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  1. J-MacsMopars

    Duster Twister and Demon Sizzler registry and info

    Very cool. Mind sending me a picture of the fender tag via IM?
  2. J-MacsMopars

    Duster Twister and Demon Sizzler registry and info

    This is my Twister. EL5 Bahama yellow with black stripes and interior. Was a 318 auto. Needs some love, but is the real deal.
  3. J-MacsMopars

    Duster Twister and Demon Sizzler registry and info

    Thank you. I added you. Would love to see some pics.
  4. J-MacsMopars

    Duster Twister and Demon Sizzler registry and info

    One other thing, I see that Demon Sizzler package was available for the 72 model year, however I have found no information of them ever being built. Does anyone have a definitive answer one way or the other?
  5. J-MacsMopars

    Duster Twister and Demon Sizzler registry and info

    Hello all. I have been trying to find production numbers and information on 71-74 Duster Twisters (A51), 74 Gold Duster Twister (A67), and 71-71 Demon Sizzlers (A59). I have started a group on Facebook called Plymouth Duster Twister and Dodge Demon Sizzler owners and enthusiasts. I would ask...
  6. J-MacsMopars

    1971 Duster Twister info

    Does anyone happen to know how many 71 Duster Twisters were built? I just picked one up and know they are rarer than the 340 cars, but just curious how much more rare...
  7. J-MacsMopars

    What Are You Doing To/With Your Car Today?

    Just went and took some pictures before I put it away next week and start saving to fix it after wiping out the exhaust and some of the suspension on Monday. Going to miss driving it this spring.
  8. J-MacsMopars

    Has anyone done anything custom for their 73-76 Duster or Dart grille?

    im looking at making a custom grille for my 74 Duster, anyone else done anything?
  9. J-MacsMopars

    Do you "trust in the FOOSE" !!???????

    J-par, Taking it to GYC would be butchering it!!! I've been to the shop and seen the work they have done. Seen any of their cars get any awards?
  10. J-MacsMopars

    Crashed Road Runner

    If i recall, the GTX was left on display for a week after the wreck. Three younger guys took it out for a joy ride and perished when they hit a tree at a very high rate of speed. The story about it is online somewhere. And I don't think that it was still connected.
  11. J-MacsMopars

    Your Mopar in Action

    Heres my Duster. No outside action shots, but heres a inside one.
  12. J-MacsMopars

    1974 Duster M88 code

    I am not familiar with this fender tag code. Says it is decklid molding. Can anyone show me what it is please?
  13. J-MacsMopars

    Is it just me ? Selling anything is a PITA

    It seems to be getting worse too. I have a real 72 340 4spd cuda project listed for $4000, people are posting that in a duche, that I have Barrett Jackson fever, etc... I told them to find a cheaper real cuda. Also have a 49 Merc listed and people keep offering to trade junk for it. People get...
  14. J-MacsMopars

    1974 Dart Sport 360 Stripe Questions

    It's not a factory stripe, mopar wouldn't have painted it that far into the jam.
  15. J-MacsMopars

    All mopar junk yard, WITH PICS. :)

    ya. sait that a few posts up. :)
  16. J-MacsMopars

    All mopar junk yard, WITH PICS. :)

    I have met Ed a few times, this time he wasn't there though. Its a real fun place to spend the day
  17. J-MacsMopars

    All mopar junk yard, WITH PICS. :)

    It is Wildcat. I think their prices are fair. Bought some nice parts for my Duster while I was there and walked out happy with the price
  18. J-MacsMopars

    All mopar junk yard, WITH PICS. :)

    Here are a few photos of the yard, I think I may go back up this weekend too. I can't believe the cars there. I have lots more photos, if you want more and have instagram, follow me @dailydoseofmopar I will add more here too
  19. J-MacsMopars

    Need photos of 73-74 twister dusters with factory scoops please

    I recently picked up a nice duster and also picked up a set of the very rare twister duster/69 cuda hood scoops and would like to see pictures of other cars with them and if possible get some measurements or pay someone for a template. Any help would be very appriceated. Thanks, Jeremy...
  20. J-MacsMopars

    Hello again, my new Duster, a few questions.

    Thanks for the seat belt info. The car is very clean, I'll post more pics this weekend. I paid $4000 for it. I feel I did pretty good. Shows 53k on the odo and I would say by the looks of things it's accurate. I am looking for an 8 3/4 to put in it as it has the 7 1/4 now and they are weak...
  21. J-MacsMopars

    Hello again, my new Duster, a few questions.

    Thanks guys. I'm glad to be feeling better. And I'm glad I picked this car up, it's a really clean car. Needs a few things in the interior and could use paint, but it's so solid. I dare say this is the nicest car I have ever owned. If anyone had blue interior pieces for sale, let me know.
  22. J-MacsMopars

    Hello again, my new Duster, a few questions.

    Hey everyone, its been a while since I was on here for many reasons. To those that have wondered, my back is doing much better, the surgery went well and I have lost 70 lbs since November. So things are really looking up. To make things even better, I have just picked up a really clean 74 Duster...
  23. J-MacsMopars

    70 Sport Fury GT 440+6 V code on CL

    Rare doesn't always mean valuable. I would really love to have that car, and I know there aren't many others out there, but it's just not worth it. I just found, and my friend bought it, a V code 4spd Dana 70 Bee in slightly better condition than that, for $1500. Dan, if you ever come down to a...
  24. J-MacsMopars

    Some Car Show Pictures I Took Tonight

    Those trucks are so cool. I have a friend in PHX that has two of them. I really don't know where he finds everything. He has three or four hurst 300's.
  25. J-MacsMopars

    Dirty ebayer selling VIN tag, etc

    It states; "Since the Motor Vehicle Certificate of Title Act requires that the certificate of title for any vehicle that has been rebuilt, reconditioned, or remanufactured must so state on the face of the title" So that means all of your cars that have been restored and then sold without the...
  26. J-MacsMopars

    2013 Nats at Woodburn eye candy.

    It was a great show, not sure if you made it to the races though. There was a 68 HEMI cuda racing that was a REAL BO29 HEMI S/S car and they were treating it how it was intended. It was crazy seeing the guys leaning on those original front fenders while working on the carbs.
  27. J-MacsMopars

    Dirty ebayer selling VIN tag, etc

    I have done some research recently on "re bodies" and found laws are different from state to state. If you legally own both cars and have the paperwork for both, it's perfectly legal... They have been doing it on trucks for years and years. How many cummins dodge trucks are out there that have...
  28. J-MacsMopars

    poll did all Dart swingers come with rally dash

    Sorry, but that is wrong. They made Dart Swingers from 1969-1976. They only made 340 Swingers in 69-70, with the exception of Canada.