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    [WANTED] 5x4 wheel hub 7/16 wheel studs

    Check your PMs; I have a strut rod.
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    [Found!] WTB set of 13 inch wheels

    Small bolt pattern?
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    [WANTED] fan shroud for '73 duster 26" rad

    Your inbox is full. I have a 26" radiator shroud from a '75 Dart w/318. You can see pictures here: It looks to be in pretty good shape except for a 1-2" size chunk that is missing at one spot. Let me know if you are interested.
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    [Found!] Speedometer for 1974 duster

    I posted a video of the speedo with the needle moving as I spun the input shaft using the square drive end of a small tap tool. There are a couple of pictures as well. Note, this is a 100mph speedo. If you are interested, I would take $50 + shipping.
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    [Found!] Speedometer for 1974 duster

    I tried to message you, but I got this error: "You may not start a conversation with robert flippo because of his or her privacy settings." Anyway, I have a speedo from a 75 Dart. Can I just test it by spinning the shaft with a cordless drill?
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    [WANTED] 1973 ash tray retainer

    Can you post the picture you referenced? I have a '75 ashtray setup that I don't need, but I don't know if it's the same as what you want. I can send pictures of it later.
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    [SOLD] 1975 Dart trunk finish panel

    Sorry, my inbox has space now.
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    [SOLD] 1975 Dodge Dart trunk trim panel

    Sorry, inbox has space now.
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    [SOLD] 1975 Dart trunk finish panel

    Has a couple dents, but otherwise in decent shape. $20 + shipping You can see a higher resolution picture here:
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    [SOLD] 1975 Dodge Dart trunk trim panel

    I have the large plastic trim panel that goes at the rear of the trunk. I'm asking $20 + shipping. Or local delivery/meetup could also be arranged. I'm in the Detroit area. You can see higher resolution pictures here:
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    [FOR SALE] Slot style bumper jacks

    I have two bumper jacks for sale. I believe one is original to the 1975 Dodge Dart I'm parting out. It was in stored in the official jack storage location in the trunk and had a 3/4" hex lugnut wrench. The other jack was loose in the trunk. It appears to be heavier duty, as it has slightly...
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    [FOR SALE] 70's wire spoke hubcaps

    I have the following for sale. 4 14" wire spoke hubcaps 3 15" wire spoke hubcaps Unfortunately, I don't know the exact year or vehicle they came from. I found them in the trunk of a 1975 Dart I bought for parts. I'm asking $20 each plus shipping, but if you buy more than one I will knock some $$...
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    [WANTED] Need temp gauge for 74 dart, also need front bench seat and other parts.

    Your inbox is full. I have a gauge cluster from a 75 Dart, including all the gauges, but I already sold the faceplate. If you're interested in the gauges or just the temp gauge, let me know. I don't know whether the gauges are the same between 74 and 75. I'm not close, so I would have to ship.
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    [Found!] SB AC Bracket - Driver Side

    Can you be more specific regarding your engine and intake manifold type/year? I checked my 75 Dart 318 that I'm parting out, and my bracket appears to have a different attachment point and different intake manifold. The yellow circle in the attached picture shows the approximate location of...
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    Highway RPMS ?

    OK, yeah, that makes more sense now. I did a similar test for optimum WOT timing on the road by connecting the distributor vacuum advance to a hand-held vacuum pump. I would add some vacuum, which added a known amount of advance, go WOT, then hit the vacuum release valve on the pump. If my...
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    Highway RPMS ?

    Your tuning procedure seems to mention adding spark advance to see if the vehicle speed increases (due to increased efficiency/power/torque), yet you show a timing delay (retard) box. I googled, but couldn't find any sort of timing advance box that could be used with a stock distributor.
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    Highway RPMS ?

    Do you have an example of such a timing box?
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    [SOLD] 1975 Dart Brake Booster and Master Cylinder

    I have the pivot linkage and additional body mount braces. If this is what you want, PM me your address and I'll check shipping costs.
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    [SOLD] 1975 Dart Brake Booster and Master Cylinder

    1975 Dart Brake Booster and Master Cylinder West Bloomfield, MI $25 OBO + shipping Paypal accepted This part came off of a 1975 Dodge Dart 318 with disc/drum brakes.
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    [FOR SALE] Slant six leaf springs

    Stock slant six 5-leaf springs West Bloomfield, MI $25 OBO + shipping/gas money (shipping may not be worthwhile -- local/midwest delivery/meetup preferred) Paypal/cash accepted 70-80k miles on springs. No apparent broken leaves. Would need new bushings.
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    [SOLD] Slant Six Torsion Bars

    888 889 Slant Six torsion bars from 1968 Dodge Dart West Bloomfield, MI $50 OBO + shipping Paypal accepted I upgraded my torsion bars and don't need these anymore. There is some surface rust in spots, but otherwise, they are in good condition.
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    [FOR SALE] 7.25 axle

    7.25" rear axle from 1968 Dodge Dart /6. West Bloomfield, MI $100 OBO + shipping/gas money (shipping may not be worthwhile -- local/midwest delivery/meetup preferred) Paypal/cash accepted Axle is stock/original/rusty. I can include the drums and any brake hardware I have saved, but the...
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    [SOLD] Viscous Fan P4120758

    Viscous Fan P4120758 for sale. West Bloomfield, MI $150 OBO plus shipping - Paypal accepted. I purchased this at a swap meet, and it appears to be unused. I wanted to install it in my slant six, but it is too long, so I'm selling it. Fan shows p/n 4140063 and clutch shows p/n 4095704.
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    [WANTED] 2.76 gears 7 1/4 diff

    I have a mostly complete 7 1/4 from a '68 Dart -- should be 2.76. Located in SE Michigan
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    3:55 gears on the street

    Sorry it's so messy, but this is all I can do at the moment. The rear is supported on jackstands under the body and axle, so the amount of weight on the front of the car could be a little different than normal.
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    3:55 gears on the street

    I did my tire template clearance checks w/o torsion bars installed, so I could easily achieve max suspension jounce/rebound. For the jounce condition, I slightly compressed the jounce bumper to simulate a worst case condition. During "normal" driving, you will probably never see this condition...
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    3:55 gears on the street

    I am surprised how tall the tires are that people are using. Maybe I was ultra conservative, but, when I looked to fit new wheels/tires on my 68 Dart, I made a tire-shaped template and checked for clearance to the fenders, control arms, brakes, steering linkage, strut rod, and "frame rail" --...
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    ring and pinion pattern check

    After locally sourcing a Yukon Gear shim kit at Autozone, I combined two shims to achieve .0255. .0255 shim, .007 backlash You can tell that the pattern is moving in the correct direction, but the coast side was still too close to the face of the teeth. Next I tried .0285. .0285...