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  1. pntastar69

    Look what I just found...69 Barracuda Restomodded

    Classic Auto Mall. Way overpriced and huge inventory. Classic Auto Mall
  2. pntastar69

    Tires for 14 RAM Big Horn - 275/60/R20

    Need 4 new tires for the truck. Called the local tire shop and they recommended CONTINENTAL CROSSCONTACT™ LX20. The reviews look pretty good. Anybody running these tires? Pros/cons?
  3. pntastar69

    Patching vinyl seat covers?

    That looks like the seat was blue and dy'd black. I'd reskin it.
  4. pntastar69

    Tire question. Just simple bottom line

    Per the initial post, seems he wants the same size on front n rear. "I’ll match the front to the back."
  5. pntastar69

    Dash Paint?

    SEM Trim Black works well if you're on a budget.
  6. pntastar69

    1969 Dart tire and wheel sizes

    May require some wheel lip trimming. "15x7 with 4.25 backspace 255/60 is an easy fit with stock axles and brakes"
  7. pntastar69

    1969 Dart tire and wheel sizes

    What year/model Dart? I think the rears will hit the springs w/a correct tire on an 8" wheel.
  8. pntastar69


    Does anyone know what this mopar part number is? I looked high and low to no avail. Got this pic from my neighbor. Thanks,
  9. pntastar69

    Nasty drone slant 6 Pypes Street Pro

    Runnin Street Pros for years, no drone at all.
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    Google, testing a MSD box
  11. pntastar69

    Opinions on new wheel color

    I'd ditch the wheels in lieu of plain steelies but keep the body color.
  12. pntastar69

    [SOLD] 1969 Dart Custom PENDING SALE

    What color is it?
  13. pntastar69

    670 Street Avenger running rich

    Secondary transfer slots overexposed?
  14. pntastar69

    Captian Chaos Buys Maple Grove Raceway

    Mopar event? Nuttin on this years schedule.
  15. pntastar69

    What is it?

    By george, I think you are correct!!!
  16. pntastar69

    Captian Chaos Buys Maple Grove Raceway

    Great news. Better things to come we hope. BREAKING NEWS - KENNY KORETSKY COMPLETES PURCHASE OF MAPLE GROVE RACEWAY | Competition Plus
  17. pntastar69

    What is it?

    Headliner anchor tension spring for rear headliner bow.
  18. pntastar69

    1971 Duster Headliner Question

    I believe these are prebent wires that hold the rear bow, rearward. Anchor tension wires. Headliner Bow Rear Wires Fits 67 68 69 70 71 72 Dodge Dart Plymouth Scamp Mopar | eBay
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    Spent the last hour gazing, literally. That is just SICK!!!!
  20. pntastar69

    Dragster Circa 1992

    "Brings back the memories of younger years" I hear ya. I was 33 when it was completed.
  21. pntastar69

    Dragster Circa 1992

    Built this one back in 1992 and it’s still holding together in a case. Can't believe it's been 30 years. Went a little overboard w/PE stuff and scratch-built items, specifically the fuel system. It was a fun build that took a few years to complete. It was supposed to be a Joe Amato replica but...
  22. pntastar69

    Muffler-can keep kinda quiet sounds off at rpm

    Pypes Street Pro's, TTI's, 2.5"out the back w/x-pipe.
  23. pntastar69

    model career my be over

    Speedy recovery
  24. pntastar69

    Back at It

    Thanks guys. It's been slow going, only fitting time in on the weekends.
  25. pntastar69

    Back at It

    Yep, tested it in the chassis
  26. pntastar69

    Back at It

    Had a little time this weekend to finish up the interior and start on the headers. I found a cool link below on how to make the headers. I used .062” solder drilled 4 holes into the heads to countersink the solder. The heatshrink at the end is temporary to hold the solder together. Heatshrink...
  27. pntastar69

    Back at It

    Haven't had much time lately but I made some progress on the interior. Got the roll cage, seats and Pro-Tech seat belts installed over the weekend. Got the steering column, steering wheel and 5" tach detailed. Hope to finish up the interior this week and move on to the next.
  28. pntastar69

    68 Plymouth Valiant

    Awesome!!! That color is right up my alley.
  29. pntastar69

    64 Dodge D100 Pickup Pro Street

    Found this on Model Cars Magazine. This guy is obsessed. Enjoy 64 Dodge D100 Pickup Pro Street
  30. pntastar69

    Trip back in time to the Hobby Shop

    Same here and I still have the track and obstacle courses. Cars on the other hand, who knows where they are.