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    [SOLD] 1971 Demon Dash Face Plate (Fits other years) $45.00

    Here is the original Dash Plate off my 1971 Demon NO damage or breaks or crack or missing tabs. It will fit 70 to 76 although not technically exactly correct as different E brake Lights in different years as I remember. It has been tested for 40 years on my 10 Second 340 Stock Eliminator. It...
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    [SOLD] Rare Tuff Wheel (In shop 40 years)

    Here is a Tuff Wheel that I had in the shop for 40+ years sitting on a shelf. It is OEM original not Chinese and in really good shape but used. I have shown pictures of any minor imperfections It has two very slight indents on the grips from have another couple of wheels on top of it. I have...
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    [FOR SALE] 1/2 Dozen Mopar Steering Wheels (Been in the Shop 40+ Years!

    Hear are 1/2 Dozen Mopar Wheels that I found way up in the top of my Shop Probably 40 plus years. Original including the Dust. Most $100 your choice Woodgrain = $150 Tuff = $250 I can deliver in So Nev or So Cal if needed.