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    [FOR SALE] 1967-69 Dodge Dart/Plymouth Barracuda Used Convertible Clear Rear Quarter Glass

    I actually just need the pass side. Gonna keep looking locally if I don't find it I'll contact you. Thanks
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    [FOR SALE] 1967-69 Dodge Dart/Plymouth Barracuda Used Convertible Clear Rear Quarter Glass

    Where in New York are you located ? I'm not planning on going to Carlisle spring swap but I do go to Chryslers at Carlisle in July.
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    [SOLD] New dash pad.. Black..

    67 dash is slightly different and 68 is definitely different as it flows into a lower dash on both ends. I believe 69 and up to 76 ish ?? are all the same.
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    68 Hemi Dart's at Mecum Indy

    I have these examples.... Two 1969 factory 340 4 spd swingers-4 boxes. One 1969 factory 340 4 spd GTS convertible-4 boxes and one factory 340 3 spd manual trans Duster-4 boxes. My understanding of this controversy is that manual trans 340 cars came with 4 torque boxes although with the quality...
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    My 1972 F7 Dart Swinger

    As far as I know the trim is the same. Can't see Chrysler stocking two different parts that are virtually identical. The trim going over top of the vinyl might be tight and you might have to open slightly. I used the non vinyl trim when I installed a vinyl roof. Tight yes but nothing to worry...
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    My 1971 duster 340 v24 project

    Manifolds are listed by member T-Evil in the mechanical parts for sale fourm.
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    My 1971 duster 340 v24 project

    Not sure if you're still looking for exhaust as there's a new ad for manifolds and exhaust off a demon here just posted today.
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    1969 gts restoration 383 automatic

    Auto or manual trans ?? Big block or small block ?? Looking good. Keep pictures coming.
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    No worries. GLWS.
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    [SOLD] 1964 Valiant Wagon

    Is the rear glass stuck open or can it be closed ?? I'm interested in your car if you could maybe help with some input . Thanks
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    Member "Coloradohill" has an ad for a conversion in the "mechanical parts 4sale" fourm. Looks like it might be sold. He was asking $1600 plus shipping. Most of the pieces are included but like was mentioned not everything. No clutch for one. Just one observation
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    [Found!] 1968 GT/GTS HORN BUTTON

    Just the centre button ?? What colour ?
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    1969 Dodge Dart GT “driver” build

    Yeah I believe you know exactly what you need and what you're doing so I'll just say Keep on doing what you're doing and enjoy the hobby. Best wishes.
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    1969 Dodge Dart GT “driver” build

    Again I'm just trying to answer your question as to why the rear brake line came up short?? I still believe the line that you show is correct for factory 1969 disc brakes (B41 on the fender tag). A factory four wheel drum brake car doesn't require any proportioning value in the rear line so...
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    Will this 71 a833 work in my 68?

    Ad says clutch parts and linkage included for $500 . I think that's a very good deal. If you pass I doubt you will find that again. Is it close to you and you can pick up local?? Another bonus if it is. Just my thoughts.
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    [SOLD] 1968 GTS door panels front and rear original very nice

    Do you have the gts inside emblems or just the ones I see in pictures?? Thanks
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    340 block Vin #

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    1969 Dodge Dart GT “driver” build

    I think possibly the reason your brake line is short (single line going to the rear?) is that appears to be correct for factory disc brakes. The reason I'm saying this is because where it stops (or comes up short) is where a proportioning value mounts. Then there would be a short line to the...
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    [WANTED] Wanted 1971 Dodge Demon 340 air cleaner OE

    That's what is listed. Srt12-340 is the members handle like you are 71 dodge and I'm Bennoel 10. It's listed on page two of mechanical parts for sale. It's also shown by 1wildrt above in this discussion. Second post.
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    [WANTED] Wanted 1971 Dodge Demon 340 air cleaner OE

    I know it's not the best shot but it's what I have without going into the garage and I think you can see what I mean. Do you have anything to show what it is your seeking ???
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    [WANTED] Wanted 1971 Dodge Demon 340 air cleaner OE

    Sorry not trying to be rude or condescending but I'm not sure what it is your asking ? I'll post a picture of what I believe is correct and we can go from there. I don't watch to much GYC, but that's not what we're trying to figure out. Thanks
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    [WANTED] Wanted 1971 Dodge Demon 340 air cleaner OE

    And that is what is listed, large air breather with two oval holes cut out. Maybe you're looking at the wrong listing?? I'm very familiar with what you need if you're trying to get the correct air breather for an original 1971 dodge demon 340 car. Maybe take another look. Just saying???
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    Same old FABO

    Uh oh I just did something similar. Dude is looking for a particular air breather and he's a new member so I posted that what he's looking for is listed under blah blah blah. I'll be watching and interested to see if anything happens ????