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  1. Demonracer

    Runner Up @ $10,000 ( To Win)We Stock/Super Stock Race at MATS

    Mike, Paula, my former partner Bob and myself go back at about 18 years when Mike and Paula were both running their Dusters. Mike donated some gaskets we were missing after a mandatory tear down in Ennis. This allowed us to make first round the next morning. A few races later, I tried to give...
  2. Demonracer

    Great info on this site

    Welcome from Texas, love the 68 and the pedal car is very nice also.
  3. Demonracer

    Runner Up @ $10,000 ( To Win)We Stock/Super Stock Race at MATS

    Good show, plus Paula and Mike are top notch people. My former partner and I raced with and against them many times down here in Division 4.
  4. Demonracer

    New guy here

    Great car, I love the old fat fender cars.
  5. Demonracer

    Tree stump removal

    Check with the tree service companies in your area, most of them have walk behind stump grinders to gett into limited space areas.
  6. Demonracer

    Swinging for Divorce…

    Just because the swap meets aren't Mopar specific doesn't mean there are no Mopar parts. I've gone to swap meets put on by the Ford, Chevy and other guys. You will be surprised when you find Mopar stuff. If you find parts you are looking for, ask the price but DO NOT tell them what it fits. Some...
  7. Demonracer

    Anyone Deal in ATI Super Dampers or Advice on Were to Buy One

    You are correct, not many options out there. Unfortunately, unless you buy from and individual you are going to pay sales tax. The days of buying from out of your home state with no sales taxes being charged is long gone.
  8. Demonracer

    MSD yay or nay

    I have an older MSD 7AL2 and the matching billet distributor, along with a backup for each. The newer MSD stuff is junk, or so I've heard. Until the stuff I have craps the bed, I'll stay with it.
  9. Demonracer

    Deluxe Interior Emblem Rechroming?

    Chrome plating pewter is a labor intensive, time consuming and expensive process. The piece has to be "gently" stripped, all of the corrosion in pits has to be gently picked out before any type of plating can begin. The begin by copper plating the piece multiple times and buffing it down to fill...
  10. Demonracer

    Mopar P4532900 head info needed

    About four years ago, I had a chance to but a pair of the aluminum LA Commando heads. One was a finished head with the flow chart, the other was as cast. They were both the same part number and were close in appearance, except for the machine work. I called an old racing buddy and he said, in...
  11. Demonracer

    [WANTED] ISO 68 Barracuda fenders

    If you can't find "68" fenders, get a pair of 67 or 69 fenders and modify them for the 68 side markers. Finding 50+ year old non rusted sheet metal is getting tougher by the minute. If folks have it, some of them will keep it until the pass on and then their most of the relatives will dispose of...
  12. Demonracer

    Swinging for Divorce…

    Doc, as mentioned earlier "get everything you can". You won't know if you need "it" until the last second, and then you'll be kicking yourself in the butt because "it" isn't in your stash of parts and pieces. A lot of members here have had to scrape and scrounge to find little things to finish...
  13. Demonracer

    [FOR SALE] 1968 Dart 440 Superstock Drag Car Project

    You might want to remove your phone number before the mods delete your post. Phone numbers and email addresses are not allowed per the rules.
  14. Demonracer

    Help me identify these pistons?

    And what is your question? You seemed to have identified them correctly.
  15. Demonracer

    Is there a source for factory original/correct repro fuel sender for 1968 Dart?

    Place an ad in the "Wanted" section for an used OEM sender, then research rebuilders for the sender. Unfortunately Wolfe and Sons went out of business, I used them multiple times with great result.
  16. Demonracer

    Engine bay paint

    Doc, I kind of dig the copper color. But, then again my Demon is painted Viper copperhead orange. I say have it painted per the sons wishes. If you can swing a deal with the body shop, see if they will allow you and your son to do some of the sanding and prep work.
  17. Demonracer

    Hello from the uk

    Greetings from south Texas.
  18. Demonracer

    my first car

    You might put a detailed description of the car when you sold it. That may prompt some of the older members memories. LOL
  19. Demonracer

    New member intro from Ohio

    Welcome from Texas, I like the long roof car.
  20. Demonracer

    New member from Georgia

    Welcome from Texas, nice collection of cars.
  21. Demonracer

    "Something in the Orange"

    Your car doesn't have to be a restoration, some of us build our cars to our taste. My car was a 340 4 speed car when it came off the line. Someone in it's infancy turned it into a race car as I bought it. When I took possession, it was just a painted unfinished roller. Now it's a 2500 LB bracket...
  22. Demonracer

    thread notifications

    All or the appropriate boxes are checked, I've never gone in and changed anything there. One of mine that I follow is "My luck", I very very rarely get any notifications if someone has posted. Another is Hyperpak's thread about his Colt race car. I just happened to see he had posted recently, so...
  23. Demonracer

    thread notifications

    All are "Watched" threads. I know how it used to work before the last update, but since it no longer notifies me.
  24. Demonracer

    thread notifications

    I've been having the same problem since the last software upgrade, I thought it was just me.
  25. Demonracer

    How do I delete my conversations and messages?

    Click on the conversation and then click on "Leave conversation".
  26. Demonracer

    An Age Test

    At 71, any day above ground is a "GOOD DAY".
  27. Demonracer


    The reason for this post is that a member was asking questions and for advice. They didn't have a location other than some stupid saying similar to the ones I listed. Guys and gals, there is a world of Mopar information and knowledge on this site. If you DO NOT have at least a zip code, I sure...
  28. Demonracer

    Fantom works

    I've heard that tired old line from them, the guys out in Arizona and some others. Here in Texas, you couldn't give them away when I parted out some first gen Barracudas.