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    [FOR SALE] A body 4 Speed Petals Very Nice (No Rust/pits/damage) $250.

    Here is a set of Petals that I found in the shop that have been sitting 40+ years! No dings or damage. $250.00 Plus the ride
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    [SOLD] OEM 1970 Duster 340 Leaf Springs $125.00

    My son swiped my 02/03 Superstock Springs and put them on his original 1970 Duster 340 H Code 4 Spd.(15,000 Miles). So we are selling his Original ones. So. Cal. and So. Nev. so not rusty beat up stuff. Part #'s = 3400081 I get to So. Cal. every week consulting so could deliver they there...
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    [SOLD] Very Nice Shock Plates fit 8 3/4 and 9 3/4 Housings $95.00

    I found these in a box looking for something else on a shelf in the back of the shop. Removed when I back 1/2 My Superstock cars in late 60's or early 70's. NO rust/Pits/Scrapes/Bad threads Very Very Nice and three matched pairs. Dr. Diff sells his which do Not look Correct for $150.00 and have...
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    [FOR SALE] Nice set of Plymouth Bottlecap Hubcaps

    Here is a very nice set of poverty caps They were on my 1968 Valiant when I bought but I do not know what year they came on. Very Nice but one has a minor scuff that might polish out fine (see picture ) $140.00 Plus $25 Priority Air Shipping Insurance
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    [FOR SALE] Polished Weld Wheels / TA Radials $275.

    Pair of Polished Weld Wheels andpe BFG T/A's P275 x 60 x 15 5 1/2 Back Spacing (Custom Ordered) 4 1/2 and 4 3/4 bolt pattern some life left in them and do hold air I used these to put a 8 3/4 B Body Rearend in my A body and it fit perfect and looked great!! Great shape = I will wash them when I...
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    [FOR SALE] Centerline 15 x7 Satin Finish (around 3 1/2 Back pacing)

    Another Pair of Centerline Wheels No curb rash or Damage but 30 years of sitting! Straight and True These are 15 x 7 with approximately 3 1/2 Back Spacing $325.00
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    [FOR SALE] Centerline 15 x 12 AND Cragar ST 15 x12

    These have been sitting in back of shop nearly forever Never driven or street or curbed or damaged Polished Centerline 15 x 12 with 7 inch Back Spacing These were custom made by Centerline for my Hemi Roadrunner SS/CA. They have a 7 inch Back Spacing so that I did not have to narrow the Dana...
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    [FOR SALE] Centerlines Polished 15 x 3 1/2 / 4.5 & 4.75 & 4.00

    I found these under Workbench after 20+ years Polished 3 1/2 x 4.5 & 4.75 Should polish up very nice No curb rash or repairs ever Off my race car and very straight a slight scrape from tire machine on very top of bead Should not show when tire is mounted $325.00 plus the ride These were...