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    Good News for BC Boys with Modified Cars

    BC government making changes to modified collector vehicle program | TMTV BCTV KOOTENAYS NEWS
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    Sorry, I mean his name is Rian, under 340Duster247

    Sorry, I mean his name is Rian, under 340Duster247
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    Thanks USA

    In support to Canada - "O" Canada was played between two American NHL Teams tonight. Thank You for your thoughts for our fallen Soldier!
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    Power to manual?????

    Looks like your on your own :(
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    340 build No POWER need help w tune

    MoparKid -340Duster is in Mexico for a tad. :drinkers::drinkers:
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    Predict my E.T ....

    I'm sure his comment is a joke, meaning very fast.:burnout:..that just perhaps you may not be able to handle it.
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    Predict my E.T ....

    Hay Mike, :cheers: lol Jimmyboy hear from Canada...That's my sons Duster he's building. I go to Calgary every now and then to help him after the Signet sold years ago. Hope you and the family are all well down there!
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    Loose PS Box??

    Thanks for all your inputs guys. I kind of wish it was the K-Frame or loose box nuts...Notta...The box is securely mounted to the frame and the ''box" itself has no movement on the frame when steering is applied. As stated it''s only the inner guts of the box or (connector shaft) of the box...
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    Loose PS Box??

    Good day guys. I'm on here asking a question for my son about his PS box. He bought a 71 Duster and has a bill that states the power steering box in it now was new or rebuilt in 2006. I tried to adjust the screw but it was already at it's limit. (well maybe only 1/4 turn until it bottomed out)...
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    Manual Steering Box - Wanted

    Calgary area - Looking for a Manual Steering Box in good shape and tight worm gear. This is for a 71 Duster. ( I know other years will fit)
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    71 Tank separator tube mod / return line

    Yes you are correct Del. This pictire is more like it, however I was just indicating perhaps the plugs are common to both separators?
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    71 Tank separator tube mod / return line

    Not to sure if this is 100% possible, however I'm sure there will be some feedback. Found these drawings under 71 4-vent tank and separator.
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    Happy Birthday 69signetv8 !!!!

    Thanks "For A-bodies only" staff and members for the Birthday guys are still the best! Cheers.
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    Engine really knocks after leakdown

    Vid works 340Duster, I had cards on my bicycle once that sounded like that :toothy8:
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    Engine really knocks after leakdown

    Agree with OldmanRick. Backward movement of engine by hand should not harm.... Faulty - Weak lifters drained....after yourleak down. Check your oil level. Flash up the engine tell she warms up or to the sound of your orginal engine sound. Lifters should refill and be stiff. Turn off, and do a...
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    wheel well size Duster

    rgreule what size wheels did you use and back spacing, i love the look and stance of your duster
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    duster lubber

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    Shooting at a local school

    STILL the ****..Sorry AdamR, I'm very glad your children are safe and in your arms. It's not my intention to turn anything into a gun debate here. It's just "my" point of view. We all went thought this before in the past 5/6 years on here. It's a fact what we are all going though in life these...
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    Shooting at a local school

    I know it's going to get to this like all the other shooting in the past. It seems to be one of those debates that are between a rock and a hard place. I agree (for the States) people have a right to bare-arms however...there should be a limit to as there is a limit for most things in life. If...
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    Shooting at a local school

    I'm just so saddened by all of this shooting crap going on. A Elementry School of all places..(I just don't get it). Adam, thank god your children are safe in your arms. My prayers go out to all families envolved across the boarder.
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    Fallen soldier

    Sorry for your loss, a life has been taken far to soon. I wish you and your family much strength though hard times. Welcome to the site...your son would be proud your back into the seat.
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    Wisconsin Dart newbie...

    Welcome to the Site!!
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    Thanks For having me!

    Welcome to FABO!
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    Things you can "only" say at christmas

    THINGS YOU CAN "ONLY" SAY AT CHRISTMAS :toothy1: 1: I prefer breasts to legs. 2: Tying the legs together keeps the inside moist. 3: Smother the butter all over the breasts. 4: If I don't undo my trousers, I'll burst! 5: I've never seen a better spread! 6: I fancy a...
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    69 signet street/strip

    I remember it "really" well....I sold it to you :( LOL. Love your BB idea and hope to see you around town in her. PS Did you enjoy the past few years with her, was she was good to ya.
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    Thank for the heads up!! Time to change my Cheers mate

    Thank for the heads up!! Time to change my Cheers mate
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    Hay buddy, long time I know. I never left this great club for good althought it seemed that way...

    Hay buddy, long time I know. I never left this great club for good althought it seemed that way. It was hard to sell thee old Signet and after she was gone....I guess the depression dug in and it just didn't seem the same which was wrong due to all the great guys like yourself I met over the...
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    This is really-really late! :prayer: That was the "best" fix ever you gave me and now I'm helping my son..Thanks Longgone :thumrigh::thumrigh: