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    Wiper pivot

    what size hole did you drill with the DMT kit ?
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    340 cam

    im ready to bring my 69 340 to the machine shop soon, after reading @RustyRatRod thread about hod rod bliss immediately i knew what i want in my next build. I decided a stock 68 340 4-speed cam would fit the bill. Chrysler engineers knew what they were doing back in the day....Rich
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    Who rebuilds fuel tank senders?

    I used John Wolf for 2 of my fuel senders and was very satisfied with the results, recently i was told that hes not doing them anymore so i just sent my last one to instrument specialties in RI. My sender came back in a short time and the price was good also..hope this helps..Rich
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    1969 'cuda 383 4-speed

    Congrats, ive been following along and would see glimpses of it on the program, you patiently waited and its beautiful. Thanks for sharing your story, enjoy that awesome car...Rich
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    wiper motor ballast resistor clean up

    i was really surprised how good it looked after the Mr. Clean eraser... like snow white and brand new...Rich
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    wiper motor ballast resistor clean up

    update.. sorry no pics.. i soaked the ballast in evaporust and then hit it with Mr. Clean magic eraser... it came out spotless
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    wiper motor ballast resistor clean up

    can i soak it in any type of cleaning solution?
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    wiper motor ballast resistor clean up

    Good morning, im doing a cosmetic restoration on a friends wiper motor. I would like to make the ballast look new again. Does anyone have suggestions on how to clean it up? any home remedies?........Thanks for any suggestions.. Rich
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    Hi Jeff, first im sorry about the low life scum scammer that got you, makes me sick!!!! now about your emblem, i went through the same thing as you, i couldnt find a good emblem so i took my old one down to a high end print shop and they were able to make me a VALIANT decal. I chromed the...
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    68 Barracuda 225 to 440 to 426

    @davescuda... Just wondering how the project was coming along... its looking really nice...Rich
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    Tube Rivets

    Hello, i am restoring my 73 Duster rear pop out windows, i drilled out the tube rivets and now its time to replace them, does anyone know the exact size i need? Any help would be appreciated on size, length and vendor...Thanks everyone...Rich
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    Questions for Evaporust Users

    I absolutely love Evaporust, i use it all the time... To keep it lasting longer i try to remove all the loose rust and degrease it really good, after a good soak i take the part out and hit it with 0000 steel wool and rinse it in the sink and then back into the evaporust for another soak... i...
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    73 DUSTER 340 PAINT

    Amazing work Wayne, thanks for sharing. I cant wait to see the finished car...please keep us nice !!!!
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    A-Body Round #2- My '76 Scamp restore...

    Nice job... im following along...Rich
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    1973 Duster pop-out windows

    Thanks guys, I ordered a set from DMT...They are not i ran the stainless through the buffer and cleaned the frames, I will assemble this weekend..all in all its not a bad job, i will rivet the frames together with 4 rivets instead of the long tube rivet, unless i can get those...
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    1973 Duster pop-out windows

    hello all, i am rebuilding my pop out windows and have aquired all the rubber seals to make this happen...except the hidden plastic hinge thats covered in mylar. The ones i have are brittle and are falling apart, can someone recommend a vendor for these and possibly a part number, any help would...
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    Gauge bezel restoration or replacement?

    Good morning, heres another option, I used vacuum ornametal for my Duster ralley bezel and Mr.Heaterbox for the gauges .... all came out very nice...good luck with your project...Rich
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    Compression Ratio

    my plan is Rusty Rat Rods guide to hot rod bliss... chrysler engineers did a nice job on those 340's ... keep it simple and enjoy
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    Garage art

    They are individual LED lights that look like a christmas bulb, i plug them into a remote box that allows me to control them remotely, that way i dont have to keep plugging them in, i can just push a button
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    Garage art

    Hi Al, thank you for that generous offer, i was only going to do A-bodies but now you got me thinking about a new route, please send me a picture of that tail panel and we can go from there... thanks again..Rich
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    Garage art

    Thanks for the positive comments, much appreciated. I would love to do a Demon tail panel next if i could find one cheap enough.. Rich
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    Garage art

    This is my latest winter project, i bought a 73 Duster from Chris Birdsong(junkerup) and im converting it to a 70-71 Duster. I cut the tail panel off and didnt want to let it go to the scrap heap or sit in the corner of my shed, this is what i came up with, i hope you guys enjoy it, it keeps me...
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    need some advice...70 Duster hood

    i removed all the factory dampening material from between the hood skin and the hood bracing because some of it was missing and some of it was brittle. It is now time to re-apply the dampening material, any advice on how to do this, I am afraid i will create high and low spots on the hood if im...
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    Am I Being Unreasonable? Original Owner Wants Car Back

    im curious... 84 responses and 4 pages ... can someone tell me why i get the only red X ?........ im the 7th post, did i say something offensive or disrespectful?... again just curious.. Merry Christmas FABO... Rich
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    Am I Being Unreasonable? Original Owner Wants Car Back

    my 2 cents, first well written thread and i totally agree with the responses that you got so far, i can feel that you are torn with making the previous owner son dream come true while keeping your dream alive. Its your car now so keep enjoying it and like previously stated get his contact info...
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    [WANTED] Mopar Performance Subframe Connectors Bolt In for 1969 dart swinger

    try Mancini racing, i think they have what you need...Rich
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    Hood stripes added

    ironically my daughter is my go to extra set of hands when i do decals too...
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    Hood stripes added

    nice job guys, looks amazing !
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    My 1972 F7 Dart Swinger

    Your carb looks amazing ! They did a really nice job, what was the turn around time?