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  1. Jax_1975_Dart


    Just saw this hit my feed. Agh. Definitely, grew up watching her movies. RIP.
  2. Jax_1975_Dart

    318 2bbl BBD flow? Improvements?

    I’m following this, too. Getting ready to convert to a Super Six, and would LOVE to know if there are any experiences with different venturis on the same Carter BBD 2 bbl.
  3. Jax_1975_Dart

    WHO can shorten a C-Body axle housing?

    Check Drive Line in Jacksonville, FL (off Lane Avenue). They recently shortened and balanced a drive shaft for me and did an amazing job. They also specialize in rear ends.
  4. Jax_1975_Dart

    [SOLD] A Body Console

    You ever consider selling just the modded portion?
  5. Jax_1975_Dart

    [SOLD] 360 Holley 2 Barrel Carb

    Thanks for the prompt reply! I regretfully wouldn’t have a use for it. Good luck with the sale!
  6. Jax_1975_Dart

    [SOLD] 360 Holley 2 Barrel Carb

    Is this a 350 cfm Holley? And would it work on a stock /6 with super six intake? If yes, I’ll buy. I’ll send you a pm with zip code. Thanks!
  7. Jax_1975_Dart

    Carburetor Recommendation

    Hopefully, someone more knowledgeable can chime-in, but a #1945 Holley would have been the correct 1 BBL carb for the 1975-76 /6 setup. I had the OEM 1945 installed when I got my ‘75 Dart Sport /6. It was stalling when decelerating after highway driving. I swapped it out with the later...
  8. Jax_1975_Dart

    RIP Roy Rivera (SGBARRACUDA)

    Agh! I hate to hear this bad news. Roy was great for the Florida and Georgia Mopar community. He was a well recognized name, trusted reseller of hard to find parts, and was ALWAYS willing to provide feedback and advice regarding our Mopars. I had the pleasure of meeting Roy a handful of times...
  9. Jax_1975_Dart

    1976 air cleaner decals

    I’m pretty sure those only shipped with a solid black pie tin, but watching this thread to see if anyone more knowledgeable can chime in. They did place the SuperSix decals on other models (Volare, Aspen, & I’m prob. missing a few…). They had the dual barrel carb and upgraded intake. From...
  10. Jax_1975_Dart

    [SOLD] 1974 Dodge Dart Swinger part out

    Can you send a price for the middle arm rest/buddy seat? Hope you start to feel better! Thanks!
  11. Jax_1975_Dart

    Slant Six 2bbls - Which one?

    I’m in the process of a similar upgrade, but with the aluminum Super Six intake. I’m going with Carter BBD. Mostly because that’s what I’ve seen most prominently used and the 318 BBD’s are super common.
  12. Jax_1975_Dart

    [SOLD] A body auto console bracket $15

    Edit: Oops! Meant to PM the below message: Thank you! $23 PayPal payment was just submitted.
  13. Jax_1975_Dart

    Which tool chest should I buy?

    That Snap On at that price is a much better deal than the others. However, the newer Kobalts aren’t bad.
  14. Jax_1975_Dart

    [SOLD] A body auto console bracket $15

    I would like to purchase this part. I’ll pm you with zip code and see what payment method(s) you prefer. Thanks!
  15. Jax_1975_Dart

    Where are the a bodies going

    Facebook does seem to have gobbled up most of the local Plymouth and Dodge listings. I agree with 67Dart273. Marketplace is awful and makes all sorts of useless items and unrelated cars populate the feed. It’s all based on your data and what they think you might also be interested in.
  16. Jax_1975_Dart

    [SOLD] 1973 Plymouth Duster

    $3500 was the final bid.
  17. Jax_1975_Dart

    [WANTED] Super six kickdown linkage

    Lokar makes an after market throttle cable setup that can work. If you can’t find on the search on this site, check with the slant6 forum. I was able to score the correct throttle bracket and rods off eBay. Took a long while, but someone finally posted what I was missing on there. I don’t...
  18. Jax_1975_Dart

    [WANTED] Super six kickdown linkage

    Correct. Those are usually the scarcer/harder parts to find.
  19. Jax_1975_Dart

    [WANTED] Super six kickdown linkage

    I just saw this eBay listing for a kickdown linkage for sale from a Super Six Volare. Should be precise for your setup. DODGE 225 Slant Six 904 Transmission Kick Down Rod Linkage Mopar 1976 -82 | eBay
  20. Jax_1975_Dart

    [SOLD] 1976 dart sport part out

    Would you be interested in selling & shipping the top dash pad (the tan portion) and possibly the bottom tan portion? I wouldn’t need any of the middle components (I.e; no instrument panel needed, no radio bezel cover/section needed, no glove box needed, also no ash tray needed); just the top...
  21. Jax_1975_Dart

    [SOLD] 75 duster dash harness

    Hey again, I’m about to send you another PM but, would you be open to combining shipping for this harness and the cluster from the other thread?
  22. Jax_1975_Dart

    [SOLD] Standard dash cluster

    Hello, I’ll send you a pm but, can you advise what shipping to 32257 would be? Thanks!
  23. Jax_1975_Dart

    Battery Jump box recommendation

    We’ve had bad luck with jump starters and short lithium battery life. Best bet seems to be using ctek battery maintainers/tenders. I can’t recommend Milwaukee’s m12 battery operated tire inflator enough. Half of my dad’s cars are in a garage with no electricity. That m12 inflator has saved...
  24. Jax_1975_Dart

    [SOLD] Small Block 2bbl Carb

    I’m interested. Sending a PM. Thanks!
  25. Jax_1975_Dart

    [SOLD] 4" to 4.5" Wheel Adapters

    I’m interested. Will send you a PM with my zip code. Thanks!
  26. Jax_1975_Dart

    Name this carb

    Can confirm Holley 1945. I’m running this exact same carb on my ‘75 Dart /6. Eventually planning to upgrade intake to a 2 bbl setup. Car does tend to lean out/temporarily stall (especially, when exiting highways).
  27. Jax_1975_Dart

    Another new Guy!

    Welcome to FABO!
  28. Jax_1975_Dart

    [SOLD] 1926, 1927 or 1928 Buick/ Cadilac starter switch

    Have you tried contacting Wayne with Old Gold? This seems like a part he would have in his bone yard. Awesome place to tour/visit if you haven’t been there.
  29. Jax_1975_Dart

    Hello from the sunshine state!!!

    Welcome from the not so sunshine (today) state. North Florida, Jacksonville, saying welcome aboard.
  30. Jax_1975_Dart

    [SOLD] 2 barrel Carbs

    Hi Al, I would like to buy your top Carter BBD. I’ll send you a PM. Thank you!