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  1. J-MacsMopars

    Duster Twister and Demon Sizzler registry and info

    Hello all. I have been trying to find production numbers and information on 71-74 Duster Twisters (A51), 74 Gold Duster Twister (A67), and 71-71 Demon Sizzlers (A59). I have started a group on Facebook called Plymouth Duster Twister and Dodge Demon Sizzler owners and enthusiasts. I would ask...
  2. J-MacsMopars

    1971 Duster Twister info

    Does anyone happen to know how many 71 Duster Twisters were built? I just picked one up and know they are rarer than the 340 cars, but just curious how much more rare...
  3. J-MacsMopars

    Has anyone done anything custom for their 73-76 Duster or Dart grille?

    im looking at making a custom grille for my 74 Duster, anyone else done anything?
  4. J-MacsMopars

    1974 Duster M88 code

    I am not familiar with this fender tag code. Says it is decklid molding. Can anyone show me what it is please?
  5. J-MacsMopars

    All mopar junk yard, WITH PICS. :)

    Here are a few photos of the yard, I think I may go back up this weekend too. I can't believe the cars there. I have lots more photos, if you want more and have instagram, follow me @dailydoseofmopar I will add more here too
  6. J-MacsMopars

    Need photos of 73-74 twister dusters with factory scoops please

    I recently picked up a nice duster and also picked up a set of the very rare twister duster/69 cuda hood scoops and would like to see pictures of other cars with them and if possible get some measurements or pay someone for a template. Any help would be very appriceated. Thanks, Jeremy...
  7. J-MacsMopars

    Hello again, my new Duster, a few questions.

    Hey everyone, its been a while since I was on here for many reasons. To those that have wondered, my back is doing much better, the surgery went well and I have lost 70 lbs since November. So things are really looking up. To make things even better, I have just picked up a really clean 74 Duster...
  8. J-MacsMopars

    Favorite picture of your car

    I know that there are a thousand threads on here about pictures, but I also know everyone likes pics. Sooo, What is your favorite current picture of your car?
  9. J-MacsMopars

    What color stripes were available on 73 dart sport 340's

    Does anyone know what color stripes were available on 73 Dart sport 340's? I know red, white, and black were. What about blue, green etc...? Thanks
  10. J-MacsMopars

    Vintage aluminum intakes. Q&A

    Hey everyone. I have a few questions about vintage intakes. Number one; On a LD340 intake that I have, it has 2nd stamped into it. Any idea why? I wouldn't think that Edlebrock would sell a junk intake? Number two; Has anyone ever seen an Offenhouser Dual-Port 360 intake before? Are they any...
  11. J-MacsMopars

    Lets see pics of your green Darts/Dusters

    I am looking for pics of green cars. I am not talking sublime, I am talking the light greens, dark greens, all the ones that everyone paints other colors. Post'em if you got'em please.
  12. J-MacsMopars

    Found 69 340 vin # LM23P9B198202

    As a few of you know, myself and a friend just picked up a few cars and parts. In the collection were two 69 Dart slant six cars, a 318 with X heads and 340 intake and a 69 (cast 9/11/68) 340. Anyway, one of the Darts are probably going to be kept for a future project and the other will be sold...
  13. J-MacsMopars

    WIW 69 Western Sport Special

    Hey all, I made a deal on this WSS Dart today and I am curious what you all think it is worth? It is a CA black plate car and was last registered in 88. It has a 225 in it with auto trans. It also has a thumb wheel stereo and a wood wheel that needs restored. There are two little spots of rust...
  14. J-MacsMopars

    Holy Dang!!!!

    had no idea these were worth this much. I was hoping to get $200-$220. Wow,
  15. J-MacsMopars

    I need pics of Demons. Any of them. Restored or not.

    Hey everyone. I am looking for pics of Demons. Any of them. I would like to find as many as I can of B5 or B7 72 demons though. I am looking at getting one and have cought the Demon fever. :) Here are a few pics I have. We have tried to get parts off of this one. Here is the one I am trying...
  16. J-MacsMopars

    General question

    Well, I found a running driving car that I would like to get. The only way that I could is to sell my Gold Duster. I am trying to decide if this is what I want to do and if I would even get enough money out of my Duster to touch the other car. The other car is a 73 Swinger in good condition. It...
  17. J-MacsMopars

    Another set back. Yay!!!

    Well, I decided to pull the trans off of my engine so that I can get ready for a stall. Well, this engine that has been covered and in a shed for the past four years is sized up. So now I don't even have an engine for my Duster. I guess I'll pull the heads off and see how bad the walls are...
  18. J-MacsMopars

    Few tech questions about my Duster

    Okay, I have a few things I would like help on. #1, What should I use on the floor to paint on to make it so it will not rust? POR-15? #2, I had water leaking in on to the carpet, it caused a little rust issue that I would like to take care of, where are the most common places for water to...
  19. J-MacsMopars

    Double D@MMIT

    Well guys, I finally got my first speeding ticket at 2:11 this morning. I was coming home from the Incubus concert/date and got tagged doing 78 in a 60. The worst part is, it was in a damned mini van. How stupid is that! Plus I had five friends with me. To make things better though, today I...
  20. J-MacsMopars


    Well, I went to do a little photo shoot of my Duster today since the weather was perfect and the mountains looked beautiful. It was a perfect evening to do so. So I found a dirt road out in the middle of nowhere and I got situated. I took one, it looked good, but I wanted a little bit different...
  21. J-MacsMopars

    Pictures needed please.

    Hello everyone, I am trying to make some money for my Duster and am drawing pictures of cars for a "coloring" book with hopes of selling them for a few bucks each. I am in need of some good artistic pics of a few cars. Any pics will help. All of my pictures are done free hand. Here is a short...
  22. J-MacsMopars

    Were can you get a roof skin for a Duster?

    I need a roof skin for my Duster, does anyone know where I can get an aftermarket one, or do I need to get one off of a car? Thanks, Jeremy
  23. J-MacsMopars

    Don't know if these have been posted here, but

    These are cool to see. Check them out if you want. 1973 duster promo 1971 Duster Commercial 1970 Dart Swinger 1969 Dart Swinger 340...
  24. J-MacsMopars

    duster hood scoops and MAS wing

    Hey everyone. I was wondering if any of you have pics of the underside of your Duster or Dart with the 72-75 hood scoop? If I could, I would love to see some pics. Also, MAS has a T/A style spoiler for dusters, Do any of you have one on your duster or dart sport? I would like to se what they...
  25. J-MacsMopars

    Rotters and projects

    Here are some nice cars aswell as rotters.