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    Denso alternator upgrade

    I run Denso on my race cars that run Alternators AND all my Street/Strip cars. Easy Fab. to do!
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    Initial timing

    30 is insane inital unless distributor is locked or weights are frozen in place! No wonder it is hard starting. I would inspect/clean distributor and maybe put heavier springs in it. Does the lead go up if you rev the engine up to 3000 or stay the same?
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    Low vacuum - should I ditch my vacuum advance distributor?

    Did I miss why you could not advance Distributor more? If it hits something just more the wires one position of the cap and retime it!
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    Low vacuum - should I ditch my vacuum advance distributor?

    Out of Curiosity = Why not use an early Electronic OEM Distributor and recurve it or even just take out heavy spring and bend tab out for more tension on the light one? That is what I have been doing for 50 years. The used mopar ones are a dime a dozen and easy to find. It is easy to add or...
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    MSD Blaster 2 need new ballast resistor?

    I "think" 05 to 07 has worked OK for us over the years MSD will have a chart to consult
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    Plug reading

    They heat range is fine and I run that plug on our street/strip cars. BUT I do not idle it for extended period of time any more other than at traffic light and such. Ground straps look about right. Examine the porcelain for specks on them or post some closer pics of them ( My eyes are elderly)...
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    360 Spark Plugs

    N12YC are often what we use in our street cars
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    360 Spark Plugs

    I have never noticed any problems with using resistor plugs even on the race cars when that is all I can find.
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    318& 360 la

    I will look in the shop Monday I shop have good used OEM ones for both cars. I can test them on my car and sell they for $50.00 each
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    Coil voltage

    Is it a MSD distributor OR Something Else? However, it sound likely to be wiring issue in the car from your text.
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    Anyone undersize their fuses?

    It has been my experience that if I have a short it is going to blow the fuse no matter if a 10/20 Amp. That being said = what could be the worse case - you blow the small Amp fuse and find out the load was higher than you thought. No Great Damage done. The Amp meter is a different story as...
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    1974 dart sport 360 won’t start with key but will start from starter relay

    I have had several junction boxes quit working. The will start by jumping with a screw driver across the terminals. The box is the problem the majority if the time. They are cheap and available from most Auto Parts!