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    [SOLD] New Mopar Perf. 383/400 Distributor P3690431 $195.00

    Rare NOS Mopar performance (On the shelf in shop 30 years) This one features an Adjustable Vacuum Advance (Per Mopar) and a optimal advance curve. It is built in the USA and extremely hard to every find in this condition. I tried it on my 383 Valiant for a test and it ran smoother and with no...
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    [FOR SALE] New Mopar NOS Complete A Engine Electronic Conversion $350.00

    Here is a 30 year old plus NOS Genuine Conversion Kit (P3690426) (3/15/92) Date on the box. This includes the coveted Early excellent (US Made) Orange Box. It has the Wiring harness and hardware package. It has the Mopar Performance P3690430 with the most desirable advance curve for a street...
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    [FOR SALE] Rare P4120942 Tack Drive Race Distributor $350.00

    Very Rare and Nice 440/426 Hemi Distributor Never Driven on the street or really a lot of race miles Locked and Tested/Prepared by legendary TriCity Performance This distributor was on the Max wedge 426 A/SA that got all the way to the final round @ Winternationals a few years ago. Impossible to...
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    [SOLD] Badger P296 72/73 Pistons .040 (4.08 Bore) Really low miles $140.00

    These Pistons will give you 9 to 9.5 compression ratio with stock Iron heads. They are an accepted part # for NHRA Stock Eliminator for 72 or 73 340 Stockers They are stock balance and should not require rebalancing your engine. They are really very low use and Nice. They would be great for a...
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    [SOLD] Nice Carter 1405 Carb. $160.00

    This was on my Son's original 340 Duster4 Speed for Six Months before we found the right number AVS for it, It is nice / crisp and lean for a street car that is running through the muffler. Manual chock. $160.00 Plus $24.00 shipping/Insured
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    [SOLD] Real Original NOS Schumacher 73 UP 6 TO V8 New in box (10 yrs old) mounts

    Here is a set of original when Schumacher\produced Lazer Cut New in box Motor Mounts. The company that bought them out is having issues getting the reproduced. The owner is my friend and I have been waiting for a set for many months! We just found these today in the shop!! These are the original...
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    [FOR SALE] Discovered Cache of 1973 340 Thermoquad Carbs $175 Each

    I moved a box and found four 1973 340 Automatic Thermoquads. They have been in the shop since somewhere in the 70's All shafts are tight and everything works as it should. I have two 6319S and two 6340S They are totally original and not messed with at all. I would suggest putting a kit in them...
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    [FOR SALE] Brand New 360 Piston (.040 Oversize) $175.00

    I found these in the shop today. They are new 360 Stock replacement pistons that are .040 over (4.040 Bore) This is an easy size to find rings for as it is standard 340 bore. These are a quality USA made piston (I believe Silvalite was the vendor) that has probably been in the shop 35 or 40...
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    [SOLD] Factory OEM Mopar 340 Pistons .020 OS (367158)

    Here is a set of 72/73 OEM Factory Pistons They are 9.5 Compression (.055 Down in Deck) with a 65 cc head. These are a genuine Mopar factory piston and way better than the Chinese Junk you will find in replacement pistons anymore. These OEM pistons were superior to most aftermarket pistons...
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    [SOLD] 1971 340 exhaust Manifolds in Nice shape.................$850.00

    Here is a nice virgin set of 1971 exhaust manifolds that have been on shelf since 70's in my Shop. They have no damage or modifications. Flapper is intact but will need cleaning as it is stuck after sitting on the shelf for 50 years. $850.00
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    [SOLD] 1968 340 Dual Point 2875105 Dist. $250.00

    Here is a 340 Distributor that has been on the shelf since the Mid 80's IBS - 4015A Tag # 2875105 Prestolite Vender Normal Wear that you would expect on a part this old But a very hard to find part that is rebuildable $250.00 Plus $19. shipping in USA
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    [SOLD] NOS MSD 7AL-2 Ignition (The preferred Old Analog Version) $675.00

    Here is Brand New MSD 7 AL2 Ignition It has been in the trailer over 20+ year as a spare. We run this old school American made Analog Control on allof our race cars and do most of our buddies that run Mopar Stock/Superstocker. In our testing it is consistently quicker and faster the new...
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    [FOR SALE] NOS Richmond 4:86 Gears (489 Case) Old Good Ones!! $285.oo

    Here is a set of the GOOD Richmond Gear Sets that are Brand New! These are some of the last ones. Made in Italy (They were the Best) These were made in Feb, 2013 right before they move the plant to India and their quality plummeted immediately! They fit the 489 Case (1 7/8 Pinion) and have the...
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    [SOLD] Brand New Old Stock Johnson Hydraulic Lifters in the box $350.00

    Here is my last set of Johnson HP Hydraulic Lifters. These are from the Old Days and American made. Box opened only for pictures They are the Hardened, and Rockwell tested version (Distributed by Sealed Power back then) and the only lifter that would hold up in our 7500 RPM Stock Eliminator...
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    [SOLD] RARE BRAND NEW P4120974 B Eng. Mopar Perf. Adj. Rockers $375.00

    Here are my last set of Mopar Performance race rockers that have been on the Shelf since 2001. They are for B Engines. I would be surprised if you every find another NOS set. These were the ONLY brand that NEVER broke on my National Recording 440/6 4 Speed 1969 Roadrunner (up to 7500 RPM thru...
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    [SOLD] Dominator 9377 (1150 CFM) Early "Good Version" ...$450.

