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  1. abodyjoe

    [SOLD] 727 9 1/2" Street/Strip Converter

    great price,, can probably cal and ask the guys a ultimate if it will work on your combo before you buy it. i'm sure they have records of it.
  2. abodyjoe

    [FOR SALE] 70-73 A-body 340 Dual exhaust

    you are in jackson? how far from great adventure and the outlets?
  3. abodyjoe

    [SOLD] 1971 340 exhaust Manifolds in Nice shape.................$850.00

    no they are not these.. well atleast the passenger side one.
  4. abodyjoe

    [SOLD] Mopar w2 heads

    looks flat to me on my computer too
  5. abodyjoe

    [FOR SALE] Mopar Parts Garage Sale - On Craigslist

    how old are those front end parts? whats the clutch fan assembly from?
  6. abodyjoe

    [SOLD] All my leftover MOPAR parts from here in NJ

    you have been here 14 year ya old bastard... :) you did a good job over the years with those kids. i know it was a constant fight for you with the powers to be at the school.
  7. abodyjoe

    [FOR SALE] Small block water pump pulley

    here ya go for comparison purposes. the deeper and larger diameter one is a 70-up non a/c water pump pulley. the shallow and smaller diameter one is a 70-up a/c Water pump pulley.
  8. abodyjoe

    [FOR SALE] Small block water pump pulley

    look at the shape/ 70-up looks more like a triangle..
  9. abodyjoe

    [FOR SALE] Small block water pump pulley

    thats a pre 70 pulley. those pulley set ups are totally different then the 70-up pulleys.
  10. abodyjoe

    [FOR SALE] Small block water pump pulley

    it is. but its also shallow like the pic with the tape measure makes it look. unless he has pictures of two different pulleys posted. maybe its just an optical illusion. his first pick it looks like a 70-up non a/c pulley. then the second pic makes it look like an a/c pulley with how...
  11. abodyjoe

    [FOR SALE] Small block water pump pulley

    non a/c pulley is 6 7/8 dia. BPE Water Pump Pulley - Bouchillon Performance Engineering
  12. abodyjoe

    [FOR SALE] Small block water pump pulley

    70-up small block used a single puller on the water pump with a/c that pulley looks shallow. non a/c is pretty deep. the double belts went: crank a/c and alt. single belt went : crank water pump and ps pump.
  13. abodyjoe

    [FOR SALE] 360

    where ya located?
  14. abodyjoe

    [SOLD] 340 Unsilenced air cleaner $200 tyd

    that an original or repop? and yea is that a decal on the top of it?
  15. abodyjoe

    [SOLD] SB exhaust manifolds, 68-71. 340, 92. 360 Dakota RT

    ok so whats the deal? drivers side is a 340 manifold ? passenger side is a 360 magnum manifold?
  16. abodyjoe

    [FOR SALE] A Body Hemi k Frame With Mounts

    that a 67 idler arm mount on that thing?
  17. abodyjoe

    [FOR SALE] Fenderwell Hooker Super Comp

    bolt in deal. no one makes headers for one though. custom made of modify is the only choice
  18. abodyjoe

    [FOR SALE] 68 69 Dart Exhaust Tips Very Rare 2883838

    i thought the California emissions were turn downs? be interesting to see what those things were for
  19. abodyjoe

    [FOR SALE] 1969 unsilenced Air Cleaner 340

    can you get a pic with the pie pan off? i may be interested but want to see how banged up it is. is this an original or a later repop?
  20. abodyjoe

    [SOLD] Mopar Performance LA 360 shortblock + NOS W2 heads

    I'd be interested in that short block if it wasn't clear across the country. Shipping would probably be crazy
  21. abodyjoe

    [SOLD] Mopar Performance LA 360 shortblock + NOS W2 heads

    those short blocks had flat tappet 292/508 purple cams in them, roller block or not.. they were a great bang for the buck.. my yellow dart had one of those short blocks in it.. 1500 bucks right from mopar..
  22. abodyjoe

    [SOLD] American Autowire Classic Update Wiring Harness Kit - A-body 67-75

    their clastic update kits are top of the line stuff.
  23. abodyjoe

    [SOLD] Schumacher conversion mounts

    payment sent.. thanks.