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  1. TheGrateRonzini

    [FOR SALE] Us car tool rad stiffener

    I’m sorry. I never saw the update. Zip?
  2. TheGrateRonzini

    [FOR SALE] Us car tool rad stiffener

    I think it’s still here Ron
  3. TheGrateRonzini

    Does Nitrous go bad?

    6yrs for bottle cert for frozen liquids. Will not go bad in cyl
  4. TheGrateRonzini

    [FOR SALE] 67 cuda coupe (pair)

    $27,500 for the pair
  5. TheGrateRonzini

    [FOR SALE] 67 cuda coupe (pair)

    Still has clean nys reg. Not a salvage title
  6. TheGrateRonzini

    [FOR SALE] 67 cuda coupe (pair)

    Car still runs, window glass was not installed. Doors still open and close. New quarters, floor, inner fenderwells
  7. TheGrateRonzini

    [FOR SALE] 67 cuda coupe (pair)

    Ok, so after much consideration, I’ve decided to part with these cars. The purple car was finished in September of 20 and has less than 500 miles on it. Unfortunately the purple car was damaged in a barn collapse. The damage isn’t terrible, the roof took most of the damage. The top of the...
  8. TheGrateRonzini

    3 speed clutch linkage on 4 speed?

    I have an 833 ran on the column. That’s right. 4 speed on the tree. The reverse is on a cable like an old dump truck pto would be. So… R is 1, 1 is 2nd, 2nd is 3rd. 3rd is 4th. Put in N and pull lever for R
  9. TheGrateRonzini

    [FOR SALE] Rims

    15” i believe by 8 ? Ill get particulars today. Sorry it took so long
  10. TheGrateRonzini

    [FOR SALE] Header Panels

    68 grills and 67’s in lower cream gone Blue 69 gone
  11. TheGrateRonzini

    [FOR SALE] Us car tool rad stiffener

    I’ll send a few pics in the morn Ron
  12. TheGrateRonzini

    [FOR SALE] Steering wheels

    I think the black wheel takes the 68-69 horn button. I have another one that does, but I believe both have cracks.
  13. TheGrateRonzini

    [FOR SALE] Parking lights

    2 69 1 67 25$ /piece From wny
  14. TheGrateRonzini

    [SOLD] Hood inserts bcuda

    Reverse bezels SOLD 67 hood inserts 50$ for all 3. pitting in channels From WNY
  15. TheGrateRonzini

    [FOR SALE] Us car tool rad stiffener

    Core support stiffener USCT 150$ From WNY
  16. TheGrateRonzini

    [FOR SALE] Dash/Gauges

    67 Ralley clusters Guts 50$ Broken cluster 120speedo delete center 125$ Painted cluster 120/perfomance ind 200$ Uncut 67 dash frame. AC no dash pad 200$ From WNY
  17. TheGrateRonzini

    [SOLD] 4sd pedals

    Unsure of year, everything moves freely 175$ From WNY
  18. TheGrateRonzini

    [FOR SALE] Rims

    Rally wheels 300 for all 4. All have trim rings and caps. Tires will be removed SBP Slotted Mags 250$ for the set of 4 From WNY
  19. TheGrateRonzini

    [FOR SALE] Flexplate

    Flexplate from 440 source New 35$ From WNY
  20. TheGrateRonzini

    [FOR SALE] Hurst shifter

    Slip in type. Looks to be modified for bolt on handle 100$ From WNY
  21. TheGrateRonzini

    [FOR SALE] Notchback trim

    Upper 68-69 trim both driver side I believe 150$ ea
  22. TheGrateRonzini

    [FOR SALE] Header Panels

    Found another. One dent in header, grilles decent. Emblems included. 250$ Willing to separate if needed. 68 grills. Good grilles. Surrounds may need attn. 75$ for both 68 grillles sold
  23. TheGrateRonzini

    Big Bolt Pattern Conversion

    I ordered my new spindles from Western Chassis
  24. TheGrateRonzini

    [FOR SALE] Header Panels

    Blue 69 pending
  25. TheGrateRonzini

    [FOR SALE] Header Panels

    Red complete sans letter emblems 250$ Cream complete 200$ Bare 100$ Orange 68 cut for 69 grills 75$