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  1. J-MacsMopars

    Thoughts on drilling holes thru good paint?

    Double sided tape is thick and ugly, and the half assed way to do it. Just take your time, measure like five times, use tape and a really good drill and bit, maybe even use a dremal so that you have more control and a smaller tool, and do the job right. You'll be happy that you did in the long...
  2. J-MacsMopars

    Green on Green Plymouth Dusters?

    I also have a soft spot for green on green cars. Not an A-body, but here is one of my old rides.
  3. J-MacsMopars

    Duster Rear Window Louvers

    Here is the link,
  4. J-MacsMopars

    A-body top question.

    I used to have a 70 Road Runner that we B5 blue with a white painted top. Also a member here that has a 70 Challenger in the same combo
  5. J-MacsMopars

    How to get trunk lock out?

    You will have to remove the rear seat and open the trunk from the inside. Then its easy from there
  6. J-MacsMopars

    Go Wing specs

    I need to know the placement of a Go Wing. If anyone can show me pics and placement specs, that would be great. Thanks
  7. J-MacsMopars

    A body louvers

    Any new developments on the louvers?
  8. J-MacsMopars

    A body louvers

    Can I get an inside shot? I would like to see what the view looks like from the rear view mirror.
  9. J-MacsMopars

    A body louvers

    I really like the filler piece. These are coming along great. Do you have any Idea at all on what the price will be? $500 range? Keep up the awesome work.
  10. J-MacsMopars

    A body louvers

    Depending on the cost, I would also be interested in a set. They look awesome. Keep up the awesome work.