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  1. Robbie2734

    Magnum heads on a 74' 318 LA

    My heads were only good for .510 lift, I think you might want to check the max lift on yours. have you bent any pushrods?? Something is way off, I get tons of oil to the top end. My cam's lift is .460 with the Chevy roller rockers and using stock Mopar roller lifters. The contact patch on the...
  2. Robbie2734

    Magnum heads on a 74' 318 LA

    Yes, I just had the car out today. Sorry about the mail box, my wife passed away a while ago and I haven't been on here much. Question, what was the problem you had with the lifters??? I used a roller cam from Bullet and it works fine for me. I did go to adjustable roller rockers to get the...
  3. Robbie2734

    As usual, the comments are hilarious!!

    YES WE DID! Wollensack reel to reel and a turntable feeding a 100watt amp. Sgt Pepper was just out, one of the guys was sent the record and we copied it. C company,125th Signal Bn. 25th Infantry Div. Cuchi Vietnam..1967
  4. Robbie2734

    Remember Your First Home Phone Number?

    GR5-4394, you picked up the headset and the operator said "Number Please". I forget what our ring was...maybe two long rings. We had 10 party lines. Cyclic ringing. 20 cycle, 30 cycle,40 cycle 50 cycle and 60 cycle. The 60 cycle ringers would hum from ac power feedback. I worked 38 years for...
  5. Robbie2734

    Angelucci Hold Downs- Valve Cover That Clears?

    MediceMfg ...Valve Cover Spacers - Mopar Expensive but it will do the job! Top is for Magnum and bottom is for LA motor
  6. Robbie2734

    Front End Rebuild Kits

    I think the single piston started on the 73 and up cars. If it's bone stock I would think it's a 4 piston Kelsey Hayes setup.
  7. Robbie2734

    Front End Rebuild Kits

    Any of the above will do fine. I bought my parts over the winter while I refurbed the Kframe. I had some problems with the new Idler arm, it was sloppy! I'd tighten the bolt and it would be fine for a bit and then the play was back. Pulled it out and the bushings we're fine. It finally turned...
  8. Robbie2734

    Weatherhead proportioning valve

    I'm in the middle of rebuilding my brakes, new lines, calipers, rear wheel cylinders and master cylinder. The master cylinder seals went and blew debris into the valve on the frame. I have the rebuild kit, but it must cover a few valve blocks. Mine is stamped 347-B, does anyone have a diagram of...
  9. Robbie2734

    So this is how the fight started

    And he looked up a hooker??? Sorry, I just couldn't resist..LOL
  10. Robbie2734

    Sex Therapist...

    Yeah, that's my problem too! Got to find a girl friend
  11. Robbie2734

    X heads on a 360?

    CC one chamber in each X head, you'll then know the chamber size on them. After you replace the old heads clean a chamber and cc it. I bet they are within 2 cc's of each other. The ported heads will be a improvement!!!!
  12. Robbie2734

    Bad Day

    I was sitting at the bar staring at my drink when a large, trouble-making biker steps up next to me, grabs my drink and gulps it down in one swig. "Well, whatcha' gonna do about it?" he says, menacingly, as I burst into tears. "Come on, man," the biker says, "I didn't think you'd cry. I can't...
  13. Robbie2734

    will Edelbrock LD4B intake bolt on to a stock 1964 318 poly

    Here are some pic of the heads and the intake layout. Some pics of the intakes that are available for it> Notice the intake runners are very different..
  14. Robbie2734

    Pie Rates

    Here ya go, just a few more thoughts
  15. Robbie2734

    Detroit engines ,you like....not mopar...

    327/331 chevy, just the best! Almost as good as a 340
  16. Robbie2734

    Samhainophobia--and What Are You Afraid Of?

    Autorotation, it ain't pretty but it'll get you down. Saw it used twice in Vietnam.
  17. Robbie2734

    My Bear Butt

  18. Robbie2734

    1967 barracuda formula s

    What size brakes does it have? How about the torsion bars? Did you look for the torque boxes?
  19. Robbie2734

    1967 barracuda formula s

    Look for the bigger torsion bars ending in 892/893. What is the fifth letter on the vin...E? 8 3/4 rear, is the frame re inforced. Look for holes in the front fenders just in front of the doors for the badges.
  20. Robbie2734

    833 OD vibration

    Have you checked the index on the drive shaft? Mine was off after I had it shortened. I had a speed related vibration too.
  21. Robbie2734

    [WANTED] 1967 Barracuda fuse block

    What condition and price?? Shipping is to 08848. Do you take paypal?
  22. Robbie2734

    [WANTED] 1967 Barracuda fuse block

    I'm looking for a fuse block for a 1967 Barracuda, part is marked 2497964
  23. Robbie2734

    Edelbrock 0780 9636A Rebuild Kit

    It's all back together now, I had a few problems. I found the Accelerator pump problem right away, it has a weighted needle valve. The one in there was too long and wouldn't let it open. The second was none of the gaskets for the venturis bases matched the old ones.. The ones from Walker almost...
  24. Robbie2734

    Edelbrock 0780 9636A Rebuild Kit

    Thanks Rusty, I'll check them tomorrow.
  25. Robbie2734

    Edelbrock 0780 9636A Rebuild Kit

    I need to rebuild my AFB, it's been done once and the accelerator pump only puts out a weak stream. Who makes a good rebuild kit??
  26. Robbie2734

    318 engine running rough tips??? Trouble shooting...

    No vacuum line on the pcv valve, is the port on the carb for it sealed?? Run the vacuum hose to the pcv and adjust the idle screw itt should straighten the idle out
  27. Robbie2734

    How do you get your used parts so clean?

    I cleaned my AFB in a 50/50 solution of pinesol and water. It came out like new. Don't leave it in too long though!
  28. Robbie2734

    90 roller la block advantages & opinions.

    About 125.00 plus shipping. Give them all the specs and you'll like the results.
  29. Robbie2734

    90 roller la block advantages & opinions.

    I built my motor on that block, sent the can to Bullet racing cams and had it reground, I used magnum heads and new rods and pistons. That should have a block off plate where the fuel pump goes. The cam has a long snout for the concentric. I used factory lifters, Eatons I believe. It's a great...