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  1. IfItsGotWheels

    Crash involving Dukes of Hazard General Lee Hospitalizes 2

    Guess that last jump was a little too short on landing.
  2. IfItsGotWheels

    Is this rear end too wide for my car?

    Talk about a horse's ***.
  3. IfItsGotWheels

    Rare Dodge Dart GT? Which engine is this?

    I've got a metric (0-240KPH) rally speedometer in my 67 Barracuda. I bought it out of Mexico. I'll post a picture tomorrow night.
  4. IfItsGotWheels

    FORD Superbird???

    There were Plymouth trucks in the 1930's though
  5. IfItsGotWheels

    FORD Superbird???

    & the Plymouth Arrow
  6. IfItsGotWheels

    FORD Superbird???

    The only trucks with the Plymouth name sold in the last 50 years in Canada were the Plymouth Scamp.
  7. IfItsGotWheels

    FORD Superbird???

    No it's not. It is from Australia. I don't know where you got that idea. There's never been anything like that in Canada. We had Mercury trucks. Ask me how I know?
  8. IfItsGotWheels


    Agreed, when I was ordering a 30HP drive, Danfoss suggested I double the size, not so much because it was undersized but because the load 10 3Hp motors produced on startup would 1.5 times the regular load.
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    I'd used VFDs for the better part of 20yrs. From a single 4HP unit to a 60hp unit running an entire production line of 10 3HP motors. [All Danfoss & Allen Bradley] We used the VFDs as speed controls. The most important thing is when you're programming the drive, input all the specs from the...
  10. IfItsGotWheels

    318 Poly A engine in a 67 Cuda

    I suggest you contact TTI & ask them about fitment. I'd be surprised if they don't know.
  11. IfItsGotWheels

    Radio am to fm conversion

    Instead of modding a stock AM radio, why not go vintage with an ubercool underdash like this Pioneer KP500.
  12. IfItsGotWheels


    Geddy Lee
  13. IfItsGotWheels

    Trans-Siberian Orchestra

    TSO blew my mind when I saw them. Wasn't expecting such an awesome show.
  14. IfItsGotWheels

    WARNING - AMD oil filler caps

    I'd bought a repro locking gas cap that fits under the flip-top for my Barracuda. I put it on, locked it & it promptly fell apart in my hands, leaving the key & lock in my hands and the rest in my fill tube. Took me the better part of an hour to get it back out.
  15. IfItsGotWheels

    The good, the bad and the WTF of Wallmart!

    For those who can't afford a monster dildo.
  16. IfItsGotWheels

    I woke up in my GNR "T" shirt and woke up in Paradise City

    I woke up from a Bob Seger nightmare. I was Makin' Thunderbirds.
  17. IfItsGotWheels

    I woke up in my GNR "T" shirt and woke up in Paradise City

    Woke up in my RUSH t-shirt on a train to Bangkok, smoking Lebanon.
  18. IfItsGotWheels

    Post Your Vintage Drag Racing Pics!!

    No it's not. They shut down Keystone/Bison Dragways so they could run the gas pipeline to the east in '76. It used to be 25 miles east of Winnipeg on the Trans Canada Hwy. Gimli Dragways was opened in '78 on the site of the Airforce Base in Gimli, 50 miles north of Winnipeg. It still exists...
  19. IfItsGotWheels

    Post Your Vintage Drag Racing Pics!!

    Rather than post a picture, here's a website loaded with pictures of Winnipeg's dragstrip from its inception 1n 1964 to its death in 1976. Keystone Bison Dragways
  20. IfItsGotWheels

    Another Shooting at a Car Show

    Here the media is discouraged from posting gang related crime. The reasoning behind it is that the police don't want to glorify it for the public or the gangs themselves.
  21. IfItsGotWheels

    Red Interior?

    My 68 S had a white & maroon interior.
  22. IfItsGotWheels

    Mother names kids rock bands..

    Engelbert Humperdinck is his stage name. His manager changed his name to Engelbert Humperdinck, the same name as the late 19th century German composer and creator of the opera Hansel and Gretel. His real name is Arnold George Dorsey.
  23. IfItsGotWheels

    High speed rated radials

    This from Avon Tires website. USA DEALERS: ROGER KRAUS ENTERPRISES INC. Circuit | Hillclimb | Road Legal | Motorcycle +1 510 582 5031 SASCOSPORTS INC Circuit | Hillclimb | Road Legal | Motorcycle +1 434 822...
  24. IfItsGotWheels

    [WANTED] Console Ash Tray

    I'm still interested. could you post a couple of pictures. How much do you want for it, shipped to the Winnipeg area?
  25. IfItsGotWheels

    [WANTED] Console Ash Tray

    Sorry BK, it's a little too rough for me.
  26. IfItsGotWheels

    [WANTED] Console Ash Tray

    If you have one in good shape, how much would you want for it & how much to ship to Canada?
  27. IfItsGotWheels

    [WANTED] Console Ash Tray

    Looking for a good console ashtray for my 67 Barracuda.
  28. IfItsGotWheels

    Watchin Thisun Here Tonight...

    Stalag 17 was sort of the inspiration for Hogan's Heroes