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    K Member Identification

    My friend Chris (Motech/Temecula Ca.) bought Schumacher a while back. I was down there and he is really making big changes in the operation and organization. I feel that you will be very happy with the products in the immediate future! I bought a conversion mount to put a small block in place...
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    68 B'Cuda Coupe Rear Springs and Shackles

    081 Springs and B Body shackles or even better offset hanger package from Mopar or Dr. Diff.
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    Spring perch

    43 inches even if my memory is correct
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    cal trac woes

    We sometimes run a 10.5 x 30 Goodyear Radial on our 9 Sec SS Duster with brake. The taller tires seem to help on the sidewall wadding up. Have you experimented with RPMs on launch. I also run adjustable AFCO shocks rather than Calvert (Rancho) shocks once the cars get well into to 10s.
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    U joint conversions

    I believe there used to be those available. I will research it when I get back from Division Final Monday if nobody has found the number by then 1310 or 7290 or 1350 on the yolk on 727
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    First drive after brake upgrade, then - BANG!

    I have had several adjuster strip year ago before I started to jack weight off the car before adjusting ride height! That is my best hunch. I had a 63 Sport Fury on my chest trapped like a mouse in a trap for a couple hours be friend found me (no cell phones in the 60's).
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    Adjustable strut rods making terrible sound 74 Swinger

    I run the PST's on several of my Cars and as long as clocked properly + No Issue with noise. The did have a hardware problem with fasteners a few years back so look at those for stretching or deflection. I broke a fastener and the bar came loose and it was quite a ride on the track! They did...
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    8 3/4 leaf spring u bolt size ?

    Any spring shop will have them for 1/4 that. They do not look exactly like OEM but work fine. I do ot reuse them but I am a Drag Racer and brutal on drivelines. For a regular daily driver =Probably not a issue.
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    Adjustable Strut Rods

    I use PST on my race cars where they are legal for class. They make the car easier to stage and seem to lower the amount of shimmy when wheels come down from wheelies. Of Course, that may not be as important in your application.
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    Plymouth duster rear suspension questions

    I thought the Kits I bought from DD were .8 not .5
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    Pickup Front Suspension Upgrades/Altering?

    PM me if I can help with anything. There is a post on here somewhere of me knocking down the tree with my truck!
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    Pickup Front Suspension Upgrades/Altering?

    Factory location on Springs BUT just springs NOT Coilovers on my truck = Not NHRA stock legal to use coilovers!
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    Pickup Front Suspension Upgrades/Altering?

    I use 67 to 69 Camaro Springs and shocks on my NHRA Record Holding Truck 81 to 89 style. Many options available for that combo. Calvert bars and springs on back are flipped to on top of springs My new 80 Truck will be finished and setting Records this Summer!
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    Front subframe sitting on bump stop ?

    Mic is the easiest and surest way. Calipers are cheap and often useful!
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    Front subframe sitting on bump stop ?

    I just cut down the stops on my race car. AutoZone has new ones and they are cheap. They adjust the bars and you can keep the ride height that you like. Check adjustment every month or two. Support the car so no weight on adjusters. I stripped one back in the 60s and dropped it on my chest.
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    Leaf spring shackle angle

    The Superstock springs get much SHORTER in rear segment as the car lifts on initial hit of acceleration if your pinion angle is correct!
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    Leaf spring shackle angle

    I think it is OK. As long as shackles do not flip forward they are OK. That being said I would add a spacer if it was on one of my race cars. Your bolts are questionable.
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    Torsion Bar Lowering

    .Back in 1963 I tried to lift my 63 Sport Fury up form clearance on my new Headers with the wheels on the ground for header clearance. I stripped the block the adjuster went through and dropped the K Member on my Chest - Stuck lit a Rat in a Trap. Please take all the weight of the adjuster...