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  1. abodyjoe

    fuel sending unit brass float..

    anyone know what float i'd need for a 68 dart? i know i saw a mustang one that was supposed to fit our mopars but can't remember the application.
  2. abodyjoe


    so the original carb from my LRE is a mess. i've rebuilt them in the past but this needs bu this needs more of sa pro to rebuild it.. any recommendations of who to send it to or where buy one rebuilt already? its a 9773S thanks .
  3. abodyjoe

    thermoquad question...

    what is a the application for this carb?
  4. abodyjoe

    quick fuel metering plate conversion kit... pics..

    figured i'd share this because it could come in handy for some. i didn't even know anyone made this until a friend called and told me about it.. kit installed easy enough, you just have to make sure you have the notched float so it doesn't get jammed. here a few pics. . the number on...