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  1. 73hcode

    [WANTED] 73-76 a-body k-member

    I can check with fedex and let you know.
  2. 73hcode

    [WANTED] 73-76 a-body k-member

    I have a 73-76 V8 k-member but I am in Mississippi shipping might kill you. 125 plus shipping. I also have lower control arms with tabs for the same k member
  3. 73hcode

    Cruizin' the Coast Biloxi MS....

    Hey I live here but have to work Thursday but off Tuesday and Wednesday
  4. 73hcode

    Cruisin the Coast 2020

    If you have never been you will enjoy it. Plenty of great cars and a all around good time. Just a side note they canceled jeeping the coast but most of them still showed up.
  5. 73hcode

    Cruisin the Coast 2020

    Before I moved here I stayed at the Hollywood. A great place to stay and plenty of room to park trailers
  6. 73hcode

    [WANTED] 340 Alternator Bracket

    A/c or non a/c
  7. 73hcode

    New 2020 Stingray on the way.

    Man that was quick most boat dealers on the Mississippi gulf coast are out of boats or they can’t get one till August/September. Yes Yamaha or a Zuk.
  8. 73hcode

    73 Dart new to the forum

    Welcome to the site. You will get plenty of advice from these people.
  9. 73hcode

    What's uncle Tony's handle on here?

    Whitepunkonnitro or close to that.
  10. 73hcode

    new to site

    Welcome aboard.
  11. 73hcode

    Southern Snow. It has begun. Arg

    50 degrees on the Mississippi Coast and I am freezing.
  12. 73hcode

    FOUND: 73 DART Rear License Light

    This is off a sport
  13. 73hcode

    FOUND: 73 DART Rear License Light

    Is it a sport or swinger, it makes a difference. I might have one for a sport.
  14. 73hcode

    73 340 duster

  15. 73hcode

    Greetings A Body Members

    Welcome to you. Good to see vendors active on here.
  16. 73hcode

    If you won the lotto?.

    1. 68 SS Barracuda 2.69 Cuda M code 3. 62 Ferrari GTO. Series 1 4. 67 Jaguar XKE drop top 5. 65 Shelby Cobra S/C 427. 6. 69 GTX convertible 7. Ferrari 365 GTS. 8. 70 340 Cuda drop top 9. Any 990 car. 10. 65 Shelby GT 350R. It was a very very big lotto. Lol
  17. 73hcode

    console wireing

    On my 73 the console harness plugs in on the passenger side. A single plug with a ground pigtail.
  18. 73hcode

    New here from Florida

    Welcome from the Mississippi gulf coast.
  19. 73hcode

    Ford Vs Ferrari Movie

    I was alive then but was just a wee little lad, my parents met at the Ford plant in Memphis TN.
  20. 73hcode

    A man just can't HAVE too many cameras (I guess)

    I love the camera hobby also and I am a canon man film to digital. I was thinking of going the referb route but haven’t yet. My old 10d is still going strong.
  21. 73hcode

    Who’s car is this.

    I saw this in Covington LA last week
  22. 73hcode

    Georgia Meet And Greet

    I don’t live in Georgia but I work for the largest salty snack company and we have a plant in Perry GA so I feel a connection to y’all.
  23. 73hcode

    Cruisin' the Coast 2019

    If you are staying at the Hard Rock you will be all up in the middle of it. Cruise Central has been turned into a resort real nice. I live about 5 minutes from Long Beach Harbor but I couldn’t get off work that week but will make my days short.
  24. 73hcode

    Where's this bracket go?

    It looks like the bracket that goes on the door to hold the lock rods in place. But I could be wrong.
  25. 73hcode

    Found 2 340's both are 1973

    I think it is October 26 but not sure
  26. 73hcode

    Found 2 340's both are 1973

    What is production date A26.
  27. 73hcode

    Found 2 340's both are 1973

    What is the casting date of the 72 cast block. The vin is close to mine.
  28. 73hcode

    NEW upper door pads

    As far as I know they are not reproduced yet.