    Here is an Early Dominator This is the early version that is sought out by most Carb Gurus. I will only run these original versions as the new ones are nothing but trouble and issues. It is hard to find an older version that is near this nice and not monkeyed with by guys that do not understand...
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    [SOLD] New Old Stock 383 TRW Pistons .060 22cc Dome ....$475.00

    Here is a set of the original 383 TRW @ .060 They have been sitting on the Shelf 15 or 20 years!! I believe the metallurgy and quality was much better when they were real TRW manufactures rather than later when they became part of Speed Pro Pistons. The skirt tolerance was nearly perfect back...
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    [FOR SALE] A and B Engine Timing Chain Covers = Nice shape $30. to $60.

    Here are a bunch of Covers that have been hiding in the back of the shop for 40 years. They are flat and very little corrosion not like then one you will find in Junkyard that always leak. $30.00 B Engine $60.00 A engine (Aluminum) $25.00 Slant 6 I just found in another shop two Rare Passenger...
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    [FOR SALE] Fresh Blueprinted 340 Block (6/70 Casting) .030....$1,250.00

    Fully Prepared 1970 340 Engine Not filled and Suitable for Street or Race. Block was Acid Washed and the Sonic Tested (Really Good) Deck corrected side to side and equalized @ .020 Align bored checked and perfect (I have the other bolt) Engine was bored .030 with Sunnen and Torque Plate It has...
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    [SOLD] Complete Rebuildable 340 $1950

    Here is a rebuildable 340 Only had a few thousand miles .060 Forged / Coated Needs one sleeve due to a minor scratch in a Cylinder Crank needed polishing but assembly is balanced and was redone .030. All Hardware and tin included = Totally Complete! 284 Camshaft Double roller chain...
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    [FOR SALE] 4 Bare 340 Blocks $800. to $1450.

    Here are the Last 4 Bare,340 Blocks in the Shop sitting done 40 years 1) 340 Standard 7/9/69 Will Clean easy at 020...........$1,450. SOLD 2) 340 .030 3/20/73 .030 Just Hone............................$1,100. 3) 340 .040 6/20/67 .040 Hot Tanked / Just Hone........ $1,100. 4) 340 .040...
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    [FOR SALE] Hooker A body Super Comp 1 3/4 Headers $375.00

    Hear is a Nice Set of Hooker 5204 Headers They have never been driven of the street They are off my 10 Second National Event winning 71 Demon 340 They are the best and fastest production set out of Six different header sizes and makes I tried on my car. They have a bit of surface rust from...
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    [SOLD] Brand New 500 Indy Engine $16,432. Invested $7950 Sell

    Everything Brand New and only out of Box for pictures today! Best of Everything! Indy EZ-1 Aluminum Max Wedge Heads ported by Indy Indy Machined 440 RB with .030 Ross Pistons This block sonic tested best of any 440 I have ever seen! I believe about .250 on the thrust side of cylinder (After Acid...
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    [SOLD] New Premium 500 RB Stroker $7,820 Invested $4,950.

    Brand New 500 Stroker Top quality Parts throughout. Built by one of the country's top Mopar Race engine builder (PM me for details) and National Event/Divisional Champion and good friend. I asked him to take his time and pretend money was No Object! This is my identical spare engine for my...
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    [SOLD] Hughes Custom Cam and Kit (My Favorite BB Combo $395.

    This is what I run in my Street/Strip 440 Valiant It runs in the 10's thru the Mufflers and I can drive it anywhere on Pump Gas. As featured in Mopar Max Magazine and LVMS Track Pro Champion In our testing it has proven to be over 2 Tenths and 2 MPH faster than the Purple Shafts that I have run...
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    [SOLD] NOS Racer Brown Mark II Roller Lifters (The Good Ones)

    Brand new in the Box and Plastic Top of the Line Racer Brown Mark II Rollers/Tie Bars Racer Brown was the Vender for Mopar Perf. Cams and Accessories for many years and absolute the best Mopar Pieces. These have been in my Race Trailer for probably 15 or 20 years. They are what I still only run...
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    [SOLD] Virgin Original 340 Block (Standard/Tested) $1,450.00

    Here is the nicest 340 Block I have ever found! Sitting in my shop for 40+ years It is Hot Tanked/Oven Baked. It has been pressured checked The align bore is perfect It sonic tested great The Decks test very Square and Flat It it Standard Bore and very low mileage I was going to bore it .020 but...
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    [FOR SALE] Carter AVS 4638S Carb (1969 383 Auto) in Nice Used Condition $135.00

    Here is a nice 1969 383 Carter AVS It has been sitting in the shop for 40 years+ 4638S Correct for 383 /auto However, It will fit Small blocks as well and they seemed to run better on my 340s than the original carbs on my cars. Complete and Moves freely shafts operate freely. $135.00 Plus $24...
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    [SOLD] Scumacher Conversion Mts. Big Block into "A" Body 6 Cyl. K Member

    Here is a Brand New Set of Scumacher Mounts Converts a 6 Cylinder Mopar to Big Block Horsepower. These have been in the shop and are beautifully finished from 20+ years ago when they were first done and the finish and quality were immaculate. They have HP motor mounts rubbers included that are...
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    [SOLD] Race 340 Block Prepared by Steve Wann (Mr. Mopar)

    This block was fully Competition Prepared for Stock/Superstock It is Decked/ Alignbore Checked and done if needed Bored with block plated Installed It is Filled = so it can NOT be used in a street car It was prepared for me by the legendary Steve Wann. It has all the modifications and...