truckin

    Diareha cha cha cha.Pittsburg pa to Ft Scott ks.Ill never haul another one of these again.30mph head wind and the thing let's you know ofbevery bump.Deove 62mph and got 5 mile a gallon!
  4. Bigdummy

    Stuff I do while Truckin

    I should known better usually I use the 3 inch ones but they were out and I got the long ones for free about a month ago .Stupid me
  5. Bigdummy

    Stuff I do while Truckin

  6. Bigdummy

    Stuff I do while Truckin

    Here in Albany for Moster Jam.Im not hauling it again.It pays **** and the tight wads won't let me in to watch.Also not to self never never run long inner wheel valve extentions.Cost me 200 bucks for a road call to change a stem
  7. Bigdummy

    Stuff I do while Truckin

    Alliance o to weedsport Ny
  8. Bigdummy

    Stuff I do while Truckin

    Indy to Niagra falls!Stuck like Chuck till they moved some stuff! 0 P1pp
  9. Bigdummy

    Stuff I do while Truckin

    Picked this trailer up and heard banjo music.I made like sheep and got the flock outta there.It was a pain.I couldn't go out the way I came in cause of a raised rr track and power lines I rubbed going in.
  10. Bigdummy

    Green House

    Yes sir.Anythin is better than all the crap they sell in stores.At leased you know whats in it and on it
  11. Bigdummy

    Green House

    It's taken a long time but here's more progress
  12. Bigdummy

    RIP Gary Rossington (Lynyrd Skynyrd)

    Rip.Saw him and Doobie brothers about 20 years ago
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  14. Bigdummy

    Col Paris Davis

    About time
  15. Bigdummy

    Donner pass snowfall

    Their solar panels ain't working so good
  16. Bigdummy

    Random pictures thread

    Nice rustang in Louisiana today
  17. Bigdummy

    Stuff I do while Truckin

    Backed in by the Jersey barrier.It gonna be used for rocket fuel
  18. Bigdummy

    Stuff I do while Truckin

    Going from Midlothian TX to Brownsville TX to space x 56 ft and heavy 57,000lbs and my truck weighs 20000
  19. Bigdummy

    Random pictures thread

    Old 300 with a viper engine
  20. Bigdummy

    Solar Panels, for CIVIL discussion

    I have 3 120 watt tweselvans.I also have 3 solar generators just incase the power goes out for more than a day to alternate with my gas generator.Use solar at night and gas during the day.Its Just for emergency but A friend is helping build a 16x20 green house and my oupes 2400 will power it...
  21. Bigdummy

    Stuff I do while Truckin

    Rebuilt head ,Clutch,rear seal,gaskets behind the block,carrier brg,new Ir compressor,dryer,and a dot inspection.So far this is the second time back for the air dryer.The 1st time I had to come back was for a water leak.Oh I forgot the cord to pull the air tank bleeders wasn't there either.They...
  22. Bigdummy

    Stuff I do while Truckin

    Don't feel like post much but I'm going back to the shop for the 2nd time...I'm pissed.Alliance Ohio to Little Rock Ar.Then try to get a load to Dallas to the shop
  23. Bigdummy

    Guns, Dogs and Blades QnA

    I noticed freedom seeds and silver prices are comming down for a shirt time
  24. Bigdummy

    Mr Peabody passed away

  25. Bigdummy

    Duel is on METV tonight

    I'm watching the fellas right now
  26. Bigdummy

    Oil filter

    I used a Baldwin crossover from a FL1a ford
  27. Bigdummy

    Stuff I do while Truckin

    These shops rape you.Im going to Costco this morning to get a giant jar of Vasaline