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    [WANTED] 15x8 steel wheels, 5x4.5BP, 5 or 5.25BS

    I should have 4 I will see if 9 inch caps fit on them. $200 for all 4 or $125 Pair.
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    [WANTED] Pre 73 318 Motor Mounts

    I will look = $50. for both if I can find them I will be going thru Surprise on the way to and from National race at Wild Horse in a couple weeks and could deliver them.
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    [Found!] Wanted 73 to 76 Duster/Dart Sport (Rolling)

    He has found and made an agreement to purchase a 73 Duster. He is anxious to not miss much racing this season. It is a former Tri-City Perf Stock Elim. racecars that has been sitting a while and I think he got a great deal on it for $33,000.
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    [Found!] Wanted 73 to 76 Duster/Dart Sport (Rolling)

    My buddy crashed his 73 Duster Stocker (One of Worlds Fastest 340s) thru the lights today when he was hit by a LO23 Hemi Belvedere. He is looking for another rust free or nearly so Body. He will pay top dollar and buy immediately!
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    [WANTED] iso big block mopar race engine

    I can take some when I get Home. We are currently at Wild Horse Pass racing Division 7 Double Header in Superstock and Stock. We will be home Tuesday evening.
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    [WANTED] iso big block mopar race engine

    Just Freshened up 511 Indy 440 - 3 and Ran High 8s shifting @ 6000 in Bracket Mode @ 3200 Lbs+ Now more Head Flow work. Totally complete Carb to Pan including coated Hedman Race Headers. The ABSOLUTE BEST of EVERYTHING and you could not reproduce it for less than $30,000 if you had the skills...
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    [WANTED] a body manual steering gear box 63-72

    I will call you tomorrow! Will you be home after work tomorrow night?
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    [WANTED] mid to late 1972 intake maniold, exhaust maniolds thermoquad,and valve covers

    I have a nice 6319S that has been in the shop for 40 years. Moves freely and complete. Shafts are nice and tight with no excess play. $225.00 plus $24. for shipping plus insurance. I have several 918 intakes I will check the dates $150.00 plus shipping
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    [WANTED] a body manual steering gear box 63-72

    Going back down Friday/Saturday. I could bring it if still needed.
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    [WANTED] a body manual steering gear box 63-72

    Leaving tonight or tomorrow. I will not bring it unless I hear from you.
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    [WANTED] a body manual steering gear box 63-72

    How about $110.00 delivered to you this weekend. You are a past customer and I enjoyed hanging out with you! These are OEM mopar low mileage boxes with plenty of adjustment left on gears (Adjuster with several threads showing and probably never adjusted) low mileage AND not a Chinese gears and...
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    [WANTED] Wanted: Driver quality 340 exhaust manifolds

    I have a really great set of 1971 340 complete pair. they are on this site For Sale for $850. I would take $590. plus the ride for a quick deal.
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    [WANTED] a body manual steering gear box 63-72

    I will sell you a good one for $120.00 Delivered to you in Rosemead area. I think I may have sold you a few things before?
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    [WANTED] Early SB timing chain cover WITHOUT markings

    I have one really nice one left! $65.00 plus $20 priority Shipping/Insurance
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    [Found!] 340 block

    I have 1/2 dozen but I am in Nevada $800 to $1500. depending on bore and how much machine work I have done.
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    [WANTED] ‘65 273 head

    Next week or so.
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    [WANTED] ‘65 273 head

    I HAVE 100+ CYLINDER HEADS a going to Paterson next week and can bring one. Casting # will be needed for me to look?
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    [WANTED] Fender extension Drivers side 1970 Dodge Dart

    I will look. Is it pot metal or Fiberglass on 70 Dart?
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    [WANTED] Lancer manual steering set up ( NEEDED )

    The 61 has the box bolted to the frame instead K member as I recall?
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    [WANTED] ISO 340 short block

    I shipped a complete big block to East Coasts for $450.00 If shipping is over $300 = I will pay the remainder myself. Or if over $400 on complete 340 engine = I will pay the remainder myself. I have both available and advertised.
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    [WANTED] Looking for a rolling A body body

    I have a nice H Code 340 Duster Stick for sale on this site. Less engine and transmission and desert rustfree. $3,950.00
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    [WANTED] 318 4bbl intake manifold

    I may be delivering my 70 340 Duster to Sacramento. We will see if it is purchased.
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    [WANTED] 318 4bbl intake manifold

    I am going to Northern Calif before Christmas. Perhaps I could bring it if you are anywhere near Patterson/Westley.
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    [WANTED] 318 4bbl intake manifold

    I do not see any EGR for Calif. emissions?
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    [WANTED] 318 4bbl intake manifold

    PM me your E Mail or phone #
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    [WANTED] 318 4bbl intake manifold

    I have a nice untouched one/ $150
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    [Found!] Looking for Small Block 727 near Orange County SoCal

    I have a 74 727. Appears to be a good trans / fluid loks good. $175 Delivered to San Diego area as I am going to my machinist next week in Vista
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    [WANTED] 72 340 4spd duster roller

    I have a nice 70 Duster340 H Code Roller on this site that is clean and rust free 4 sp. and Suregrip with only 56,000 miles on this site reduced to $3.950.00 It is Red and still has original paint. I will deliver for the cost of the gas in my enclosed trailer.
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    [Found!] Stage IV-VI B/RB Wedge Rocker Arms

    I believe they are all straight = I Ran them for years. I have Crane and Harlan Sharps still and Mopar Cast that will fit them. $350 to $750 complete and ready to install.
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    [Found!] 1972 Dart Grille Center Section

    I have perfect 71 and 72 OEM grilles complete with doors. But they are not cheap = $750.00 hand delivered to Long Beach. Last one I shipped got broken by UPS and I will not ship them anymore