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  1. J-MacsMopars

    Anyone running 15x10 rears on their Duster/dart sport?

    i have been looking for a set of Cragar SST's for a long time and finely found some, but the tears are 15x10. Anyone have 15x10 on the rear of their A-body? Pics please. Thank you
  2. J-MacsMopars

    BFGoodrich Radial T/A vs Mickey Thompson S/T's

    I am going to be getting tires for my black Dart here in the next week or so. I am looking to run 245/60R15's up front and 275/60R15's in the rear. I am looking at BFG's and the M/T's. I know just about everyone runs BFG's and I have liked them myself, but I am thinking I may try the M/T's this...