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  1. J-MacsMopars

    Rear bearings, green vs timken

    I am sure this has been brought up before. What is the better bearing and why? I am rebuilding a 67 b-body 8 3/4 for my duster which will be daily driven. I drive the car hard and play even harder. I will be running a 741 case with sure grip and currently running factory 10" drum brakes. If it...
  2. J-MacsMopars

    Looking for drive line length info

    I have been looking for drive line length info for my car and can't seem to find the accurate info that I need. My car is a 74 Duster with a 340 and 904. It currently has a 7 1/4, but soon will be swapped to an 8 3/4 with 741 case or a 8 1/4. I was wondering if anyone knows the different...
  3. J-MacsMopars

    Bad to drive without a kickdown?

    Is it bad to drive without a kickdown linkage? I have a 904 in a duster and have heard that it can ruin the trans. Also heard that it's fine, just doesn't shift automatically. Will it ruin the trans?
  4. J-MacsMopars

    Lots of 8 3/4 rear questions, brakes, bearings, etc...

    I am building an 8 3/4 rear and need to know a few things. I have a 9 1/4 rear that has the heavy duty drum brakes. I was wondering if the backing plates and all the brake parts will work on the 8 3/4? Also wondering if Green bearings are the way to go? I was looking at this kit and...
  5. J-MacsMopars

    8 3/4 rear brace

    Hey everyone. I was wondering if any of you have put the brace piece on your 8 3/4's. If anyone that has could, could you please get me some pics of it? I would like them from all angles. I want to build one for my car and would like to get some ideas. Thanks, Jeremy
  6. J-MacsMopars

    rear end Width

    I am looking for the width of a 1973 A-body rear end. I need perch to perch and drum to drum. I have a 65 8 3/4 and have been told that it should bolt right in. Thanks for any help.