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    1973 Dart AC compatibility with 1970

    Most everything about it changed with the 73 year model. Even the climate controller is different. The V2 compressor will use more fuel and hp than a modern reciprocating compressor.
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    Door glass, front edge track

    That is called channel run. It ccomes as a kit that includes the plastic guides. Last I purchased were 55 dollars per door.
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    Coolant temp gauge problem

    I don't like to argue so just the facts... A typical 2 post gauge is not chassis grounded. If you remove one from the housing you will find the housing has a cut away area beneath the gauge. Only current path through a 2 post gauge is post to post. A 3 post gauge is chassis grounded in the inst'...
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    67 Barracuda - Front End Kit

    Todays radial tires need different alignment specs (caster and camber) than the OEM Polyglas tires. Stock upper arm bushing will get close but only Moogs offset upper arm bushings will get it right for radials. I haven't seen a kit that includes offset upper arm bushings.
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    Wheel adapters?

    Yep, you'll need 10 of 1/2 lug nuts and a different tire tool.
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    Coolant temp gauge problem

    If the gauge needle sticks at off/home, a slowly climbing resistance may not cause movement. A zero ohm (short gauge to ground) can cause a gauge to do things that a within range (80-10) resistance will not. Shorting the sender wire to ground is a bit "shade tree" test but... everybody does it...
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    ADs covering my PMs, can't open or leave them

    Yeah I've had enough with the ads already. This website has become For Advertisements Only. I could think up ways to fight back, like posting my own ads for chit like ocean front property in Arizona, muffler bearings, blinker fluid, etc... At the end of the day its a lot simpler to do what so...
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    [WANTED] Speedometer cable

    I forget what that little box does exactly. Turns a light in the dash on when you go over 55mph? Anyway... you dont need it. There are a couple different routes you could go. I would buy the more common one-piece cable for a different model a-body before spending on a 50+ year old cable. If you...
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    Stop in for a cup of coffee

    Good morning all c\_/. Can't complain about our weather. They say somewhere between 63 and 68 on Wed. I'm ready to go fishing. We're going to figure and file our tax returns this weekend. I don't expect to get back as much as our previous refunds. Wife was out of work without pay for...
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    No matter what brand of regulator you'll install, you must take the panel out, take the panel...

    No matter what brand of regulator you'll install, you must take the panel out, take the panel apart and disable the original. 2 of them in one circuit will not work properly.
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    Console Top Plate Fasteners

    There are 2 different types of those nuts. Some are made for machine threads. Best/or first to come to mind in a-body example are on the back of gauges. Those are for #10-32 NF and will not cut threads. I don't know that the other type that will cut threads in a soft tapered post may be listed...
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    Stop in for a cup of coffee

    Good morning c\_/. New LEDs didn't fix the Sony TV. The LED driver is the problem. Thats what I deserve for following Youtube and not properly diagnosing. So I'm out 21 bucks. I decided to not invest more money in it. It's gone to the recycle bin. Can't win them all. When the Vizio dies I will...
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    Stop in for a cup of coffee

    Good morning c\_/. My 2015 model Sony 55" smart tv went out right before Christmas. Youtube videos say when light at bottom blinks 6 times the LEDs failed. I have the replacements here now. We have a 50" Vizio in place of the sony now. It didn't cost half what we paid for the Sony back when. It...
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    ‘71 Demon with Ralleye Dash looking to retrofit Intellitronix

    Your rally dash, the cutaway in the sheet metal dash is much larger and different from the dash that houses a standard instrument panel and bezel. It might be easier to go with something from Classic Dash. 1967-69 Plymouth Barracuda / 1970-71 MOPAR A-Body Rallye Dash Panel - Classic Dash
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    Asking for input/help diagnose, not an a-body

    I've found this to be a 2000 model. It's up on stands now. The death wobble is definitely worn out bushings all around the rear axle. Several nuts and bolts sprayed with penetrant.
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    Asking for input/help diagnose, not an a-body

    Later models have independent rear suspension. This one has conventional rear axle, coil springs, and shocks.
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    Asking for input/help diagnose, not an a-body

    over 200k miles, worn out tires, cracked windshield, etc... There is a identical one on a used car lot in the next town. It has a bad trans and been sitting under tree sap for at least a year. Owner wants 5 hun for it. I'm considering buying it for the windshield, decent tires, and more. These...
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    Asking for input/help diagnose, not an a-body

    Well I'll say this, "death wobble" is a very accurate name for what we are experiencing. It's scary to drive.
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    Asking for input/help diagnose, not an a-body

    Its not an up and down movement, its left and right and doesn't happen at lower speeds. I'm wondering if it has some type of posi' traction in that rear that is shifting the torque from one axle to the other. Rain ended but its gonna take a day or so to dry up out there. We'll get it up on...
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    Asking for input/help diagnose, not an a-body

    My granddaughter has an Infiniti Q40 (06 model, I think). It is 4wd but not full time. When you hit a bump just right at 40 mph or so, it will begin to shake the rear of the vehicle left and right as if it were dancing. It has a conventional rear end under it. Only cv axles are under the front...
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    Stop in for a cup of coffee

    Boy the readers digest above is cool. I can't backread umpteen pages either. A weekly issue of readers digest would be nice. RedFish finally got back here on the 3rd to say HAPPY NEW YEAR
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    interior upholstery

    The rear plastic panels for convertible are reproduced but they were copied off of the Dart. The Barracudas dutchman panel is a tad higher than Dart so everything there is slightly different. The rear panel for B'cuda angles upward where Dart is pretty flat. Owners of B'cuda verts have used the...
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    help me see the difference

    Been there, done that. Masking 4 of these wheels with a roll of tape took far too much time and effort. That was back when I didn't have arthritis in my hands. Even worse today due to my weakness. I still can't hold the button on a spray bomb down for more than a minute. I can strike thee grille...
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    Who else USED TO wrench outside?

    I've done my share of wrenching outdoors also.
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    Stop in for a cup of coffee

    GOOOOOOD MORNING FABO c\_/. I hope everyone of yall are as joyful as this ol' boy. I wish you a merry Christmas.
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    help me see the difference

    Wife bought me a little 25 dollar blaster at harbor freight for Christmas. I guess I'll experiment with the various medias.
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    Rack in pinion from (Old Post)

    I sold that project car along with all the parts I had accumulated.
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    help me see the difference

    I've seen similar to that before. A guy was using fairly thick rubber to mask areas on rock. He would cut the house number etc... into the rock with some sort of media and a very strong blaster, after he cut the rubber into the proper stencil with a sharp knife.
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    help me see the difference

    These are OEM and made of steel but something keeps the spoke portions from rusting like the painted portion does. Maybe there is enough nickel in areas that make it nearly dull stainless. I just don't know. The bigger question is "what media to use in the blaster?" I could buy the painting...
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    I've have to sit on a shower chair ever since I got out of the hospital. I learned real quick to point the handheld sprayer at that plastic chair and warm it before I sit down there.