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    Best cold case/ summit for a 71 duster.

    Sorry I bought the dual 16in. Fans also
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    Best cold case/ summit for a 71 duster.

    I bought the cold case m750 2 row with 1.50 tubes along with there aluminum shroud kit and wire harness with relay kit my 422 cu. In. 360 runs 180 on hot days and it fits good mine is for a manual transmission all together it was 785.00
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    What are you welding with?

    I have the Miller 211 and love it
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    400 block number 1 cylinder thin area.

    Did you have it sonic tested before you bored it
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    [WANTED] Pair of nice original small bolt pattern A-Body 8 3/4 axles

    I sent the photos on your want ad sorry but that is the only way I know how to attach photos I left the grease on them so yes they look dirty but they have been in storage since june of 2022 they came out of the 8.75 I bought like I said and that was a 1969 8.75 suregrip
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    [WANTED] Pair of nice original small bolt pattern A-Body 8 3/4 axles

    I do not see how to post pictures in our conversation but I do see on your original post where toads them
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    [WANTED] Pair of nice original small bolt pattern A-Body 8 3/4 axles

    I have an original set in excellent condition with small bolt pattern but I'm in Minnesota
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    Tubing update for guys that tube and port their heads

    Hi John I was reading your thread here and I have never worked on heads before what is the purpose for this procedure thanks Tom
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    Shout out to a up and coming parts maker

    I would message him on here
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    Shout out to a up and coming parts maker

    @RandyB he is making parts from a 3D printer for hard to find parts like brake and taillight lenses and bezels he is doing taillight bezels and lenses for 1973 and 1974 Dart sports and he is good with communication
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    DR Diff brake upgrade and rally wheel compatibility

    DR.Diff will be able to answer all questions on his product email him and he will reply he is excellent at what he sells
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    [FOR SALE] couple A's, several C's, a few b's

    Here is another I will rebuild it no I won't sell it because 1 day I will get to them now they are complete JUNK NOW I WILL SELL THEM WHAT A FING SHAME
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    Molnar crank on balancer

    That is amazing work and knowledge thank you for sharing
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    [WANTED] A body HD rear leaf springs

    I have a pair but I'm in Minnesota original 6 leafs
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    A230 A833 od

    I would trust what Brewers said very knowledgeable people Dan and Lisa
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    Seat belt retractor

    Thank you for this information Dave I have also been fighting this problem with my belts locking ever since I unbolted them to put new carpet in
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    Not a A...but a C-bodie , always beem a A-bodie guy; worth it ?

    That's a beautiful car and imo 1500 is cheap if I came upon one I would have that on a trailer heading home
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    Viper Head

    That is really cool having that kind of knowledge thank's for the post
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    It has been a tuff

    It has been a real tuff year for my family we lost our Mom on May 19th of this year do to a fall in her kitchen my Mom was the best she raised all 5 of us on a waitress salary and tips with no welfare she would leave that job at 4pm and be at her 2nd job by 5pm until 9pm then go directly to her...
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    71 V24 Duster

    Very nice
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    Power steering pump, or gear/box?

    I have a 2005 Ram HD 2500 with the Cummins and I had the whole front end rebuilt and a new ps pump it has about 6500 miles on it since then and mine is starting to want to stick a little bit only when I turn it to the right it is not bad but it definitely will surprise me now this is when you...
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    Heads for mild 360 build

    I run the promaxx heads on my 360 build the engine builder told me by the time you have me rebuild my 2.02 j heads with hardened seats and any porting I would have more in my cast iron heads then buying the promaxx without having to port them and have way more flow I really like them and have no...