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    Need help with edelbrock 1406 carb

    I recommend a good quality/size external filter if your budget allows
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    Need help with edelbrock 1406 carb

    Very Simple carb to replace needles and seats and set floats. That would be my vote.
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    LD340 v Airgap

    I agree the Knock Offs out of the box are no match for a real Air Gap!
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    LD340 v Airgap

    With a Edelbrock Air Gap about 15 HP+ at 6000 on a well prepared 550 HP 360 that was in our 10 Sec Valiant.
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    Can you ID this manifold ? Look closely …

    Correct on the manifold. Mopar also told NHRA that the Lil Red Express trucks came with the W2 Heads and conversion came with the trucks to be dealer installed. This allowed the W2 stuff to be used in class that required a production available and produced Head.
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    1972 California 318 EGR

    I never tried that.
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    1972 California 318 EGR

    They are a weird looking jet/plug under carb in intake. I plug them for racing. Beware they are an unusual thread that I can never find anywhere so I tap them to a regular plug that I can find. I do not suggest tapping then with the manifold still on heads.
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    How much for 71 Thermoquad?

    If you watch our Video from last week at the World Final in Racer Section = You will see a 71 on our Demon.
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    Fuel Cell Size?

    I run 12 gallons on my street/strip cars. But they are Weekend only cars
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    How much for 71 Thermoquad?

    Idle Air Bleed are pointed outward om 71's All the later 72 up are pointed straight forward. You can see that 5 ft. away at the Swap Meet!
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    How much for 71 Thermoquad?

    I have been racing with these Carbs nationally competitively for 50 years. In both Dyno Testing and on the track with properly well prepared 71 and 72 (and up) carbs. The 71's are 10 to 15HP more power on a properly prepared Stock or Superstock 340. This translates to sometimes as much as 1...
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    How much for 71 Thermoquad?

    I routinely pay around $500. for just a couple decent old core And I consider myself lucky. They are a nightmare to find parts for and work on BUT = They are a bit faster than the 72 up. Any of the Newer Thermoquads can be modified and tuned to run really well. If you do not need the last...
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    Edelbrock 1407 issue

    I fixed the part throttle on my boys 340 Duster that had that issue buy putting in a set of faster (lighter) springs in the distributor to give it more timing at lower RPMs. Available on Summit etc and not expensive 10 to 15 bucks.
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    Avs 4640s carb

    Trickiest part is figuring out Metering rod tuning if you have never worked on them
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    Avs 4640s carb

    Not a problem. Buy a book on tuning the Carters They were 375 HP stock and a bit underrated. Only a cam change and headers away from well over 400 HP!
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    Carter Thermoquad question

    Nope Not a aftermarket unless 98xx number. Never 93xx number They all Look Big. All 93 numbers are late emission carbs
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    Carter Thermoquad question

    None of my info shows that number and I have several sources.
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    Demon carb setup help needed.

    I would lower floats to bottom of sight gauge If that does not fix it I would inspect and replace needles and seats if needed. Sound like a float/needle and seat issue to me.
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    Do any jets from other carbs fit Thermoquads ?

    If you put in primary Holley jets = Better get the right size the first time as you will bugger up the threads (20 vs 24) in the phenolic. I also think the perhaps the metering rod will not function right with the different Holley jets because of different height. I do have a large asst. of...
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    My boy has one four barrel version on his 70 340 Duster and it fits easily!
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    I have a nice 69 Coyote duster Single 4 Barrel Even the Decal is still pretty nice. Original Paint! Or I have another nice lid with 4 barrel factory spacing But 440 Six Pack Decal on top if you would rather have that top same money. $495.00 Real Deal OEM not repo and sitting since the early...
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    Dual quads on 440

    Appears to be a float problem. Easy carb to take top off of and inspect and reset floats. I think setting is a 3/8 bit under float but check.
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    Fuel Line Advice/Help

    I would look up a picture of a stock line and copy it with a tubing bender and whatever fittting were need to match your combo if different that stock.
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    4 Barrel

    D dart were a rare and significantly different engine design for competition and not very comparable to the general production engines. Particularly the low compression versions. In my opinion a 600 CfM carb would be plenty for his combination.
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    Plastic And So-Called Phenolic Carb Spacers

    I have been running the spacers for years and never an issue. Of course I run name brand stuff and not the cheap Chinese Knock Off Junk! Heat risers are blocked and all my stuff is in Race Cars ( Even the daily drivers ). It is plenty HOT here in So Nevada.
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    750 Holley electric choke question

    No Sir = It will be totally vertical OR you will lose Horsepower! Keep fooling with it - perhaps play with the linkage to lengthen. I usually remove the darn things and chick it with my hand after it has been sitting (Not OSCA approved).
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    Carb size for mild 440

    750/800 both run great on my mild 440