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    Head gaskets for 360

    A machine shop should be willing to put a straight edge on you heads and block if you do not have access to one. I would advise doing that.
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    Looking for some advice on jet sizing- Thermoquad 6139

    This guide is invaluable as a reference!!
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    318 heads

    6800 RPM through the lights
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    I’m a nut

    The Indy X Iron heads have never made much power for me. I will be curious to see how you do.
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    Recommendations for 340 head gaskets and timing chains?

    I would only run a Composition Gasket with aluminum Heads The best are Cometic and they will make them in a wide variety ot thicknesses but the are PRICY! On a budget I would run Felpro 1008 that are not cheapy but less than 1/2 the cost of Cometics.
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    340 Intake Manifold Casting# 2531915 - Upgrade

    I would leave well enough alone! Our Valiant has 3:91 gearing and a 10 inch converter. It will be at Mopars at the Strip (Muscle Cars) defending the street legal eliminator title it won last year.
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    340 Intake Manifold Casting# 2531915 - Upgrade

    That 915 manifold does a really good job especially when modified (Not that we would do that on a Stock Eliminator car) and when tested at the track it ran just as well as a LD340 when the weight was adjusted to be equal in the car. That being said we run a Victor in our higher HP 408 68 Valiant...
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    59* R3 Help

    Boy is that absolutely the Truth!
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    59* R3 Help

    Bitter and Cranky? Probably a little bit although not deliberately------------ after a 1/2 Dozen Cancer Surgeries including a 12 Hour Kidney Cancer Surgery at USC where I died 3 times during the operation. Not to mention the realization that I am out of time to Fulfill my Dreams. Hoarding...
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    59* R3 Help

    These R3 Blocks are so rare and expensive that not one out of 1,000 guys on this forum would ever acquire one or have any use for this information and all it would do is waste space on the forum and your time. But I appreciate your feedback/Opinion and I have withdrawn my post and offer on this...
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    360 head casting question

    I prefer the 974 heads.
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    Is anyone else curious

    We run ferrea valves in everything. In our testing they are significant improvement over anything on the market. On our cars in our application any flatter valve is better than a tulip valve. Of course, our valves are modified. But that is all I will say about that.
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    1/2" I.D. SAE Cylinder Head Washers

    My local Hardware store in our small town stocks them.
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    What Year Did Cover Change?

    I thought they changed sides after 1968?
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    Max HP debate

    341 blocks with Billet caps should be no problem @ 600HP in a drag racing application. R blocks are still better if you can find one.
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    Does A Big CI Stroked SB get to a point where It is hard to keep cool?

    There was a Gentleman who had a 472 Small Block Demon ten years ago, that drove it everywhere and street raced it several nights a week all over So Cal. I saw him drive it up to Mopars at the Strip race and his first pass was in the 9's and he was thrown out for no full cage. My boys 416...
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    TrickFlow Heads?

    Do they not require quite a bit of cleanup work before use for optimal performance.
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    360 stroker

    A stock stroke crank will work but according to my Calculations - the pistons will be down 90 in the hole which is not optimal for compression ratio even for a street car. Milling 50 off the heads would help alot. Might be easier to sell the pistons and buy a correct set for the stroker. It...
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    Very strange compression test results

    That poor Puppy is Shot! I suspect you have a bunch of Burnt Valves and several seriously bent ones at least. You will know the story when you pull heads off the engine. Try some solvent it the ports of the heads when they are off and that should show you a valve problem.
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    Mopar Performance Lifters

    I run only the early American made Johnson Lifters with the above modifications Our stockers routinely see 7500 thru the lights!!
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    Mopar Performance Lifters

    Rusty Rat Rod knows what he is talking about! I have seen dozens of them over the years on Race cars (Not mine after the first time on my car)! If you are intent on using inferior lifters = Replace the clips with true arc clips of the right size. While you are at it, shim some of the useless...
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    Help identifying 340

    Middle Year 340 with the Desirable X heads
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    Mopar Performance Lifters

    I have been using their products since the 1960's I will be racing heads up their 340 Cuda @ about 12:30 PST in E/SA andit will be televised I believe on NHRA TV if anyone gets it! The race should be with a couple inches at finish if the Drivers both do their Jobs today!
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    Mopar Performance Lifters

    My understanding is these are a different vender than the old days and NOT the American Johnson Sourced stuff from the old days. I see they are about $30. each on E bay.
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    Super Victor intake vs stock 70 Duster hood???

    It would not fit on our 71 Duster Superstocker The victor made more power on the Dyno below 7200. It fits fine!
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    Waiting for parts, edelbrock..

    That happens to us continuously, I wish the suppliers would be candid. Then the stuff they finally send is Junk and not as advertised!!
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    340 Engine Shake

    You will definitely need align bore. You used to be able to buy shorter timing chains to make up for crank being closer to cam? IF the seller could find the Main Caps it would make you build a lot easier. I would even offer him another 50 or 100 if he could find them
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    340 Engine Shake

    It would possible be easier to find a nice 340 Block. They are still out there and not that expensive. Not hard to find one that will go 040. Many when rebuilt were generally 020 or 030.
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    What hp and torque am I making?

    290 to 300 HP if properly assembled and 330 Torque. Given decent ring sealing.
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    340 Engine Shake

    I agree with you = the only Caveat is it is easy to do one or two sleeves and keep alignment accurate. I only know a couple in the western states I would trust to do 8 straight and I would set me back $2,000 to $2,500. Perhaps $3,000. A single thick sleeve cost me $400 to 500. Maybe I am too...